The 16 PF and CPI: a comparison.


:This study assessed the cross-inventory generalizability of personality characterizations for Cattell's 16 PF and Gough's CPI. The univariate and multivariate relationships of these scales to their measures of impression management and general aptitude also were explored. Although many PF and CPI content scales and highly similar descriptions, all were found to have poor and inconsistent cross-inventory convergences. The 16 PF and CPI correlates of the desirability scales were found to be similar and consistent with prior research, although the number and magnitude of those for some CPI scales seemed somewhat inappropriate (as were some between the CPI and general aptitude). The relationships of the desirability scales to the content scales of each inventory were found to be heavily dependent upon rotation after factor analysis. It was concluded that the high degree of scale dissimilarity between the 16 PF and CPI must caution against clinical and research generalization across these two inventories. In addition, further investigation of these current impression management scales seems worth pursuing because they appeared to represent the most consistent characteristics measured.


J Clin Psychol


Nerviano VJ,Weitzel WD




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1977-04-01 00:00:00












  • Commentaries on the placebo concept in psychotherapy.

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  • MMPI-168 and Marlowe-Crowne profiles of adoption applicants.

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  • The client's perspective on (experiences of) psychotherapy: A practice friendly review.

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  • A longitudinal evaluation of the Mississippi Scale for Combat-Related PTSD in detecting war-related stress symptomatology.

    abstract::The long-term psychological effects of war-related stress were assessed 3 years after the Persian Gulf War with the Mississippi Scale for Desert Storm War Zone Personnel (M-PTSD-DS), developed from the Mississippi Scale for Combat-Related PTSD (M-PTSD: Keane, Caddell, Taylor, 1988). The M-PTSD-DS scores of 30 Marine r...

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  • Campus diversity, Jewishness, and antisemitism.

    abstract::To explore current attitudes among Jewish students, faculty, and leaders of Jewish campus organizations regarding the putative exclusion of Jewish concerns from campus dialogs around diversity, we recruited 40 such individuals to engage in a semi-structured interview. The consensus among our interviewees was that ther...

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  • Prediction of restraints among youth in a psychiatric hospital: application of translational action research.

    abstract::This study extends a translational action research program by applying a theoretically based measure of risk in predicting incidents of restraint among children and adolescents in a secure psychiatric hospital. Youth inpatients (N = 149, aged 5-17 years) were assessed at intake for the presence of selected individual ...

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  • Race, gender, and scholarly impact: Disparities for women and faculty of color in clinical psychology.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:We sought to determine if gender and race are associated with scientific impact, scholarly productivity, career advancement, and prestige. METHODS:Publicly available data on publications, h-index, advancement, and prestige were assessed across core faculty in all American Psychological Association-accredited...

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  • The Role of Interpersonal Connection, Personal Narrative, and Metacognition in Integrative Psychotherapy for Schizophrenia: A Case Report.

    abstract::The recovery movement has not only challenged traditional pessimism regarding schizophrenia but also presented opportunities for the possibilities for psychotherapy for people with the disorder. Though in the past psychotherapy models were often pitted against one another, recently there have been emergent reports of ...

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  • Group metacognitive therapy for adolescents with anxiety and depressive disorders: A pilot study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE(S):The metacognitive model suggests that beliefs about cognition maintain repetitive negative thinking (RNT), a transdiagnostic process that underlies commonly comorbid, emotional disorders. To date, there has been the limited application of metacognitive therapy (MCT) to adolescents. This study aimed to eval...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) promotes numerous psychological benefits, but few studies have identified for whom MBSR is most effective. The current study tested the hypothesis that lower baseline mindfulness invites more "room to grow" and, thus, predicts greater improvement during MBSR. METHOD...

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  • Clinical limitations of the Low Back Scale.

    abstract::Administered the Low Back (Lb) Scale, a special derivative of the MMPI, to 20 patients with functional low back pain and 20 patients with verifiable organic evidence for their low back complaints. The Social Desirability Scale also was administered in order to assess the test-taking attitudes of the patients. The two ...

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  • The PIQ greater than VIQ discrepancy in violent and nonviolent delinquents.

    abstract::This study found that approximately 35% of 149 juveniles convicted of serious crimes obtained a statistically significant PIQ greater than VIQ discrepancy of at least 12 IQ points. There were no significant differences in the incidence of the PIQ greater than VIQ discrepancy between juveniles convicted of violent or n...

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