Identification and Resolution of Microdiversity through Metagenomic Sequencing of Parallel Consortia.


:To gain a predictive understanding of the interspecies interactions within microbial communities that govern community function, the genomic complement of every member population must be determined. Although metagenomic sequencing has enabled the de novo reconstruction of some microbial genomes from environmental communities, microdiversity confounds current genome reconstruction techniques. To overcome this issue, we performed short-read metagenomic sequencing on parallel consortia, defined as consortia cultivated under the same conditions from the same natural community with overlapping species composition. The differences in species abundance between the two consortia allowed reconstruction of near-complete (at an estimated >85% of gene complement) genome sequences for 17 of the 20 detected member species. Two Halomonas spp. indistinguishable by amplicon analysis were found to be present within the community. In addition, comparison of metagenomic reads against the consensus scaffolds revealed within-species variation for one of the Halomonas populations, one of the Rhodobacteraceae populations, and the Rhizobiales population. Genomic comparison of these representative instances of inter- and intraspecies microdiversity suggests differences in functional potential that may result in the expression of distinct roles in the community. In addition, isolation and complete genome sequence determination of six member species allowed an investigation into the sensitivity and specificity of genome reconstruction processes, demonstrating robustness across a wide range of sequence coverage (9× to 2,700×) within the metagenomic data set.


Appl Environ Microbiol


Nelson WC,Maezato Y,Wu YW,Romine MF,Lindemann SR




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  • Single-Cell Protein Production by the Acid-Tolerant Fungus Scytalidium acidophilum from Acid Hydrolysates of Waste Paper.

    abstract::The bioconversion of waste paper to single-cell protein at pH <1 by Scytalidium acidophilum is described. Waste paper pretreated with 72% H(2)SO(4) at 4 degrees C was diluted with water to a pH of <0.1 and hydrolyzed. This yielded an adequate sugar-containing substrate for the growth of the fungus. A total of 97% of t...

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  • Common occurrence of plasmid DNA and vancomycin resistance in Leuconostoc spp.

    abstract::Resistance to vancomycin permitted detection, in a culture of Streptococcus cremoris 290PC, of a contaminant gram-positive coccus. Morphological and physiological characteristics indicated that this bacterium was a strain of Leuconostoc sp., designated PO184. This strain contained four plasmid species, which were dist...

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  • Algicidal Activity of Streptomyces eurocidicus JXJ-0089 Metabolites and Their Effects on Microcystis Physiology.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:Copper sulfate (CuSO4) has been widely used as an algicide to control harmful cyanobacterial blooms (CyanoHABs) in freshwater lakes. However, there are increasing concerns about this application, due mainly to the general toxicity of CuSO4 to other aquatic species and its long-term persistence in the environ...

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