Insider/Outsiders, Reproductive (In)justice, and the U.S.-Mexico Border.


:In this article, we combine narrative and visual elements - our experiences as scholars in reproductive justice, health communication, and border studies coupled with photos from reproductive justice activist marches we attended in El Paso and Houston - to advocate for a stronger coalition between health communication scholars and Latina/o communication scholars in responding to and resisting reproductive injustices and gendered violence currently occurring at the U.S.-Mexico border.


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Health communication


Hinojosa Hernandez L,De Los Santos Upton S




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  • Using Communication Theory of Identity to Evaluate Decision Aids: Focus Group Research with African American Prostate Cancer Survivors.

    abstract::Prostate cancer remains a significant health concern for U.S. adults, especially African American men, who have higher rates of diagnosis than other racial/ethnic groups. The current study evaluated five prostate cancer decision aids (PCDAs) focused on diagnosis and treatment via seven focus groups with 30 African Ame...

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  • Health Halo Effects from Product Titles and Nutrient Content Claims in the Context of "Protein" Bars.

    abstract::Research on front-of-package (FOP) labeling demonstrates that nutrient content claims (e.g., "low fat") can lead consumers to perceive foods as healthier in general-effects that have been interpreted using halo effect theories of impression formation. Extending this work, the present study investigates whether these e...

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  • The Most Common Feedback Themes in Communication Skills Training in an Internal Medicine Residency Program: Lessons from the Resident Audio-Recording Project.

    abstract::Individualized structured feedback is an integral part of a resident's learning in communication skills. However, it is not clear what feedback residents receive for their communication skills development in real patient care. We will identify the most common feedback topics given to residents regarding communication ...

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  • Prostate cancer's hegemonic masculinity in select print mass media depictions (1974-1995).

    abstract::The meanings associated with prostate cancer were studied in contemporary mass print media. The study includes both manifest and latent content analysis of a period of approximately 2 decades, from 1974 to 1995. The manifest analysis revealed a primary emphasis on the importance of early detection. The latent analysis...

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  • Trust of Information about Tobacco and E-Cigarettes from Health Professionals versus Tobacco or Electronic Cigarette Companies: Differences by Subgroups and Implications for Tobacco Messaging.

    abstract::Smoking behavior may be influenced by perceived trust of information from tobacco and e-cigarette companies about their products. The purpose of this study was to identify sociodemographic subgroups with more trust in tobacco product (tobacco and e-cigarette) companies than health professionals and explore association...

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  • Self-Care and Health-Information-Seeking Behaviours of Diabetic Patients in Singapore.

    abstract::Patients in Singapore with chronic conditions such as diabetes are encouraged to participate in patient-professional partnership activities because of rising health care costs and a shortage of infrastructure and human resources. This study explores the self-care and health information seeking behaviors of diabetic pa...

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  • Linguistic Stereotyping in Older Adults' Perceptions of Health Care Aides.

    abstract::The cultural and linguistic diversity of the U.S. health care provider workforce is expanding. Diversity among health care personnel such as paraprofessional health care assistants (HCAs)-many of whom are immigrants-means that intimate, high-stakes cross-cultural and cross-linguistic contact characterizes many health ...

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  • A further extension of the Extended Parallel Process Model (E-EPPM): implications of cognitive appraisal theory of emotion and dispositional coping style.

    abstract::For two decades, the extended parallel process model (EPPM; Witte, 1992 ) has been one of the most widely used theoretical frameworks in health risk communication. The model has gained much popularity because it recognizes that, ironically, preceding fear appeal models do not incorporate the concept of fear as a legi...

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  • News Frames and News Exposure Predicting Flu Vaccination Uptake: Evidence from U.S. Newspapers, 2011-2018 Using Computational Methods.

    abstract::Flu remains a prevalent public health issue and the flu vaccine uptake remains low. This study examined the behavioral consequences of first- and second-level agenda setting by testing the effects of exposure to flu-related news coverage and different frames on flu vaccine uptake, while controlling for confounding soc...

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  • Predicting continuance-findings from a longitudinal study of older adults using an eHealth newsletter.

    abstract::While eHealth technologies are promisingly efficient and widespread, theoretical frameworks capable of predicting long-term use, termed continuance, are lacking. Attempts to extend prominent information technology (IT) theories to the area of eHealth have been limited by small sample sizes, cross-sectional designs, se...

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  • The Paradoxical Outcomes of Observing Others' Exercise Behavior on Social Network Sites: Friends' Exercise Posts, Exercise Attitudes, and Weight Concern.

    abstract::This study examined the implications of observing others' exercise behavior on social network sites (SNSs). Social cognitive theory and social comparison theory were used to make predictions about the conditions under which individuals' (N = 232) exposure to exercise-related SNS posts from others in their social netwo...

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  • Correlates of Cancer Information Overload: Focusing on Individual Ability and Motivation.

    abstract::The present study defined cancer information overload (CIO) as an aversive disposition wherein a person is confused and overwhelmed by cancer information, which occurs when he or she fails to effectively categorize new information due to a lack of resources for effective learning. Based on the definition and informed ...

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  • Parent resistance to physicians' treatment recommendations: one resource for initiating a negotiation of the treatment decision.

    abstract::This article examines pediatrician-parent interaction in the context of acute pediatric encounters for children with upper respiratory infections. Parents and physicians orient to treatment recommendations as normatively requiring parent acceptance for physicians to close the activity. Through acceptance, withholding ...

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  • The Development and Validation of the Colonoscopy Joking Scale.

    abstract::Joking is an important communication behavior that helps people cope with colorectal cancer and colonoscopy screening. However, whether joking serves a beneficial or maladaptive function in the context of colorectal cancer screening remains unknown. The lack of a valid scale impedes our understanding of how joking inf...

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  • Genetics and health communication: a primer.

    abstract::The progress of genetic knowledge has been swift and steadfast. As we move forward in the genomic era, post Human Genome Project, and continue to explore how one's genes interact with one's environment, it becomes increasingly important for all audiences to have a firm grasp of the vocabulary used in this health conte...

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  • Health information sources of individuals with cancer and their family members.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to understand health information sources of individuals and families impacted by a cancer diagnosis. Overall, the findings support the Freimuth, Stein, and Kean (1989) model of health information acquisition. The cancer patients and family members who participated reported having signific...

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  • Experiences of physicians who frequently use e-mail with patients.

    abstract::Despite its potential, the use of e-mail for physician-patient communication has not been widely adopted. Our purpose was to survey the experiences of physicians who are early adopters of the technology. Physicians, identified through a professional Internet information portal, completed a survey, including an assessm...

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  • The blame frame: media attribution of culpability about the MMR-autism vaccination scare.

    abstract::Scholars have examined how news media frame events, including responsibility for causing and fixing problems, and how these frames inform public judgment. This study analyzed 281 newspaper articles about a controversial medical study linking the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccination with autism. Given criticis...

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  • Care Providers' Integration of Family Requests in End-of-life Communication: Understanding What to Do and Why to Do It.

    abstract::End-of-life situations are fraught with challenges for patients, family members, and individuals working at the patient's bedside. Care workers must address needs of the patient, as well as his or her distressed family members. This article is an inductive investigation of care workers' (nurses, patient advocates, and...

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  • Indirect Effects of Social Skills on Health Through Stress and Loneliness.

    abstract::The social skills deficit vulnerability model predicts that people with inadequate social skills are at risk for a range of psychosocial problems, especially when confronted with stress. People with poor social skills often experience stress and loneliness and these two constructs were tested as potential pathways by ...

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  • The Interplay between Framing and Regulatory Focus in Processing Narratives about HPV Vaccination in Singapore.

    abstract::This study examined whether regulatory focus changes the effects of gain- and loss-framed narratives on promoting Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination among young females in Singapore. We conducted a quasi-experiment in which participants reported their regulatory focus and then read either a gain- or loss-framed na...

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  • All Adventurous Women Do: HPV, Narrative, and HBO's Girls.

    abstract::This study looks at media portrayals of sexual health through the popular HBO television show Girls. This rhetorical criticism of Girls delineates two emergent narrative themes. First, the show repeatedly discusses human papillomavirus (HPV) in terms of its severity, but it oscillates in terms of representing the degr...

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  • Blurring personal health and public priorities: an analysis of celebrity health narratives in the public sphere.

    abstract::This article explores the functions of personal celebrity health narratives in the public sphere. This study examines data about 157 celebrities, including athletes, actors, musicians, and politicians, who have shared private information regarding a personal health situation (or that of a loved one) with others in the...

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  • In search of cultural sensitivity and inclusiveness: communication strategies used in rural HIV prevention campaigns designed for African Americans.

    abstract::Recently, rates of HIV and AIDS are rapidly and disproportionately increasing among minority communities in the rural South. Culturally specific health communication about HIV and inclusion of minority voices in the administration and implementation of HIV programs have been found to be the most effective methods for ...

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  • CBPR in Indian country: tensions and implications for health communication.

    abstract::There is a common perspective among public health researchers and community members that although health promotion or disease prevention practices, programs, and projects should be done with rather than to individuals and communities, for various practical, economic, political, and cultural reasons, this is easier sai...

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  • Changing attitudes toward smoking and smoking susceptibility through peer crowd targeting: more evidence from a controlled study.

    abstract::Peer crowd identification consistently predicts an adolescent's smoking behavior. As such, several interventions have targeted adolescents and young adults based on their identification with a specific crowd (e.g., Hipsters). This study uses a controlled experimental design to isolate and test the effect of peer crowd...

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  • Clients' perceptions of service quality and satisfaction at their initial Title X family planning visit.

    abstract::Family planning service quality and clients' satisfaction with services are important determinants of clients' contraceptive use and continuation. We examine women's experiences at family planning clinics on a range of dimensions, including patient-centered communication (PCC), and identify experiences associated with...

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  • Up in Vapor: Exploring the Health Messages of E-Cigarette Advertisements.

    abstract::Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have gained popularity in the United States, and marketers are using advertising to recruit new users to their products. Despite outright bans on traditional cigarette advertisements, e-cigarettes have no specific regulations. This study uses framing theory to explore the themes in...

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  • The Cultural Competence of Health Journalists: Obesity Coverage in Four Urban News Organizations.

    abstract::This study sought to identify indicators of cultural competence in 670 news stories covering obesity by four urban news organizations: two mainstream newspapers and two ethnic newspapers serving the African-American and Hispanic communities. Through semantic network analysis, the research found that the news organizat...

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  • An examination of the relationships among uncertainty, appraisal, and information-seeking behavior proposed in uncertainty management theory.

    abstract::Uncertainty management theory (UMT; Brashers, 2001, 2007) is rooted in the assumption that, as opposed to being inherently negative, health-related uncertainty is appraised for its meaning. Appraisals influence subsequent behaviors intended to manage uncertainty, such as information seeking. This study explores the co...

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