Short-term starvation at low temperature prior to harvest does not impact the health and acute stress response of adult Atlantic salmon.


:A period of starvation is regarded as a sound practice in aquaculture prior to handling, transportation and harvest, to minimise impacts on welfare and ensure proper hygiene after harvest. However, documentation of welfare issues such as stress following starvation and handling in adult Atlantic salmon are lacking. This study aimed to examine gut emptying and potential stress during a two week starvation period, and whether this starvation period changed the tolerance for physical stress. The study confirmed slower emptying of the gut segments at low temperature. Plasma and bile cortisol, and selected clinical analyses were used to characterize potential stress, as well as the response to acute physical crowding stress during the starvation period. Neither the general stress level nor the ability to cope with handling stress was affected by a 14 day starvation period. Down-regulation of selected nutritional related gene markers in liver indicated classical starvation responses, with reduced metabolism and oxidative pressure, and sparing of nutrients. The response to acute handling stress was not affected by two weeks of starvation. There were minor effects of starvation on stress and health markers, as evaluated by plasma lysozyme activity and gene expression of selected inflammation marker proteins in heart and skin tissues.






Waagbø R,Jørgensen SM,Timmerhaus G,Breck O,Olsvik PA




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2017-04-27 00:00:00












  • Age-related alterations in inhibitory control investigated using the minimally delayed oculomotor response task.

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  • Skin temperature and reproductive condition in wild female chimpanzees.

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  • Plasma antioxidants and oxidative stress status in obese women: correlation with cardiopulmonary response.

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  • Predictors of exercise participation in ambulatory and non-ambulatory older people with multiple sclerosis.

    abstract::Background. Exercise at moderate intensity may confer neuroprotective benefits in multiple sclerosis (MS), however it has been reported that people with MS (PwMS) exercise less than national guideline recommendations. We aimed to determine predictors of moderate to vigorous exercise among a sample of older Canadians w...


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    authors: Ploughman M,Harris C,Wallack EM,Drodge O,Beaulieu S,Mayo N,Health Lifestyle and Aging with MS Canadian Consortium.

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  • Fluctuation and diversity of Hydromedusae (Hydrozoa, Cnidaria) in a highly productive region of the Gulf of Mexico inferred from high frequency plankton sampling.

    abstract::Hydrozoa medusae undergo blooms and seasonal fluctuations; however the drivers of such fluctuations are unknown. To understand how medusa populations fluctuate in response to seasonal factors such as temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and chlorophyll a, and to enhance our taxonomic knowledge of Hydrozoa in Galve...


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  • Comparison of diversity and composition of macrofungal species between intensive mushroom harvesting and non-harvesting areas in Oaxaca, Mexico.

    abstract::Wild edible mushrooms have been collected and consumed by human groups for centuries, and today they represent a relevant source of food and income for many rural families worldwide. Preserving these non-timber forest products is of great interest, and there is concern about the damage caused by intensive mushroom har...


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    abstract::The Hydroporus memnonius species group includes both widespread and range restricted diving beetle taxa in the western Palaearctic, some of which have been divided into a number of geographical subspecies. Of these, Hydroporus necopinatus is distributed in the far west of Europe, from central Spain to southern Britain...


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  • Identification and prognostic value of DLGAP5 in endometrial cancer.

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  • Next-generation sequencing of mixed genomic DNA allows efficient assembly of rearranged mitochondrial genomes in Amolops chunganensis and Quasipaa boulengeri.

    abstract::Recent improvements in next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies can facilitate the obtainment of mitochondrial genomes. However, it is not clear whether NGS could be effectively used to reconstruct the mitogenome with high gene rearrangement. These high rearrangements would cause amplification failure, and/or ass...


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    abstract::Chromosomal co-existence of metal and antibiotic resistance genes in bacteria offers a new perspective to the bacterial resistance proliferation in contaminated environment. In this study, an arsenotrophic bacterium Achromobacter xylosoxidans BHW-15, isolated from Arsenic (As) contaminated tubewell water in the Bogra ...


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  • The effect of pharmacological inhibition of Serine Proteases on neuronal networks in vitro.

    abstract::Neurons are embedded in an extracellular matrix (ECM), which functions both as a scaffold and as a regulator of neuronal function. The ECM is in turn dynamically altered through the action of serine proteases, which break down its constituents. This pathway has been implicated in the regulation of synaptic plasticity ...


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  • Local villagers' perceptions of wolves in Jiuzhaigou County, western China.

    abstract::While there have been increasing numbers of reports of human-wolf conflict in China during recent years, little is known about the nature of this conflict. In this study, we used questionnaires and semi-structured interviews to investigate local villagers' perceptions of wolves in Jiuzhaigou County, western China. We ...


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