Simulated climate change scenarios impact the reproduction and early life stages of a soft coral.


:Coral reefs are threatened worldwide by global climate change, manifested in anthropogenic ocean warming and acidification. Despite the importance of coral sexual reproduction for the continuity of coral reefs, our understanding of the extent of the impact of climate change on coral sexual reproduction, particularly on coral reproductive phenology and early life stages, is limited. Here, we experimentally examined the effects of predicted end-of-the-century seawater conditions on the sexual reproduction and photosynthetic capacity of a Red-Sea zooxanthellate octocoral, Rhytisma fulvum. Sexually mature colonies were exposed to ambient temperature and pH conditions and to Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) conditions (4.5 and 8.5), five weeks prior to their expected surface-brooding event. The reproductive phenology of the colonies under the simulated seawater conditions was compared to that on the natural reef. In addition, subsequent planulae development and their metamorphosis into primary polyps under the same RCP conditions as their parent colonies were monitored in a running seawater system. The results reveal that both RCP conditions led to a change in the timing of onset of the surface-brooding event and its synchronicity. In contrast, the surface-brooding event under ambient conditions co-occurred with that of the in-situ reef colonies and maintained its synchrony. Similarly, planula survival and polyp metamorphosis rate were significantly reduced under both RCP conditions compared to propagules reared under ambient conditions. In addition, the photosynthetic capacity of the parent colonies under both RCPs showed a reduction relative to that under the ambient conditions in the experiment, suggesting a reduction in carbon fixation during the late stages of gametogenesis. While our findings indicate that octocoral reproductive phenology is affected by environmental changes, further work is required in order to elucidate the long-term implications for the R. fulvum population in the northern Red Sea.


Mar Environ Res


Liberman R,Fine M,Benayahu Y




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  • Apparent lack of CYP1A response to high PCB body burdens in fish from a chronically contaminated PCB site.

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  • Seasonal and gender-related differences in morphometric features and cellular and biochemical parameters of Carcinus aestuarii from the Lagoon of Venice.

    abstract::In this study, the seasonal variations in the morphometric features and in the cellular and biochemical parameters of the haemolymph were investigated in both male and female crabs (Carcinus aestuarii). Crabs were seasonally (November 2010-August 2011) collected from the Lagoon of Venice, and the moult stage, weight, ...

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  • Two CYP3A-like genes in the marine mussel Mytilus edulis: mRNA expression modulation following short-term exposure to endocrine disruptors.

    abstract::Members of the vertebrate CYP3A subfamily are involved in the metabolism of steroids and a wide range of xenobiotics. In this study two CYP3A-like mRNAs have been isolated from the mussel (Mytilus edulis), and their seasonal expression profile and modulation by estrogens examined. Sexual dimorphism of CYP3A-like mRNA ...

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  • Differential gene expression in mummichogs (Fundulus heteroclitus) following treatment with pyrene: comparison to a creosote contaminated site.

    abstract::Mummichogs, Fundulus heteroclitus, an estuarine fish with a relatively small home range found along the eastern coast of the United States are well-suited to monitoring contaminant effects, including those of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). One of the common PAHs in estuaries is pyrene. We report here on effo...

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  • Wastewater discharge degrades coastal waters and reef communities in southern Thailand.

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  • Assessment of the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and organochlorine contaminants in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) from the Eastern Atlantic Ocean.

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  • Self-assembled monolayer-based immunoassays for okadaic acid detection in seawater as monitoring tools.

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  • An assessment of microplastics threat to the marine environment: A short review in context of the Arabian/Persian Gulf.

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  • Physiological effects of marine natural organic matter and metals in early life stages of the North Pacific native marine mussel Mytilus trossulus; a comparison with the invasive Mytilus galloprovincialis.

    abstract::The role of seawater NOM in reducing metal toxicity for marine organisms is not well understood. We investigated the effects of five different marine NOMs (two autochthonous, one allochthonous, two of mixed origin, at 8 mg C/L), three metals (6 μg Cu/L; 20 μg Pb/L; 25 μg Zn/L), and combinations between them, to early ...

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  • Three dimensional water quality modeling of a shallow subtropical estuary.

    abstract::Knowledge of estuarine hydrodynamics and water quality comes mostly from studies of large estuarine systems. The processes affecting algae, nutrients, and dissolved oxygen (DO) in small and shallow subtropical estuaries are relatively less studied. This paper documents the development, calibration, and verification of...

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  • An integrated chemical-biological study using caged mussels (Mytilus trossulus) along a pollution gradient in the Archipelago Sea (SW Finland, Baltic Sea).

    abstract::Mussels (Mytilus trossulus) were caged along a known pollution gradient in the inner Archipelago Sea (northern Baltic Sea) and retrieved after 71 and 121 d for the measurement of selected chemical contaminants in tissues and biological endpoints including biochemical biomarkers and growth. Additional samples were coll...

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  • Antifouling activity of green-synthesized 7-hydroxy-4-methylcoumarin.

    abstract::In the search for new environmental-friendly antifoulants for replace metallic biocides, 7-hydroxy-4-methylcoumarin was synthesized according to green chemistry procedures. This compound was characterized by current organic analysis and its antifouling properties were firstly evaluated on the bivalve Mytilus edulis pl...

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  • Functional analysis of xenobiotic response elements (XREs) in CYP 1A of the European Flounder (Platichthys flesus).

    abstract::The induction of hepatic cytochrome P450 1A (CYP 1A) is an important step in the response to contaminants such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and has been used as a biomarker of exposure in fish. Several consensus response elements have been identified, including eight potential xenobiotic response elemen...

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  • Indications of future performance of native and non-native adult oysters under acidification and warming.

    abstract::Globally, non-native species (NNS) have been introduced and now often entirely replace native species in captive aquaculture; in part, a result of a perceived greater resilience of NSS to climate change and disease. Here, the effects of ocean acidification and warming on metabolic rate, feeding rate, and somatic growt...

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  • Combined, short-term exposure to reduced seawater pH and elevated temperature induces community shifts in an intertidal meiobenthic assemblage.

    abstract::In future global change scenarios the surface ocean will experience continuous acidification and rising temperatures. While effects of both stressors on marine, benthic communities are fairly well studied, consequences of the interaction of both factors remain largely unknown. We performed a short-term microcosm exper...

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  • Evidence for resistance to benzo[a]pyrene and 3,4,3'4'-tetrachlorobiphenyl in a chronically polluted Fundulus heteroclitus population.

    abstract::Halogenated aromatic hydrocarbons (HAHs) and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are major environmental contaminants. Fish species that are chronically exposed to these compounds can develop resistance to their toxic effects. In all fish species studied to date, toxicant resistance has been accompanied by decrea...

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  • Transcriptomic effects of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug Ibuprofen in the marine bivalve Mytilus galloprovincialis Lam.

    abstract::The transcriptomic effects of Ibuprofen (IBU) in the digestive gland tissue of Mytilus galloprovincialis Lam. specimens exposed at low environmental concentrations (250 ng L(-1)) are presented. Using a 1.7 K feature cDNA microarray along with linear models and empirical Bayes statistical methods 225 differentially exp...

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  • Drivers of shell growth of the bivalve, Callista chione (L. 1758) - Combined environmental and biological factors.

    abstract::Seasonal shell growth patterns were analyzed using the stable oxygen and carbon isotope values of live-collected specimens of the bivalve Callista chione from two sites in the Adriatic Sea (Pag and Cetina, Croatia). Micromilling was performed on the shell surface of three shells per site and shell oxygen isotopes of t...

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  • Long-term impacts of coral bleaching events on the world's warmest reefs.

    abstract::The southern Arabian Gulf houses some of the most thermally tolerant corals on earth, but severe bleaching in the late 1990s caused widespread mortality. More than a decade later, corals still dominated benthos (mean: 40 ± 3% cover on 10 sites spanning > 350 km; range: 11.0-65.6%), but coral communities varied spatial...

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  • Sources of dietary cadmium to the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas.

    abstract::Oysters from the Pacific north-west coast contain high cadmium concentrations (greater than 13.5 microg g(-1) dry weight), which exceed consumer guidelines for international markets. Oysters are selective filter-feeders and attempts which have focused on suspended particulate matter (SPM) as a means to assess the impo...

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  • First evaluation of foraminiferal metabarcoding for monitoring environmental impact from an offshore oil drilling site.

    abstract::At present, environmental impacts from offshore oil and gas activities are partly determined by measuring changes in macrofauna diversity. Morphological identification of macrofauna is time-consuming, expensive and dependent on taxonomic expertise. In this study, we evaluated the applicability of using foraminiferal-s...

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  • Marine bivalves as bioindicators for environmental pollutants with focus on dumped munitions in the sea: A review.

    abstract::The seas worldwide are threatened by a "new" source of pollution. Munitions dumped into the seas worldwide will corrode and start to leak. Their impacts on the environment and on human health are now more than ever subject of scientific research. Bivalves are a first choice bioindicator and their importance is demonst...

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