The 16 PF and CPI: a comparison.


:This study assessed the cross-inventory generalizability of personality characterizations for Cattell's 16 PF and Gough's CPI. The univariate and multivariate relationships of these scales to their measures of impression management and general aptitude also were explored. Although many PF and CPI content scales and highly similar descriptions, all were found to have poor and inconsistent cross-inventory convergences. The 16 PF and CPI correlates of the desirability scales were found to be similar and consistent with prior research, although the number and magnitude of those for some CPI scales seemed somewhat inappropriate (as were some between the CPI and general aptitude). The relationships of the desirability scales to the content scales of each inventory were found to be heavily dependent upon rotation after factor analysis. It was concluded that the high degree of scale dissimilarity between the 16 PF and CPI must caution against clinical and research generalization across these two inventories. In addition, further investigation of these current impression management scales seems worth pursuing because they appeared to represent the most consistent characteristics measured.


J Clin Psychol


Nerviano VJ,Weitzel WD




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1977-04-01 00:00:00












  • Size factors on the Bender-Gestalt test and their relation to trait anxiety and situationally induced anxiety.

    abstract::Hutt's hypothesis that anxiety is reflected by absolute size deviations on reproduced Bender-Gestalt figures was investigated by administering the test to 40 subjects (half under anxiety-arousing and half under non-anxiety-arousing conditions). Measures of trait anxiety and defensive style were found to be intercorrel...

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  • Prospective evaluation of a cognitive vulnerability-stress model for depression: the interaction of schema self-structures and negative life events.

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  • Comparison of hypnotherapy with systematic relaxation in the treatment of cigarette habituation.

    abstract::Because of the methodological deficiencies in this area of research, it is impossible to make any valid conclusions about whether hypnosis itself is effective in the treatment of cigarette habituation. In this study, 87 volunteers who wanted to quit cigarette smoking were assigned randomly to the experimental hypnosis...

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  • WISC-R performance patterns of learning-disabled children from Papago culture.

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  • Narratives of Violence, Pathology, and Empowerment: Mental Health Needs Assessment of Home-Based Female Sex Workers in Rural India.

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  • Clinical limitations of the Low Back Scale.

    abstract::Administered the Low Back (Lb) Scale, a special derivative of the MMPI, to 20 patients with functional low back pain and 20 patients with verifiable organic evidence for their low back complaints. The Social Desirability Scale also was administered in order to assess the test-taking attitudes of the patients. The two ...

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  • Developmental trajectories of competency attainment amongst clinical psychology trainees across field placements.

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  • Frontal-lobe cognitive dysfunction in conduct disorder adolescents.

    abstract::Behavioral similarities between antisocial behavior disorders and frontal-lobe cerebral impairment have led to suggestions that conduct disorders are attributable to disinhibition deficit associated with frontal-lobe cerebral functions. This study compared the performance of 21 conduct disorder adolescents on measures...

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  • Culture analysis and metaphor psychotherapy with Arab-Muslim clients.

    abstract::Attempting to reveal unconscious content and promoting self-actualization may be counterproductive for clients who come from collectivistic cultures. Such treatment goals may expose clients to harsh confrontations with the family. Clients with dependency traits, low ego-strength, and strict families may be helped thro...

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  • Simulated pain on the Symptom Checklist 90-Revised.

    abstract::This study investigated whether a pain clinical sample and pain simulators could be distinguished by their responses on the Symptom Checklist 90-Revised (SCL-90-R). Fifty patients with a pain condition completed the SCL-90-R under normal instructions while 20 students responded under instructions to feign a pain disor...

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  • DSM-III-R diagnosis and code types of the diagnostic inventory of personality and symptoms in an adolescent clinical population.

    abstract::The relationships of high-point code types of the Diagnostic Inventory of Personality and Symptoms (DIPS) to the Diagnostic and statistical manual III-R (DSM-III-R; American Psychiatric Association, 1987) were explored for adolescent patients (N = 263). Twelve DIPS code types that relate code types to Axis I diagnoses...

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  • Online counseling: a narrative and critical review of the literature.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This article aimed to critically review the literature on online counseling. METHOD:Database and hand-searches were made using search terms and eligibility criteria, yielding a total of 123 studies. RESULTS:The review begins with what characterizes online counseling. Outcome and process research in online c...

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  • Understanding and treating incompleteness in obsessive-compulsive disorder.

    abstract::Incompleteness-the troubling and irremediable sense that one's actions or experiences are not "just right"--appears to underlie many of the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Because incompleteness may reflect basic sensory-affective dysfunction, it presents a challenge to clinicians wishing to apply cog...

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  • Prediction of restraints among youth in a psychiatric hospital: application of translational action research.

    abstract::This study extends a translational action research program by applying a theoretically based measure of risk in predicting incidents of restraint among children and adolescents in a secure psychiatric hospital. Youth inpatients (N = 149, aged 5-17 years) were assessed at intake for the presence of selected individual ...

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  • Motive-oriented therapeutic relationship in brief psychodynamic intervention for patients with depression and personality disorders.

    abstract::Motive-Oriented Therapeutic Relationship (MOTR, also called Complementary Therapeutic Relationship) has already shown itself to be related to therapeutic outcome in several studies. The present study aims to test MOTR in a 4-session Brief Psychodynamic Intervention for patients presenting with major depressive disorde...

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  • American Psychological Association practice guidelines for psychopharmacology: Ethical practice considerations for psychologists involving psychotropic use with children and adolescents.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:This study discusses the implications of the American Psychological Association's 2011 Practice Guidelines for Pharmacology as they apply to psychologists working with juvenile clients. Special considerations apply due to concerns about the developmental side effects that occur when psychotropic medications ...

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  • Analysis of the psychometric properties of the Interpersonal Needs Questionnaire (INQ) among community-dwelling older adults.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:This study evaluated the structure and validity of the use of the 18-item Interpersonal Needs Questionnaire (INQ-18), a measure of thwarted belongingness (TB) and perceived burdensomeness (PB), among older adults. METHOD:Community-dwelling older adults (N = 284; mean age = 73 years; age range = 64-96 years;...

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  • Helping children and adults cope with parental infidelity.

    abstract::This article addresses the impact of discovered marital infidelity on the couple's young children, adolescents, and adult children. It distinguishes between two types of infidelity, affairs and womanizing, and suggests differential treatments for each. Treatment must address the impact of the secrecy, which is always ...

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  • Structure of borderline personality disorder symptoms in a nonclinical sample.

    abstract::Relations among symptoms of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR; American Psychiatric Association, 2000) borderline personality disorder (BPD) assessed using semistructured clinical interviews were examined using exploratory principal components analysis in a sample of 8...

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  • Engaging with the affiliative system through mindfulness: The impact of the different types of positive affect in psychosis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We aimed to explore associations between positive and negative symptoms, mindfulness, positive affect, and social safeness; and to understand the mediator role of positive emotions in the relationship between mindfulness and social safeness. METHOD:Fifty-six participants with a psychotic disorder were asses...

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  • The effect of alcohol and placebo on affective reactions of social drinkers to a procedure designed to induce depressive affect anxiety and hostility.

    abstract::Randomly assigned 33 males to one of three alcohol conditions: High dose (two groups), placebo, and no-dose. All Ss after drinking performed a pseudo test of intelligence. One group of high-dose Ss received feedback that indicated an extremely good performance on the intelligence task (Incentive Gain), while all other...

    journal_title:Journal of clinical psychology

    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章,随机对照试验


    authors: Pihl RO,Segal Z,Yankofsky L

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  • Correlates of obesity.

    abstract::Designed to create composites of eating behavior questionnaire items and determine their relationship to an obesity index within three subsamples of participants in three Navy-sponsored weight-reduction programs (N = 1,878). After item and scale analyses were performed on questionnaire items that pertained to eating b...

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  • Diffusion of treatment research: does Open Access matter?

    abstract::Advocates of the Open Access movement claim that removing access barriers will substantially increase the diffusion of academic research. If successful, this movement could play a role in efforts to increase utilization of psychotherapy research by mental health practitioners. In a pair of studies, mental health profe...

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  • Alexithymia and interpersonal problems.

    abstract::This study examines whether alexithymia relates to specific interpersonal problems, based on data collected in a sample of mental health outpatients (N = 404) and a student sample (N = 157). Linear regression analysis, in which the effects of group, gender, and age were controlled, indicated that two interpersonal pro...

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  • Doctoral training in clinical psychology across 23 years: Continuity and change.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Doctoral training in clinical psychology has undergone substantial changes in recent decades, especially with the increasing heterogeneity of training models and graduate students. To document these changes, we analyzed program, student, and faculty characteristics of American Psychological Association (APA)-...

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  • Billing effectively with the new health and behavior current procedural terminology codes in primary care and specialty clinics.

    abstract::The health and behavior current procedural terminology (CPT) codes introduced in 2003 have gained nationwide acceptance through Medicare and limited acceptance through third party payers. The codes facilitate accurate description and quantification of behavioral medicine services within a primary care or specialty cli...

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  • The effects of unilateral and bilateral ECT on verbal and visual spatial memory.

    abstract::Investigated the effects of unilateral left (UL), unilateral right (UR), and bilateral (B) ECT on the performance of right-handed male patients on the Wechsler Memory Scale and two tests of the Williams battery, which provided eight independent measures of verbal memory and two of visual-spatial memory. Patients were ...

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  • Development and psychometric properties of the ADHD-SCL-90-R screening scale for adult ADHD.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a prevalent disorder with serious impairments, but it often remains undetected. The aim of the study was to develop an ADHD screening scale from the Symptom Check-List-90-R (SCL-90-R) and describe its psychometric properties. The item selection was base...

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