Whole blood hypoxia-related gene expression reveals novel pathways to obstructive sleep apnea in humans.


:In this study, our goal was to identify the key genes that are associated with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Thirty-five volunteers underwent full in-lab polysomnography and, according to the sleep apnea hypopnea index (AHI), were classified into control, mild-to-moderate OSA and severe OSA groups. Severe OSA patients were assigned to participate in a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) protocol for 6 months. Blood was collected and the expression of 84 genes analyzed using the RT(2) Profiler™ PCR array. Mild-to-moderate OSA patients demonstrated down-regulation of 2 genes associated with induction of apoptosis, while a total of 13 genes were identified in severe OSA patients. After controlling for body mass index, PRPF40A and PLOD3 gene expressions were strongly and independently associated with AHI scores. This research protocol highlights a number of molecular targets that might help the development of novel therapeutic strategies.


Perry JC,Guindalini C,Bittencourt L,Garbuio S,Mazzotti DR,Tufik S




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  • Side-stream tobacco smoke-induced airway hyperresponsiveness in early postnatal period is involved nerve growth factor.

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  • Validation of a quantitative method to measure neural respiratory drive in children during sleep.

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  • How does lobeline injected intravenously produce a cough?

    abstract::In order to examine, whether the lobeline-induced cough is a true reflex or a voluntary effort to get rid of its irritating sensations in the upper respiratory tract, we systematically studied the cough response to lobeline, of subjects who were unable to make conscious discriminations i.e. were either comatose (n=4) ...

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  • TRPM8 channel is involved in the ventilatory response to CO2 mediating hypercapnic Ca2+ responses.

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  • Premature birth, homeostatic plasticity and respiratory consequences of inflammation.

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  • Inter-individual differences in control of alveolar capillary blood volume in exercise and hypoxia.

    abstract::We compared by non-invasive technique the adaptive response of alveolar capillary network to edemagenic conditions (exercise and high altitude [HA, PIO2 107mmHg] in subjects with different resting sea level (SL) capillary blood volume (normalized to alveolar volume, Vc/Va): Group 1 (N=10, Vc/Va=16.1±6.8ml/L- mean±SD) ...

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  • Functional genomics of sleep.

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  • Effects of cigarette smoke and chronic hypoxia on airways remodeling and resistance. Clinical significance.

    abstract::Previously we have reported that association of cigarette smoke (CS) and chronic hypoxia (CH) interact positively to physiopathologically remodel pulmonary circulation. In present study we have exposed guinea pigs to CS smoke (four cigarettes/day; 3 months; CS) and to chronic hypoxia (12% O(2), 15 days; CH) alone or i...

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  • The influence of pulmonary receptors on respiratory drive in a rabbit model of pulmonary emphysema.

    abstract::We have observed that pulmonary rapidly adapting receptor activity is greater in emphysematous rats than in controls. Pulmonary receptor activity, if modified by lung disease, may produce an inappropriate drive to breathe which may be perceived as dyspnoea. To investigate the efferent (drive) component of this hypothe...

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  • Different respiratory behaviors disclosed by induced bronchoconstriction in mild asthma patients.

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  • Chronic mountain sickness score was related with health status score but not with hemoglobin levels at high altitudes.

    abstract::Chronic mountain sickness (CMS) or lack of adaptation to live in high altitudes is related to environmental hypoxia and excessive erythrocytosis (EE) (hemoglobin >21 and >19 g/dL for men and women, respectively). Diagnosis of CMS ("Qinghai CMS Score") is based on seven signs/symptoms (breathlessness and/or palpitation...

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  • Modelling pulmonary blood flow.

    abstract::Computational model analysis has been used widely to understand and interpret complexity of interactions in the pulmonary system. Pulmonary blood transport is a multi-scale phenomenon that involves scale-dependent structure and function, therefore requiring different model assumptions for the microcirculation and the ...

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  • Respiration-related control of abdominal motoneurons.

    abstract::The abdominal muscles form part of the expiratory pump in cooperation with the other expiratory muscles, primarily the internal intercostal and triangularis sterni muscles. The discharge of abdominal muscles is divided into four main patterns: augmenting, plateau, spindle and decrementing. The patterns tend to be spec...

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  • Hypoxia-induced ventilatory responses in conscious mice: gender differences in ventilatory roll-off and facilitation.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to compare the ventilatory responses of C57BL6 female and male mice during a 15 min exposure to a hypoxic-hypercapnic (H-H) or a hypoxic (10% O(2), 90% N(2)) challenge and subsequent return to room air. The ventilatory responses to H-H were similar in males and females whereas there were pron...

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  • Dyspnea on exertion in obese men.

    abstract::Recently, we reported that dyspnea on exertion is strongly associated with an increased oxygen cost of breathing in otherwise healthy obese women; the mechanism of dyspnea on exertion in obese men is unknown. Obese men underwent measurements of body composition, fat distribution, pulmonary function, steady state and m...

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  • The effect of diffusion in the respiratory tree on the alveolar amplitude response technique (AART).

    abstract::Theoretical data for the alveolar amplitude response technique (AART) (J. Appl. Physiol. 41 (1976) 419-424) for assessing lung function was simulated using a single path lung model. This model takes account of stratified inhomogeneities in gas concentrations within the respiratory tree. The data was inserted into prev...

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