The evolving role of radiotherapy in treatment of oligometastatic NSCLC.


:Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients with metastases limited in site and number, termed oligometastases, may represent a unique subpopulation of advanced NSCLC with improved prognosis. The optimal management of these patients remains unclear with the treatment approach currently undergoing a paradigm shift. The potential benefit of aggressive metastasis directed local treatment with surgery and/or radiotherapy (RT) in combination with systemic therapy is bolstered predominantly by retrospective analyses but also by a growing number of non-randomized prospective studies regarding the use of ablative RT techniques including stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT), alternatively termed stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR), directed at the primary tumor (if present) and all metastatic sites. Long-term survival is possible in a subset of patients treated aggressively in this manner. The challenge for the clinical oncology community moving forward is appropriately selecting patients for this treatment approach based on clinical, imaging, and molecular features and increasing enrollment of patients to prospective clinical trials to more definitively determine the added benefit and appropriate timing of aggressive metastasis directed therapy in the oligometastatic setting.


Bergsma DP,Salama JK,Singh DP,Chmura SJ,Milano MT




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