Osteocalcin-insulin relationship in obese children: a role for the skeleton in energy metabolism.


OBJECTIVE:Osteocalcin is a bone-specific protein secreted by osteoblasts and often used as a bone formation biomarker. Rodent studies have reported a hormonal role of osteocalcin on glucose metabolism, increasing insulin secretion and sensitivity and increasing energy expenditure. However, it is unknown whether osteocalcin fulfils the same function in humans. METHODS:We investigated the relationship between serum osteocalcin and insulin concentrations in 27 prepubertal obese children (9-12 years old) randomly divided into two groups, one of which entered a physical training programme, and 16 nonobese control children. Whole body bone mineral density (WB-BMD), serum osteocalcin, circulating insulin and adiponectin were measured at baseline and after 6 months. RESULTS:Trained and untrained obese children had higher WB-BMD than controls at baseline. Trained children also displayed a significant insulin increase and a significant adiponectin decrease while osteocalcin was increased compared to untrained obese children. Significant linear correlations between WB-BMD and adiponectin, delta BMD (variation between baseline and after-training values) and delta adiponectin, insulin and osteocalcin, delta insulin and delta osteocalcin, delta insulin and delta under-carboxylated osteocalcin were found only in trained obese children with no significant relationship in control and untrained obese children. CONCLUSIONS:In trained obese children, correlations indicate that when BMD is increased, osteocalcin is increased and insulin lowered. This suggests that increased BMD is associated with increased energy metabolism and a decreased level of insulin. We thus report statistically significant relationships between the skeleton (osteocalcin) and energy metabolism (insulin), suggesting a regulatory hormonal loop including osteocalcin and insulin.


Clin Endocrinol (Oxf)


Clinical endocrinology


Rochefort GY,Rocher E,Aveline PC,Garnero P,Bab I,Chappard C,Jaffré C,Benhamou CL




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