Feasibility of conducting a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effect of motivational interviewing on hearing-aid use.


OBJECTIVES:The aim of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of conducting a randomized controlled trial (RCT) on the effect of motivational interviewing (MI) on hearing-aid use. DESIGN:This was a pilot single-blind, randomized parallel-group study conducted in the UK. STUDY SAMPLE:Thirty-seven adult patients who reported using their hearing aid(s) less than four hours per day were randomized to MI combined with Standard Care (MISC) (n = 20), and Standard Care only (SC) (n = 17). RESULTS:Of 220 patients invited, 37 were enrolled giving the recruitment rate of 17%. One participant withdrew giving the retention rate of 97%. It was feasible to combine MI with SC for facilitating hearing-aid use and deliver the intervention with high fidelity in an audiology setting. The measure on hearing-aid use (data logging) one month after interventions favoured the MISC group. CONCLUSIONS:This pilot study suggests that conducting an RCT on using MI for facilitating hearing-aid use in people who do not use their hearing aids is feasible, and that MI combined with SC may have more positive effects on hearing-aid use compared to SC only.


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  • Evolving the concept of APD.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To consider the evolving concept of auditory processing disorder (APD). DESIGN:Narrative review and opinion piece. STUDY SAMPLE:Eight approaches to APD described in the literature and its definitions by ten societies or groups from around the world. RESULTS:The dominant conceptualisation of APD remains one...

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  • College students' personal listening device usage and knowledge.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine the usage and knowledge of safe limits on personal listening devices (PLD) among college students. DESIGN:First, information on health history was collected. Second, microphone in real ear techniques determined eardrum to free-field correction factors. Third, hearing levels were evaluated and in...

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  • Fit to targets, preferred listening levels, and self-reported outcomes for the DSL v5.0 a hearing aid prescription for adults.

    abstract:STUDY OBJECTIVE:This study evaluated how closely the DSL v5.0 a prescription could be approximated with hearing aids, its relationship to preferred listening levels (PLLs) of adults with acquired hearing loss, and the self-reported outcomes of the resulting fittings. PARTICIPANTS:Thirty adults with varying degrees and...

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  • Inflammation is associated with a worsening of presbycusis: evidence from the MRC national study of hearing.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Inflammaging, a state of chronic inflammation in the elderly, is now thought to be a key element of the ageing process and contributor to age-related disease. In a previously published study, we identified a significant association between inflammation levels and severity of presbycusis among individuals aged...

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  • Transmission of bone-conducted sound in the human skull measured by cochlear vibrations.

    abstract::One limitation with the Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (Baha) is too poor amplification for patients with moderate to severe sensorineural hearing losses. Therefore, we investigated if bone conducted (BC) sound transmission improves when the stimulation approaches the cochlea. Also the influence from the squamosal suture o...

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  • Diagnosis of amblyaudia in children referred for auditory processing assessment.

    abstract::Children (n = 141) referred to 5 clinical sites for auditory processing disorder assessment were tested with two dichotic listening tests, one with word pairs and the other with pairs of digits, as part of a comprehensive diagnostic battery. Scores from the Randomized Dichotic Digits Test and the Dichotic Words Test w...

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  • The risk of tinnitus following occupational noise exposure in workers with hearing loss or normal hearing.

    abstract::The purpose was to investigate the relationship between noise exposure and tinnitus among workers with normal hearing and hearing loss, respectively. We conducted a cross-sectional survey of 752 workers employed at 91 workplaces, that were investigated by means of full work-shift noise levels, questionnaire data, and ...

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  • Adaptive tests of temporal resolution: comparison with the gaps-in-noise test in normal-hearing young adults.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Auditory processing disorder patients may have deficits in auditory temporal resolution. This study explored: (1) the ear specific norms for young adults using the adaptive tests of temporal resolution (ATTR); (2) the reliability of ATTR using two different modes of stimuli presentation; and (3) the concurren...

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  • Hearing aid review appointment: clients' reasons for attendance and non-attendance.

    abstract::Objective: To investigate hearing aid owners' decisions to attend or not to attend an annual hearing aid review (HAR) appointment. To investigate the possible factors associated with appointment attendance, including age, gender, transportation, travel time, and hearing aid outcomes.Design: A prospective cohort study....

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  • Effects of consecutive trials and test-retest reliability of 1000-Hz tympanometry in adults.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To investigate the effect of consecutive 1000-Hz tympanometry testing on admittance measures, and examine test-retest reliability. DESIGN:Repeated measures with eight trials of 1000-Hz Y(a) and B(a)/G(a) tympanometry, respectively, in two ears of each subject, followed by repeated 226-Hz tympanometry. STUDY...

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  • Mandarin lexical tone recognition in bimodal cochlear implant users.

    abstract::Objective: To assess the recognition of lexical tones in Mandarin-speaking bimodal cochlear implant (CI) subjects.Design: Lexical tone recognition in quiet and noise (SNR= +5 dB) was measured with electric stimulation (CI alone) or bimodal stimulation (CI + hearing aid (HA)). The recognition and confusion rates of the...

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  • The development of the listening in spatialised noise - universal test (LiSN-U) and preliminary evaluation in English-speaking listeners.

    abstract::Objective: To create a language independent version of the Listening in Spatialised Noise - Sentences test (LiSN-S) and evaluate it in an English-speaking population.Design: Test development and normative data collection. LiSN-Universal (LiSN-U) targets consisted of CVCV pseudo-words (e.g. /mupa/). Two looped distract...

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  • Azimuthal auditory localization of gunshots in a realistic field environment: effects of open-ear versus hearing protection-enhancement devices (HPEDs), military vehicle noise, and hearing impairment.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:A controlled field experiment was conducted to evaluate localization of suprathreshold gunshot reports (from blank cartridges) with four hearing protection-enhancement devices (HPEDs) in comparison to the open ear with ambient outdoor noise and in 82 dBA diesel military heavy truck noise. DESIGN:Five measure...

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  • Neonatal hearing screening in Albania: results from an ongoing universal screening program.

    abstract::The paper describes the outcomes of an ongoing universal hearing screening program in Tirana, Albania. The main objectives of the project were the evaluation of the feasibility of a neonatal hearing screening program in Albania, and an evaluation of the prevalence of risk factors in the NICU environment. One thousand ...

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  • Audiovisual asynchrony detection and speech perception in hearing-impaired listeners with cochlear implants: a preliminary analysis.

    abstract::This preliminary study examined the effects of hearing loss and aging on the detection of AV asynchrony in hearing-impaired listeners with cochlear implants. Additionally, the relationship between AV asynchrony detection skills and speech perception was assessed. Individuals with normal-hearing and cochlear implant re...

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  • Polish sentence tests for measuring the intelligibility of speech in interfering noise.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to develop Polish sentence tests for accurate measuring of speech intelligibility in masking interfering noise. Two sets of sentence lists have been developed. The first set was composed of 25 lists and was used for sentence intelligibility scoring. The second set was composed of 22 lists and...

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  • Application of a TNF-alpha-inhibitor into the scala tympany after cochlear electrode insertion trauma in guinea pigs: preliminary audiologic results.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Cochlear implantation trauma causes both macroscopic and inflammatory trauma. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the TNF-alpha inhibitor etanercept applied after cochlear implantation trauma on the preservation of acoustic hearing. DESIGN:Guinea pigs were randomly assigned to t...

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  • Voice gender discrimination provides a measure of more than pitch-related perception in cochlear implant users.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:(1) To investigate whether voice gender discrimination (VGD) could be a useful indicator of the spectral and temporal processing abilities of individual cochlear implant (CI) users; (2) To examine the relationship between VGD and speech recognition with CI when comparable acoustic cues are used for both perc...

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  • Early hearing detection and intervention services in the public health sector in South Africa.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to examine the current status of newborn/infant hearing screening programs in public sector hospitals in South Africa by means of a descriptive survey. Data was gathered using a self-administered postal questionnaire, which included questions on screening resources and protocols, follow-u...

    journal_title:International journal of audiology

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    authors: Theunissen M,Swanepoel D

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  • Electrical stimulation rate effects on speech perception in cochlear implants.

    abstract::The objective of this study was to explore cochlear implant users' speech perception performance in quiet and in noise for low to moderate stimulation rates. Eight postlingually deaf adult users of the Nucleus CI24 cochlear implant (contour electrode array) using the ESPrit 3G speech processor participated in this stu...

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  • Effectiveness of targeted surveillance to identify moderate to profound permanent childhood hearing impairment in babies with risk factors who pass newborn screening.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To examine the effectiveness of targeted surveillance for the identification of moderate-profound PCHI in babies who pass the newborn hearing screen in England and have risk factors. DESIGN:Retrospective analysis. STUDY SAMPLE:2,307,880 children born 01/04/06-30/09/09 in England. RESULTS:Overall the preval...

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  • Predisposing factors for inner ear hearing loss association with chronic otitis media.

    abstract::The aim of the present study was to investigate the consequences of chronic otitis media on inner ear function. Retrospective analysis of conventional pure-tone audiometry tests was carried out on 344 patients who were scheduled for surgical treatment of unilateral chronic otitis media without other risk factors for s...

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  • Quality of life in persons with hearing loss: a study of patients referred to an audiological service.

    abstract::Objective: To investigate the relationship between hearing loss (HL) and general quality of life (QoL) in adults seeking hearing aids (HAs). Design: The patients completed the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) Quality of Life Questionnaire's general part and a questionnaire measuring s...

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  • The relationship between pre-fitting expectations and willingness to use hearing aids.

    abstract::Hearing-aid use in the elderly population is problematic since not all people who would benefit from hearing aids actually obtain one. In this study, the relationship between pre-fitting expectations and willingness to use hearing aids is addressed. One hundred adult hearing aid candidates (mean age 68.6 years) were r...

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    authors: Meister H,Walger M,Brehmer D,von Wedel UC,von Wedel H

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  • The parents' perspective of the early diagnostic period of their child with hearing loss: information and support.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This study aimed to explore the perspectives of caregivers regarding the information and support they received following diagnosis of their child's hearing loss. DESIGN:A mixed methods explanatory sequential design was conducted. STUDY SAMPLE:A total of 445 caregivers of children completed a written survey,...

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  • Implications in disclosing auditory genetic mutation to a family: a case study.

    abstract::The aim of the study is to understand the implications of disclosing the results of connexin26 (Cx26) gene testing to the concerned family with hearing impaired individuals. The department of biotechnology is funding a multicentric multidisciplinary team from Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research (B...

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    authors: Shekhawat GS,RamShankar M,Jalvi RR,Rangasayee R,Anand A

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  • Societal costs of hearing disorders: a systematic and critical review of literature.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The objective of this study was to perform a critical and systematic literature review of studies on societal costs due to hearing disorders. DESIGN:We used predefined search terms and inclusion/exclusion criteria. Systematic searches were conducted in Medline, Cochrane Library, Google Scholar, and other rel...

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    authors: Hjalte F,Brännström J,Gerdtham UG

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  • A convergent validity study: Listening in Spatialized Noise-Sentences (LiSN-S) test and the Hearing in Noise Test (HINT).

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The primary purpose of this study was to compare Listening in Spatialized Noise - Sentence (LiSN-S) test and the Hearing in Noise Test (HINT) thresholds in order to determine if the two tests measure the same construct (convergent validity). The secondary purpose was to determine performance differences betw...

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    authors: Vermiglio AJ,Bulla E,Skinner J,Heeke P,Fang X,Velappan K,Bonilla E,Garner E

    更新日期:2021-01-01 00:00:00

  • The psychological and social consequences of single-sided deafness in adulthood.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:This study examined the subjective psychological and social effects of highly asymmetric hearing loss (single-sided deafness [SSD]) in adults. DESIGN:Three group interviews were conducted using the critical incident technique and analysed using an inductive thematic analysis. STUDY SAMPLE:Eight adults with...

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    authors: Lucas L,Katiri R,Kitterick PT

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  • Applied tele-audiology research in clinical practice during the past decade: a scoping review.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The purpose of this scoping review was two-fold, (1) to provide information about the characteristics, type of service delivery, participant information and outcomes related to tele-audiology in clinical popluations, and (2) to describe documented facilitators and barriers to tele-audiology delivery from the ...

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    authors: Muñoz K,Nagaraj NK,Nichols N

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