Effect of stenting on progressive occlusion of small unruptured saccular intracranial aneurysms with residual sac immediately after coil embolization: a propensity score analysis.


BACKGROUND:To examine the effect of stenting on progressive occlusion of small and incompletely occluded unruptured intracranial aneurysms (UIAs) ≤10 mm in size using a propensity score matched case controlled analysis. METHODS:715 small UIAs consecutively treated by coiling between 2008 and 2010 were eligible for study. Time of flight MR angiography and/or catheter angiography were used to estimate extent of occlusion after coiling. Complete occlusion at 6 months post embolization of a sac filled with contrast immediately after coiling constituted progressive occlusion. A propensity score matched analysis was conducted, based on the probability of stent deployment. RESULTS:206 (28.8%) small UIAs showed residual sac filling directly after coiling. Of these, 182 (88.3%) displayed progressive occlusion at 6 months. Aneurysm size (p<0.01), neck size (p<0.01), and embolization attempt (p<0.01) differed significantly for stented and non-stented lesions, but the incidence of progressive occlusion did not differ (p=0.78) between the groups. After 1:1 propensity score matching, however, the rate of complete occlusion in stented subjects (97.5%) surpassed that of the non-stented counterparts (OR=9.75, p=0.01). CONCLUSIONS:Small UIAs with residual sac filling after coiling showed a complete occlusion rate of 88.3% at 6 months post embolization. Stent deployment seems to promote complete occlusion in such lesions.


J Neurointerv Surg


Jeon JP,Cho YD,Rhim JK,Park JJ,Cho WS,Kang HS,Kim JE,Han MH




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  • Anomalous vertebral artery origins: the first and second reports of two variants.

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  • The first North American use of the Pipeline Flex flow diverter.

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  • Heterogeneous practice patterns regarding antiplatelet medications for neuroendovascular stenting in the USA: a multicenter survey.

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  • Rupture Resemblance Score (RRS): toward risk stratification of unruptured intracranial aneurysms using hemodynamic-morphological discriminants.

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  • Mechanical embolectomy for treatment of large vessel acute ischemic stroke in children.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE:The three largest adult stroke trials investigating mechanical embolectomy retrieval devices in acute stroke (the Merci, Multi Merci and Penumbra Pivotal Stroke Trials) excluded children. There is a need to expand the literature on mechanical embolectomy in large vessel pediatric arterial ischemi...

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  • Feasibility of repeat transradial access for neuroendovascular procedures.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Transradial artery access (TRA) for cerebrovascular angiography is increasing due to decreased access site complications and overwhelming patient preference. While interventional cardiologists have reported up to 10 successive TRA procedures via the same radial access site, this is the first study examinin...

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  • Endovascular treatment of tandem occlusions in vertebrobasilar stroke: technical aspects and outcome compared with isolated basilar artery occlusion.

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  • Risk of acute kidney injury associated with neuroimaging obtained during triage and treatment of patients with acute ischemic stroke symptoms.

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  • Improvement of working memory after stenting for cervicocerebral artery stenosis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To investigate the working memory of patients with cervicocerebral artery stenosis and its change after stenting. METHODS:35 patients with cervicocerebral artery stenosis (≥50% with related symptoms of cerebral ischemia, or ≥70% with or without related symptoms of cerebral ischemia) underwent endovascular st...

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  • Inflammatory changes in the aneurysm wall: a review.

    abstract::Rupture of a saccular intracranial artery aneurysm (IA) causes subarachnoid hemorrhage, a significant cause of stroke and death. The current treatment options, endovascular coiling and clipping, are invasive and somewhat risky. Since only some IAs rupture, those IAs at risk for rupture should be identified. However, t...

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  • Endovascular management of torcular dural sinus malformations in children: the role of straight sinus occlusion.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Torcular dural sinus malformations (tDSMs) with arteriovenous shunts are rare congenital intracranial vascular malformations that carry a high rate of neurologic impairment and death in the neonatal, infant and young pediatric population. Their impact on brain venous drainage, especially the deep venous syst...

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  • Stenting of a symptomatic long-segment extracranial vertebral artery occlusion.

    abstract::We present a 56-year-old man who presented with bilateral vertebral artery occlusions and recurrent transient ischemic attacks and strokes despite maximal medical therapy. A long-segment extracranial right vertebral occlusion was noted and successfully reconstructed with four drug-eluting stents. The patient has been ...

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  • Navigating a proximal loop in the radial artery and avoiding the recurrent radial artery.

    abstract::Several anatomical variations of the radial artery have been described in the literature. Common variations include radial artery loop, recurrent branch, and anastomotic channels connecting the radial and brachial arteries. These variations can pose significant technical challenges to safe radial artery catheterizatio...

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  • Factors associated with successful revascularization using the aspiration component of ADAPT in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:ADAPT (a direct aspiration first pass technique) has been shown to be fast, cost-effective, and associated with excellent angiographic and clinical outcomes in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke (AIS). OBJECTIVE:To identify any and all preoperative factors that are associated with successful revascula...

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