Mediating Role of Social Competence: Family Communication and Body Satisfaction among Male College Students.


:This study examined whether social competence mediates the association between family communication and undergraduate males' body satisfaction. Male undergraduate students (N = 442) completed an online survey assessing their perceptions of mothers' as well as fathers' family communication patterns (FCPs), social competence, and body satisfaction. Results generally supported the hypothesized model. Conversation orientation, regardless of whether mothers' or fathers', was positively associated with social competence, which, in turn, was positively related to body satisfaction. On the other hand, the role of conformity orientation in predicting males' body satisfaction varied by parental sex (mothers or fathers): Mothers' conformity orientation was associated with body satisfaction through social competence in an expected manner, whereas fathers' conformity orientation was related to none of the endogenous variables. However, once mothers' FCPs were eliminated from the model, fathers' conformity orientation became a direct as well as indirect predictor of sons' body satisfaction through social competence. Interpretations of the findings, practical implications, and a future direction are discussed.


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  • Who is Asked and Who Gets to Answer the Health-Care Practitioner's Questions When Patients with Intellectual Disabilities Attend UK General Practice Health Checks with Their Companions?

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  • Searching Online for Information About Vaccination: Assessing the Influence of User-Specific Cognitive Factors Using Eye-Tracking.

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  • By the Mitigation One Knows the Doctor: Mitigation Strategies by Chinese Doctors in Online Medical Consultation.

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  • Entertainment-education in the context of humor: effects on safer sex intentions and risk perceptions.

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  • The Communicative Relationship between the Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Stakeholders and the Reproductive Healthcare Nonprofit Organization.

    abstract::As the third largest employment sector in the United States, nonprofits work to fill gaps left by the government and for-profit sectors. Because they work with disadvantaged populations, mission-driven nonprofits are afforded an opportunity to empower clients. This study uses Planned Parenthood as a point of entry for...

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  • Perceived Parental Legitimacy as a Moderator of Parent-Child Communication's Effects on Latina/o Adolescent Substance Use.

    abstract::Utilizing primary socialization theory (PST) and longitudinal survey data from 381 Latina/o sixth- through eighth-grade students, we hypothesized that four types of parent anti-substance use messages (i.e., parents' own past substance use, religious beliefs, respect for family, and peer resistance) would discourage La...

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  • Cancer Information-seeking in an Age of COVID-19: Findings from the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Information Service.

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  • Examining Mechanisms Underlying Fear-Control in the Extended Parallel Process Model.

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  • Using Communication Theory of Identity to Evaluate Decision Aids: Focus Group Research with African American Prostate Cancer Survivors.

    abstract::Prostate cancer remains a significant health concern for U.S. adults, especially African American men, who have higher rates of diagnosis than other racial/ethnic groups. The current study evaluated five prostate cancer decision aids (PCDAs) focused on diagnosis and treatment via seven focus groups with 30 African Ame...

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  • Acceptability of the H1N1 vaccine among older adults: the interplay of message framing and perceived vaccine safety and efficacy.

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  • Antecedents to Psychological Reactance: The Impact of Threat, Message Frame, and Choice.

    abstract::A 2 (Threat: high vs. low) × 2 (Frame: gain vs. loss) × 2 (Choice: yes vs. no) × 2 (Behavior: prevention vs. detection) factorial design Web-based experiment (N = 814) was conducted to investigate the impact of threat to freedom, message frame, and behavioral choice as antecedents to psychological reactance. The inter...

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  • Examining How Communication and Knowledge Relate to Singaporean Youths' Perceived Risk of Haze and Intentions to Take Preventive Behaviors.

    abstract::As Southeast Asia has experienced haze crises in recent years, encouraging Singaporeans to take preventive measures against negative health outcomes during haze is a growing concern. This study examines how communication factors (i.e., attention to traditional media and new media, interpersonal discussion, and knowled...

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  • Actions Speak Louder than Words: How Characters' Effectiveness as Message Sources Depend on Their Story Experiences.

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  • Indirect Effects of Social Skills on Health Through Stress and Loneliness.

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  • "Let's Sit Forward": Investigating Interprofessional Communication, Collaboration, Professional Roles, and Physical Space at EmergiCare.

    abstract::Communication is key to hospital emergency department (ED) caregiving. Interventions in ED processes (and health care organizing in general) have struggled when they have ignored the professional role expectations that enable and constrain providers with patients and each other. Informed by a communication as design (...

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  • SARS wars: an examination of the quantity and construction of health information in the news media.

    abstract::The media have the power to sway public perception of health issues by choosing what to publish and the context in which to present information. The media may influence an individual's tendency to overestimate the risk of some health issues while underestimating the risk of others, ultimately influencing health choice...

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  • Narrative Mapping: Participant-Generated Visual Methodology for Health Communication Research and Pedagogy.

    abstract::Narrative mapping is a newly emergent form of participant-generated visual methodology. This essay differentiates narrative mapping from other visual methodologies and from other genres of mapping by examining a shared epistemological framework undergirding both the construction of narratives and the crafting of maps....

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  • Tobacco-prevention messages online: social marketing via the Web.

    abstract::Antitobacco groups have joined millions of other commercial or noncommercial entities in developing a presence on the Web. These groups primarily represent the following different sponsorship categories: grassroots, medical, government, and corporate. To obtain a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in...

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  • Experiences of physicians who frequently use e-mail with patients.

    abstract::Despite its potential, the use of e-mail for physician-patient communication has not been widely adopted. Our purpose was to survey the experiences of physicians who are early adopters of the technology. Physicians, identified through a professional Internet information portal, completed a survey, including an assessm...

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  • Impact of an Alcohol Poisoning Storyline in a Fictional Television Program: An Experimental Study With a Live-to-Air Stimulus.

    abstract::Storylines in fictional television programs may be an effective medium for health-promoting messages. This randomized pretest-posttest (N = 111) with follow-up (n = 71) study examined the persuasive impact of an alcohol poisoning story in the program ER on viewers' drinking-related beliefs, attitudes, intentions, and ...

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  • Communicating Inequalities to Enhance Support for Obesity-Prevention Policies: The Role of Social Comparisons, Age Frames, and Emotion.

    abstract::With certain populations in the United States at higher risk for obesity than other populations, public health advocates have attempted to draw attention to these inequalities to galvanize support for obesity-mitigation policies. Yet research comparing different messages about social inequalities indicates that not al...

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  • Understanding Associations between Information Seeking and Scanning and Health Risk Behaviors: An Early Test of the Structural Influence Model.

    abstract::This study examined proposed direct and mediating relationships in the Structural Influence Model (SIM) of Communication within the chronic disease context. Using data from the Annenberg National Health Communication Survey (N = 14,472), we tested the potential mediating roles of information seeking, information scann...

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  • Behavioral consequences of conflict-oriented health news coverage: the 2009 mammography guideline controversy and online information seeking.

    abstract::Building on channel complementarity theory and media-system dependency theory, this study explores the impact of conflict-oriented news coverage of health issues on information seeking online. Using Google search data as a measure of behavior, we demonstrate that controversial news coverage of the U.S. Preventive Serv...

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  • On Changing Beliefs in the Closed Human Mind.

    abstract::About a hundred years ago, the world was faced with a pandemic that would ultimately infect 500 million people and kill 50 million. Today, we face a potentially similar situation. Although at times like these, the discipline of communication is essential to promoting public health and welfare through its knowledge of ...

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  • The Effect of Graphic Health Warning Labels Placed on the ENDS Device on Young Adult Users' Experience, Exposure and Intention to Use: A Pilot Study.

    abstract::This proof-of-concept study aims to evaluate the effect of placing graphic health warning labels (GHWLs) on the ENDS device on users' experience, puffing patterns, harm perception, nicotine exposure, and intention to quit or use in the future. JUUL users (n = 26, age 18-24 years; 69% male; 85% Hispanic) were recruited...

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  • Online physical activity information: will typical users find quality information?

    abstract::This study evaluated physical activity Web sites to determine quality, accuracy, and consistency with principles of the extended parallel process model (EPPM). Three keyword searches were conducted using 4 search engines to find a sample of N = 41 Web sites. Three raters evaluated the Web sites using the JAMA benchmar...

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