Aroma release during wine consumption: Factors and analytical approaches.


:During wine consumption, aroma compounds are released from the wine matrix and are transported to the olfactory receptor in vivo, leading to retronasal perception which can affect consumer acceptance. During this process, in addition to the influence of the wine matrix compositions, some physiological factors can significantly influence aroma release leading to altered concentrations of the aroma compounds that reach the receptors. Therefore, this review is focused on the impact of multiple factors, including the physiology and wine matrix, on the aroma released during wine tasting. Moreover, to reflect the pattern of volatiles that reach the olfactory receptors during wine consumption, some analytical approaches have been described for in vitro and in vivo conditions.


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Food chemistry


Lyu J,Chen S,Nie Y,Xu Y,Tang K




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  • Phenolic composition and antioxidant activity in sparkling wines: modulation by the ageing on lees.

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  • Accurate and sensitive determination of lead in black tea samples using cobalt magnetic particles based dispersive solid-phase microextraction prior to slotted quartz tube-flame atomic absorption spectrometry.

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  • Effect of ripening inhibitor type on formation, stability, and antimicrobial activity of thyme oil nanoemulsion.

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  • Study on degradation kinetics of sulforaphane in broccoli extract.

    abstract::The objective of this study was to investigate the thermal degradation kinetics of sulforaphane (SF) in broccoli extract at selected temperatures (60, 75, 82 and 100°C) and pH values (2.2, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0). The results indicated that SF is unstable at high temperatures, but is more heat-stable when present in ac...

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  • Chlorogenic acid induces resistance against Penicillium expansum in peach fruit by activating the salicylic acid signaling pathway.

    abstract::The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of chlorogenic acid (CGA) treatment on induction of resistance against pathogens in peach fruit. Treatment with CGA at 25-150 mg L-1 was effective at reducing lesion diameter and decay index of peach fruit during storage at 25 °C after Penicillium expansum infe...

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  • Evaluation of macro and micronutrient elements content from soft drinks using principal component analysis and Kohonen self-organizing maps.

    abstract::This study approaches the determination of nine elements from Brazilian carbonated soft drinks of several flavors and manufactures using inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP OES). The concentrations of the elements varied as follows: (in µg L-1: Cu: 4.00-78.0; Fe: 74.0-506; Mn: 20.0-66.0; Zn: ...

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  • Cooking quality properties and free and bound phenolics content of brown, black, and red rice grains stored at different temperatures for six months.

    abstract::The changes in cooking quality and phenolic composition of whole black and red rice grains stored during six months at different temperatures were evaluated. Brown rice with known cooking quality properties and low phenolic levels was used for purposes comparison. All rice genotypes were stored at 13% moisture content...

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  • Psidium cattleianum fruits: A review on its composition and bioactivity.

    abstract::Psidium cattleianum Sabine, commonly known as araçá, is a Brazilian native fruit, which is very juicy, with sweet to sub acid pulp and a spicy touch. The fruit can be eaten fresh or processed into juice, jellies and ice creams. Araçás are source of vitamin C, minerals, fatty acids, polysaccharides, volatile compounds,...

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  • Reduction of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon levels in dried red peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) using heat pump-assisted drying.

    abstract::Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are primarily produced during the incomplete combustion of organic matter. PAHs are suspected endocrine disruptors and possible carcinogenic materials. The major sources of human exposure to PAHs are inhaled fumes and food. The aim of this study was to provide an alternative dry...

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  • Surfactant-free solid dispersion of fat-soluble flavour in an amorphous sugar matrix.

    abstract::A solid dispersion technique to homogeneously disperse hydrophobic ingredients in a water-soluble solid without using surfactant was examined as follows: first, freeze-dried amorphous sugar was dissolved in an organic medium that contained a soluble model hydrophobic component. Second, the mixed solution of sugar and ...

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  • Migration of plasticisers from Tritan™ and polycarbonate bottles and toxicological evaluation.

    abstract::This study is aimed to compare Tritan™ and polycarbonate (PC) from a point of view of migration of monomers and additives and toxicological evaluation. Migration assays were performed according with Commission Regulation (UE) No. 10/2011. Samples were incubated at 40°C for three consecutive periods of 10 days. Identif...

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  • Investigation of oil distribution in spray-dried chia seed oil microcapsules using synchrotron-FTIR microspectroscopy.

    abstract::In this study, chia seed oil (CSO) microcapsules were produced using three types of shell materials, including chia seed protein (CPI), chia seed gum (CSG) and CPI-CSG complex coacervates. Synchrotron-Fourier transform infrared (S-FTIR) microspectroscopy was used to investigate the effect of shell materials on the dis...

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  • Effect of bottling and storage on the migration of plastic constituents in Spanish bottled waters.

    abstract::Bottled water is packaged in either glass or, to a large extent, in plastic bottles with metallic or plastic caps of different material, shape and colour. Plastic materials are made of one or more monomers and several additives that can eventually migrate into water, either during bottle manufacturing, water filling o...

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  • Microfiltered red-purple pitaya colorant: UPLC-ESI-QTOF-MSE-based metabolic profile and its potential application as a natural food ingredient.

    abstract::Complete characterization of microfiltered red-purple pitaya colorant (MRPPC) and its potential applications in foods is described. Using sensorial analysis, products that use carmine or beetroot dye as a food colorant in their formulations were compared. The effect of storage under refrigeration on the microbiologica...

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    authors: Lima ACV,Dionisio AP,Abreu FAP,Silva GSD,Lima Junior RD,Magalhães HCR,Garruti DDS,Araújo IMDS,Artur AG,Taniguchi CAK,Rodrigues MDCP,Zocolo GJ

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  • A sensitive HPLC-MS/MS screening method for the simultaneous detection of barley, maize, oats, rice, rye and wheat proteins in meat products.

    abstract::The use of grain proteins in various types of meat products is common practice. A reliable detection of these food ingredients is required to control specifications and regarding food fraud and allergenic potential. Consequently, a sensitive HPLC-MS/MS method for the simultaneous detection of barley, maize, oats, rice...

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  • Evolutions of volatile sulfur compounds of Cabernet Sauvignon wines during aging in different oak barrels.

    abstract::The evolution of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) in Cabernet Sauvignon wines from seven regions of China during maturation in oak barrels was investigated. The barrels were made of different wood grains (fine and medium) and toasting levels (light and medium). Twelve VSCs were quantified by GC/FPD, with dimethyl sulf...

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  • Assessment of carbonic anhydrase 3 as a marker for meat authenticity and performance of LC-MS/MS for pork content.

    abstract::In recent years, food fraud is a global issue that has raised wide public concern. Mass spectrometry techniques have a significant advantage of qualitatively and quantitatively analyzing food authenticity, especially for highly processed meat products. In this work, a simple and specific, rapid resolution liquid chrom...

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  • Tackling the challenge of selective analytical clean-up of complex natural extracts: the curious case of chlorophyll removal.

    abstract::Alkaline saponification is often used to remove interfering chlorophylls and lipids during carotenoids analysis. However, saponification also hydrolyses esterified carotenoids and is known to induce artifacts. To avoid carotenoid artifact formation during saponification, Larsen and Christensen (2005) developed a gentl...

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  • Insights into the relations between the molecular structures and digestion properties of retrograded starch after ultrasonic treatment.

    abstract::In this study, ultrasound was used to modulate the molecular structure of retrograded starch (RS3) responsible for the digestion properties, and the relationships among the ultrasonic power, molecular structure, and RS3 digestibility were revealed. Results revealed that the morphological characteristics of RS3 changed...

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  • Sample preparation combined with electroanalysis to improve simultaneous determination of antibiotics in animal derived food samples.

    abstract::A procedure based on liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) and phase separation using magnetically stirred salt-induced high-temperature liquid-liquid extraction (PS-MSSI-HT-LLE) was developed to extract and pre-concentrate ciprofloxacin (CIPRO) and enrofloxacin (ENRO) from animal food samples before electroanalysis. Firstly...

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  • Molecularly imprinted microspheres based multiplexed fluorescence method for simultaneous detection of benzimidazoles and pyrethroids in meat samples.

    abstract::Two molecularly imprinted microspheres and two fluorescent tracers for benzimidazoles and pyrethroids were synthesized respectively. The two types of microspheres were coated in the wells of conventional microplate simultaneously. Then the sample extracts and the two traces were added for differential competition. The...

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    authors: Cai Y,He X,Cui PL,Yuan WZ,Wang JP,Liu J

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  • Isolated and combined effects of elevated CO2 and high temperature on the whole-plant biomass and the chemical composition of soybean seeds.

    abstract::Soybean plants of the variety 'MG/BR Conquista' were grown in open top chambers, simulating elevated CO2 concentration ([CO2]) and high temperature under the following treatments: 1) ambient [CO2] and ambient temperature (Amb); 2) elevated [CO2] (eCO2) and ambient temperature (Elev); 3) ambient [CO2] and high temperat...

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    authors: Palacios CJ,Grandis A,Carvalho VJ,Salatino A,Buckeridge MS

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  • Molecular basis and potential applications of capsaicinoids and capsinoids against the elongation of etiolated wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) coleoptiles in foods.

    abstract::Capsaicinoids and capsinoids from dietary peppers have promising sensory properties and bioactivity, but the molecular basis of their penetration mechanism through cell lipid bilayers and its relationship to their bioavailability as food constituents are still poorly understood. Herein, statistically significant linea...

    journal_title:Food chemistry

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    authors: Chen K,Qian Y,Ge Z,Chen H,Qian C,Li Y,Chen Z

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  • Influence of different drying methods on the physicochemical properties of red beetroot (Beta vulgaris L. var. Cylindra).

    abstract::There is an increased interest in preserving fruits and vegetables by drying. The novelty of this study consists in the combination of the following three drying methods: free convection (at 50, 60, and 70°C), forced convection at 40°C and 315W microwave power. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of t...

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    authors: Nistor OV,Seremet Ceclu L,Andronoiu DG,Rudi L,Botez E

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  • Effects of ozone microbubble treatment on removal of residual pesticides and quality of persimmon leaves.

    abstract::This study investigated the effects of ozone microbubble (OMCB) treatment on the removal of residual fenitrothion (FT) and benomyl pesticides from red and green persimmon leaves, and also the treatment effect on the leaf colours, physical properties and flavour. The continuous bubbling OMCB treatment was more effectiv...

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    authors: Ikeura H,Hamasaki S,Tamaki M

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  • Evaluation of antioxidant capacity and flavor profile change of pomegranate wine during fermentation and aging process.

    abstract::Antioxidant properties and flavor characteristic profile of pomegranate wine during winemaking were investigated. The total phenol content and radical scavenging activity exhibited a slightly decrease in the end edge. Punicalagins and gallic acid were revealed to be the most abundant phenolic compounds, followed by el...

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