Electronic medication complete communication strategy for opioid prescriptions in the emergency department: Rationale and design for a three-arm provider randomized trial.


BACKGROUND:Thousands of people die annually from prescription opioid overdoses; however there are few strategies to ensure patients receive medication risk information at the time of prescribing. OBJECTIVES:To compare the effectiveness of the Emergency Department (ED) Electronic Medication Complete Communication (EMC2) Opioid Strategy (with and without text messaging) to promote safe medication use and improved patient knowledge as compared to usual care. METHODS:The ED EMC2 Opioid Strategy consists of 5 automated components to promote safe medication use: 1) physician reminder to counsel, 2) inbox message sent on to the patient's primary care physician, 3) pharmacist message on the prescription to counsel, 4) MedSheet supporting prescription information, and 5) patient-centered Take-Wait-Stop wording of prescription instructions. This strategy will be assessed both with and without the addition of text messages via a three-arm randomized trial. The study will take place at an urban academic ED (annual volume>85,000) in Chicago, IL. Patients being discharged with a new prescription for hydrocodone-acetaminophen will be enrolled and randomized (based on their prescribing physician). The primary outcome of the study is medication safe use as measured by a demonstrated dosing task. Additionally actual safe use, patient knowledge and provider counseling will be measured. Implementation fidelity as well as costs will be reported. CONCLUSIONS:The ED EMC2 Opioid Strategy embeds a risk communication strategy into the electronic health record and promotes medication counseling with minimal workflow disruption. This trial will evaluate the strategy's effectiveness and implementation fidelity as compared to usual care. TRIAL REGISTRATION:This trial is registered on clinicaltrials.gov with identifier NCT02431793.


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McCarthy DM,Courtney DM,Lank PM,Cameron KA,Russell AM,Curtis LM,Kim KA,Walton SM,Montague E,Lyden AL,Gravenor SJ,Wolf MS




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  • The use of minimization in clinical trials.

    abstract::Since its introduction in 1974 the use of the term Minimization has been broadened to include other algorithms. All algorithms use patient characteristics to determine the assignment that produces the best overall balance between treatment groups. They differ in whether or not they use all of the data from each previo...

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  • Healthy Living Partnerships to Prevent Diabetes (HELP PD): design and methods.

    abstract::Although the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) developed a lifestyle weight loss intervention that has been demonstrated to prevent type 2 diabetes in high-risk individuals, it has yet to be widely adopted at the community level. The Healthy Living Partnership to Prevent Diabetes study (HELP PD) was designed to transl...

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  • Effect of sugar-sweetened beverages on body weight in children: design and baseline characteristics of the Double-blind, Randomized INtervention study in Kids.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Intake of sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with overweight in observational studies. A possible explanation is that liquid sugars do not satiate and that their intake is not compensated by reduced caloric intake from other foods. However, evidence from intervention studies for this hypothesis is incon...

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    abstract::Large, "practical" or streamlined trials (LSTs) are used to study the effectiveness and/or safety of medicines in real world settings with minimal study imposed interventions. While LSTs have benefits over traditional randomized clinical trials and observational studies, there are inherent challenges to their conduct....

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  • "Do you expect me to receive PTSD care in a setting where most of the other patients remind me of the perpetrator?": Home-based telemedicine to address barriers to care unique to military sexual trauma and veterans affairs hospitals.

    abstract::Home-based telemedicine (HBT) is a validated method of evidence-based treatment delivery for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and justification for its use has centered on closing gaps related to provider availability and distance to treatment centers. However, another potential use of HBT may be to overcome barr...

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