The archaeal XPB protein is a ssDNA-dependent ATPase with a novel partner.


:XPB is a superfamily 2 helicase with a 3'-5' polarity. In eukaryotes, XPB is an integral subunit of the transcription factor TFIIH, which plays a dual role in DNA opening at RNA polymerase II promoters and in establishing the repair bubble around a DNA lesion in nucleotide excision repair. Eukaryotic XPB has only very limited helicase activity in vitro and may function as a DNA-dependent molecular switch to catalyse local distortion of DNA in transcription and repair. Most archaea have one or two homologues of the XPB protein with a presumed role in DNA repair, but only one other subunit of the TFIIH complex, the 5'-3' helicase XPD, has been identified in archaea. Here we report the biochemical characterisation of the two homologous XPB proteins from the crenarchaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus. Although both proteins are single-stranded-DNA-stimulated ATPases, neither displays any helicase activity in vitro, consistent with recent studies of eukaryotic XPB. In almost all archaeal genomes, the xpb gene lies adjacent to a conserved partner gene, and we demonstrate that these two gene products form a physical interaction in vitro. We propose the name Bax1 (Binds archaeal XPB) for this protein, which has a predicted endonuclease domain. XPB and Bax1 may collaborate in processing nucleic acid in an archaeal-specific DNA repair pathway.


J Mol Biol


Richards JD,Cubeddu L,Roberts J,Liu H,White MF




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2008-02-22 00:00:00














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