Proteins associated with immunopurified granules from a model pancreatic islet beta-cell system: proteomic snapshot of an endocrine secretory granule.


:beta-Cell granules contain proteins involved in fuel regulation, which when altered, contribute to metabolic disorders including diabetes mellitus. We analyzed proteins present in purified granules from the INS-1E beta-cell model. Fifty-one component proteins were identified by LC-MS/MS including hormones, granins, protein processing components, cellular trafficking components, enzymes implicated in cellular metabolism and chaperone proteins. These findings may increase understanding of granule secretion and the processes leading to protein aggregation and beta-cell death in type-2 diabetes.


J Proteome Res


Hickey AJ,Bradley JW,Skea GL,Middleditch MJ,Buchanan CM,Phillips AR,Cooper GJ




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2009-01-01 00:00:00














  • The shotgun proteomic study of the human ThinPrep cervical smear using iTRAQ mass-tagging and 2D LC-FT-Orbitrap-MS: the detection of the human papillomavirus at the protein level.

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  • Metabolomic analysis of akt1-mediated muscle hypertrophy in models of diet-induced obesity and age-related fat accumulation.

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  • Macrophage bridging conduit trafficking of HIV-1 through the endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi network.

    abstract::Bridging conduits (BC) are tubular protrusions that facilitate cytoplasm and membrane exchanges between tethered cells. We now report that the human immunodeficiency virus type I (HIV-1) exploits these conduits to accelerate its spread and to shield it from immune surveillance. Endosome transport through BC drives HIV...

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  • Identification of Plasma Metabolites Prognostic of Acute Kidney Injury after Cardiac Surgery with Cardiopulmonary Bypass.

    abstract::Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a frequent complication after cardiopulmonary bypass, but early detection of postoperative AKI remains challenging. Protein biomarkers predict AKI excellently in homogeneous cohorts but are less reliable in patients suffering from various comorbidities. We employed nuclear magnetic resonan...

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  • Coping with anoxia: a comprehensive proteomic and transcriptomic survey of denitrification.

    abstract::Ralstonia eutropha H16 is a denitrifying microorganism able to use nitrate and nitrite as terminal electron acceptors under oxygen deprivation. To identify proteins showing an altered expression pattern in response to oxygen supply, R. eutropha cells grown aerobically and anaerobically were compared in a comprehensive...

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  • PanelComposer: a web-based panel construction tool for multivariate analysis of disease biomarker candidates.

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  • Detecting Modifications in Proteomics Experiments with Param-Medic.

    abstract::Searching tandem mass spectra against a peptide database requires accurate knowledge of various experimental parameters, including machine settings and details of the sample preparation protocol. In some cases, such as in reanalysis of public data sets, this experimental metadata may be missing or inaccurate. We descr...

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  • Comprehensive Spectral Library from the Pathogenic Bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae with Focus on Phosphoproteins.

    abstract::To understand bacterial reactions to environmental stress or infection-related processes, it is necessary to identify the involved proteins. In mass spectrometry-based proteomics, the method of choice for spectra-to-peptide-match is database search, but in recent times, spectral libraries have come into focus. Here, w...

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  • Differential N-Glycosylation Patterns in Lung Adenocarcinoma Tissue.

    abstract::To decrease the mortality of lung cancer, better screening and diagnostic tools as well as treatment options are needed. Protein glycosylation is one of the major post-translational modifications that is altered in cancer, but it is not exactly clear which glycan structures are affected. A better understanding of the ...

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  • Unrestricted Mass Spectrometric Data Analysis for Identification, Localization, and Quantification of Oxidative Protein Modifications.

    abstract::Oxidation generates multiple diverse post-translational modifications resulting in changes in protein structure and function associated with a wide range of diseases. Of these modifications, carbonylations have often been used as hallmarks of oxidative damage. However, accumulating evidence supports the hypothesis tha...

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  • Proteomic analysis identifies dysfunction in cellular transport, energy, and protein metabolism in different brain regions of atypical frontotemporal lobar degeneration.

    abstract::Frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD) is an umbrella term for a heterogeneous group of young-onset dementias of uncertain prevalence and incidence worldwide. Atypical cases of FTLD with fused in sarcoma inclusions (aFTLD-U) have been described recently, but their molecular characterization is still due. Using shotg...

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  • Analysis of oxygen/glucose-deprivation-induced changes in SUMO3 conjugation using SILAC-based quantitative proteomics.

    abstract::Transient cerebral ischemia dramatically activates small ubiquitin-like modifier (SUMO2/3) conjugation. In cells exposed to 6 h of transient oxygen/glucose deprivation (OGD), a model of ischemia, SUMOylation increases profoundly between 0 and 30 min following re-oxygenation. To elucidate the effect of transient OGD on...

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  • Oxidized transthyretin in amniotic fluid as an early marker of preeclampsia.

    abstract::Preeclampsia is a pregnancy-specific hypertensive syndrome and a major cause of maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality. At the present time, no reliable screening tests to identify women at risk are available. We have compared the amniotic fluids (AF) proteomic maps of five preeclamptic patients with those of five...

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  • Enterococcus faecalis strains differentially regulate Alix/AIP1 protein expression and ERK 1/2 activation in intestinal epithelial cells in the context of chronic experimental colitis.

    abstract::Monoassociation of germfree Interleukin 10 gene deficient (IL-10-/-) 129SvEv but not wild-type mice with Enterococcus faecalis induces severe chronic colitis. Bacterial strain-specific effects on the development of chronic intestinal inflammation are not understood. We investigated the molecular mechanisms of E. faeca...

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  • Acetylation of RNA processing proteins and cell cycle proteins in mitosis.

    abstract::Mitosis is a highly regulated process in which errors can lead to genomic instability, a hallmark of cancer. During this phase of the cell cycle, transcription is silent and RNA translation is inhibited. Thus, mitosis is largely driven by post-translational modification of proteins, including phosphorylation, methylat...

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  • Mass spectrometric analysis of the phosphorylation levels of the SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling/tumor suppressor proteins ARID1A and Brg1 in ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma cell lines.

    abstract::Protein phosphorylation is one of the major factors involved in tumor progression and malignancy. We performed exploratory studies aimed at identifying phosphoproteins characteristic to cell lines derived from ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma (CCA), a highly malignant type of ovarian cancer. Comparative phosphoproteo...

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  • Murine Plasma N-Glycosylation Traits Associated with Sex and Strain.

    abstract::Glycosylation is an abundant and important protein modification with large influence on the properties and interactions of glycoconjugates. Human plasma N-glycosylation has been the subject of frequent investigation, revealing strong associations with physiological and pathological conditions. Less well-characterized ...

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  • Characterization of tau in cerebrospinal fluid using mass spectrometry.

    abstract::The neurodegenerative disorder Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common cause of dementia in the elderly. The presence of neurofibrillary tangles, consisting of hyperphosphorylated tau protein, is one of the major neuropathologic characteristics of the disease, making this protein an attractive biomarker for AD and...

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    authors: Portelius E,Hansson SF,Tran AJ,Zetterberg H,Grognet P,Vanmechelen E,Höglund K,Brinkmalm G,Westman-Brinkmalm A,Nordhoff E,Blennow K,Gobom J

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  • Comprehensive analysis of mitochondria in roots and hypocotyls of soybean under flooding stress using proteomics and metabolomics techniques.

    abstract::Flooding is a serious problem for soybeans because it reduces growth and grain yield. Proteomic and metabolomic techniques were used to examine whether mitochondrial function is altered in soybeans by flooding stress. Mitochondrial fractions were purified from the roots and hypocotyls of 4-day-old soybean seedlings th...

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  • Bradyrhizobium diazoefficiens USDA 110- Glycine max Interactome Provides Candidate Proteins Associated with Symbiosis.

    abstract::Although the legume-rhizobium symbiosis is a most-important biological process, there is a limited knowledge about the protein interaction network between host and symbiont. Using interolog- and domain-based approaches, we constructed an interspecies protein interactome containing 5115 protein-protein interactions bet...

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  • Introduction to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory process.

    abstract::FDA oversight of medical devices, including in vitro diagnostic devices (IVDs or laboratory tests), in the United States was a direct result of the passage of the Medical Device Amendments of 1976. This law introduced a series of general controls for medical devices including registration and listing, requirements for...

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  • Proteomics Standards Initiative: Fifteen Years of Progress and Future Work.

    abstract::The Proteomics Standards Initiative (PSI) of the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) has now been developing and promoting open community standards and software tools in the field of proteomics for 15 years. Under the guidance of the chair, cochairs, and other leadership positions, the PSI working groups are tasked wit...

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  • Identification of novel protein biomarkers of preterm birth in human cervical-vaginal fluid.

    abstract::Spontaneous preterm birth (SPTB) is a major contributor to perinatal morbidity and mortality. However, the diagnosis of preterm labor (PTL) that leads to preterm birth is difficult, and there is a pressing need for improved diagnosis. We utilized multidimensional liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC/LC-M...

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  • Optimized fast and sensitive acquisition methods for shotgun proteomics on a quadrupole orbitrap mass spectrometer.

    abstract::Advances in proteomics are continually driven by the introduction of new mass spectrometric instrumentation with improved performances. The recently introduced quadrupole Orbitrap (Q Exactive) tandem mass spectrometer allows fast acquisition of high-resolution higher-energy collisional dissociation (HCD) tandem mass s...

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  • Snake venomics of the lancehead pitviper Bothrops asper: geographic, individual, and ontogenetic variations.

    abstract::We report the comparative proteomic characterization of the venoms of adult and newborn specimens of the lancehead pitviper Bothrops asper from two geographically isolated populations from the Caribbean and the Pacific versants of Costa Rica. The crude venoms were fractionated by reverse-phase HPLC, followed by analys...

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  • Expansion for the Brachylophosaurus canadensis Collagen I Sequence and Additional Evidence of the Preservation of Cretaceous Protein.

    abstract::Sequence data from biomolecules such as DNA and proteins, which provide critical information for evolutionary studies, have been assumed to be forever outside the reach of dinosaur paleontology. Proteins, which are predicted to have greater longevity than DNA, have been recovered from two nonavian dinosaurs, but these...

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  • Identification of Api88 Binding Partners in Escherichia coli Using a Photoaffinity-Cross-Link Strategy and Label-Free Quantification.

    abstract::Gene-encoded antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) kill bacteria very efficiently by either lytic mechanisms or inhibition of specific bacterial targets. Proline-rich AMPs (PrAMPs), for example, produced in insects and mammals rely on the second mechanism. They bind to the 70 kDa bacterial heat shock protein DnaK and the 60 k...

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  • Quantitative Proteomics Reveals Potential Crosstalk between a Small RNA CoaR and a Two-Component Regulator Slr1037 in Synechocystis sp. PCC6803.

    abstract::Bacterial small RNAs (sRNAs) and two-component systems (TCSs) were two vital regulatory mechanisms employed by microorganisms to respond to environmental changes and stresses. As a promising "autotrophic cell factory", photosynthetic cyanobacteria have attracted a lot of attention these years. Although most studies fo...

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  • Qualitative and quantitative proteomic profiling of cripto(-/-) embryonic stem cells by means of accurate mass LC-MS analysis.

    abstract::Cripto is one of the key regulators of embryonic stem cells (ESCs) differentiation into cardiomyocites vs neuronal fate. Cripto(-/-) murine ESCs have been utilized to investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying early events of mammalian lineage differentiation. 2D/LC-MS/MS and a label-free LC-MS approaches were us...

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  • LC-MS/MS characterization of O-glycosylation sites and glycan structures of human cerebrospinal fluid glycoproteins.

    abstract::The GalNAc O-glycosylation on Ser/Thr residues of extracellular proteins has not been well characterized from a proteomics perspective. We previously reported a sialic acid capture-and-release protocol to enrich tryptic N- and O-glycopeptides from human cerebrospinal fluid glycoproteins using nano-LC-ESI-MS/MS with co...

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