Tritium dynamics in mice exposed to tritiated water and diet.


:The contributions of tritiated water (3HHO) and dietary tritiated amino acids to the steady-state specific activities of tissue water tritium and organically bound tritium in mice were essentially independent and additive. Following exposure (56 d), organically bound tritium clearance was resolved into two distinct compartments. The first, with a half-life of 1-2 d, likely represented exchangeable organically bound tritium, and the second, with a half-life of 20-30 d, likely represented nonexchangeable organically bound tritium. Since organically bound tritium was cleared much more slowly than tissue water tritium, organically bound tritium was the principal determinant in estimated radiation doses to mice following exposure.


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  • Comparison of the needs for biodosimetry for large-scale radiation events for military versus civilian populations.

    abstract::The aim of this paper is to compare and contrast the needs for biodosimetry for initial triage for military forces and civilian populations when there are radiation exposures that involve potentially a large number of persons. Several differences in the likely scenarios for exposure of military forces include a greate...

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  • Trends and Distribution Analysis of Occupational Exposure From Medical Practices in China (2010-2016).

    abstract::Occupational exposure to ionizing radiation from medical practices in China has been collected for a 7 y period between 2010 and 2016 from roughly 220 individual monitoring service providers through the Chinese Registry of Radiation Workers. Statistical dose distributions and characteristic tendencies are presented ba...

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  • Chernobyl and Goiânia lessons for responding to radiological terrorism.

    abstract::The deployment of a radiological dispersal device (RDD) is likely to result in relatively low radiation exposure of the targeted population, insufficient to cause a severe radiation detriment. Nevertheless, due to atmospheric dispersion of the radioactive material, an urban area equaling several city blocks could be a...

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  • Navajo birth outcomes in the Shiprock uranium mining area.

    abstract::The role of environmental radiation in the etiology of birth defects, stillbirths, and other adverse outcomes of pregnancy was evaluated for 13,329 Navajos born at the Public Health Service/Indian Health Service Hospital in the Shiprock, NM, uranium mining area (1964-1981). More than 320 kinds of defective congenital ...

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  • Operational radiation safety for PET-CT, SPECT-CT, and cyclotron facilities.

    abstract::Positron emission tomography (PET) and single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) are well- established and indispensable imaging modalities in modern medicine. State-of-the-art computed tomography (CT) scanners have now been integrated into multi-modality PET-CT and SPECT-CT devices, and these devices, partic...

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  • The feasibility of using 129I to reconstruct 131I deposition from the Chernobyl reactor accident.

    abstract::Radioiodine released to the atmosphere from the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station in the spring of 1986 resulted in large-scale thyroid-gland exposure of populations in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. Because of the short half life of 131I (8.04 d), adequate data on the intensities and patterns of iodine d...

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    authors: Straume T,Marchetti AA,Anspaugh LR,Khrouch VT,Gavrilin YuI,Shinkarev SM,Drozdovitch VV,Ulanovsky AV,Korneev SV,Brekeshev MK,Leonov ES,Voigt G,Panchenko SV,Minenko VF

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  • Sensitivity of effective radiating area measurement for therapeutic ultrasound transducers to variations in hydrophone scanning technique.

    abstract::Clinical efficacy and safety may be compromised if output from ultrasonic therapy transducers differs significantly from the indicated value. Space-averaged effective intensities selected for treatment are a ratio of the emitted ultrasonic power to the effective radiating area (ERA). In this study, ERA measurements fo...

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  • Use of alpha spectroscopy for conducting rapid surveys of transuranic activity on air sample filters and smears.

    abstract::This paper demonstrates the utility of a portable alpha Continuous Air Monitor (CAM) as a bench top scalar counter for multiple sample types. These include using the CAM to count fixed air sample filters and radiological smears. In counting radiological smears, the CAM is used very much like a gas flow proportional co...

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    authors: Hayes RB,Peña AM,Goff TE

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  • One-dimensional Spatial Distributions of Gamma-ray Emitting Contaminants in Field Lysimeters Using a Collimated Gamma-ray Spectroscopy System.

    abstract::One-dimensional scans of gamma-ray emitting contaminants were conducted on lysimeters from the RadFLEX facility at the Savannah River Nationals Laboratory (SRNL). The lysimeters each contained a contamination source that was buried in SRNL soil. A source consisted of Cs, Co, Ba, and Eu incorporated either into a solid...

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    authors: Erdmann BJ,Powell BA,Kaplan DI,DeVol TA

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  • The probability that a specific cancer and a specified radiation exposure are causally related.

    abstract::It is fundamental that a given cancer case cannot be attributed with absolute certainty to a prior ionizing radiation exposure, whatever the level of exposure. It is possible to estimate the probability of a causal relationship based on data and models that have been inferred from group statistics. Two types of inform...

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    authors: Breitenstein BD

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  • Radiation dose implications of airborne contaminant deposition to humans.

    abstract::In nuclear accident consequence assessment, dose contributions from radionuclide deposition on the human body have in the past generally been either ignored or estimated on the basis of rather simple models. Recent experimental work has improved the state of knowledge of relevant processes and parameter ranges. The re...

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    authors: Andersson KG,Fogh CL,Byrne MA,Roed J,Goddard AJ,Hotchkiss SA

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  • Effect of contrast material on radiation dose in an adult cardiac dual-energy CT using retrospective ECG-gating.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of contrast material and retrospective ECG-gating on radiation dose in an adult cardiac dual-energy computed tomography (DECT). Sixty-two patients underwent CT cardiac examination with a Somatom Definition Flash DECT using tube voltages of 100 kV without filter and...

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  • Past and future work on radiobiology mega-studies: a case study at Argonne National Laboratory.

    abstract::Between 1952 and 1992, more than 200 large radiobiology studies were conducted in research institutes throughout Europe, North America, and Japan to determine the effects of external irradiation and internal emitters on the lifespan and tissue toxicity development in animals. At Argonne National Laboratory, 22 externa...

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    authors: Haley B,Wang Q,Wanzer B,Vogt S,Finney L,Yang PL,Paunesku T,Woloschak G

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  • Indoor 222Rn concentrations in Central Asturias.

    abstract::A survey of the 222Rn concentrations in 106 homes in the four main towns of the Central Asturias region was carried out over three years. A total of 1,014 measurements was obtained using passive radon charcoal canisters. The 222Rn concentrations fit a log-normal distribution law, with a geometric mean of 23 Bq m(-3). ...

    journal_title:Health physics

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    authors: Pérez Iglesias JM,Alvarez Alvarez MC,Dopico Vivero MT,Garzón Ruipérez L

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  • Inhalation and intravenous studies of UF6/UO2F2 in dogs.

    abstract::Nineteen UF6/UO2F2 inhalation studies were undertaken in purebred, female beagle dogs (N = 16) to examine inter alia, (a) the possible relations of exposure, whole body, lung and renal uranium levels to excretion rates; (b) the threshold U6+ dose and renal concentration for renal injury; (c) the distribution and reten...

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    authors: Morrow P,Gelein R,Beiter H,Scott J,Picano J,Yuile C

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  • Delayed Effects of Acute Radiation Exposure in a Murine Model of the H-ARS: Multiple-Organ Injury Consequent to

    abstract::The threat of radiation exposure from warfare or radiation accidents raises the need for appropriate animal models to study the acute and chronic effects of high dose rate radiation exposure. The goal of this study was to assess the late development of fibrosis in multiple organs (kidney, heart, and lung) in survivors...

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    authors: Unthank JL,Miller SJ,Quickery AK,Ferguson EL,Wang M,Sampson CH,Chua HL,DiStasi MR,Feng H,Fisher A,Katz BP,Plett PA,Sandusky GE,Sellamuthu R,Vemula S,Cohen EP,MacVittie TJ,Orschell CM

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  • PRex: An Experiment to Investigate Detection of Near-field Particulate Deposition from a Simulated Underground Nuclear Weapons Test Vent.

    abstract::A radioactive particulate release experiment to produce a near-field ground deposition representative of small-scale venting from an underground nuclear test was conducted to gather data in support of treaty capability development activities. For this experiment, a CO2-driven "air cannon" was used to inject (140)La, a...

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    authors: Keillor ME,Arrigo LM,Baciak JE,Chipman V,Detwiler RS,Emer DF,Kernan WJ,Kirkham RR,MacDougall MR,Milbrath BD,Rishel JP,Seifert A,Seifert CE,Smart JE

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  • Radiological effluents released by U.S. commercial nuclear power plants from 1995-2005.

    abstract::Commercial nuclear power plants release gaseous and liquid radiological effluents into the environment as by-products of electrical generation. In the U.S. these releases are monitored by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (U.S. NRC) and Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA). Traditionally these releases have alwa...

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    authors: Harris JT,Miller DW

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  • Effectiveness of continuously infused DTPA therapy in reducing the radiation dose from inhaled 244Cm2O3 aerosols.

    abstract::Radionuclide decorporation is the only effective method of reducing radiation dose for persons contaminated accidentally. In this study, dogs that had inhaled a moderately soluble aerosol of 244Cm2O3 were treated with either discrete intravenous injections of the chelating agent diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (Zn-...

    journal_title:Health physics

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    authors: Guilmette RA,Muggenburg BA

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  • Determination of natural radionuclides content in some building materials in Nigeria by gamma-ray spectrometry.

    abstract::This paper presents the findings of a study undertaken to determine the natural radioactivity present in some building materials in Nigeria using a gamma-ray spectrometer with a hyper pure germanium detector. A total of 118 samples of commonly used building materials were collected from manufacturers and suppliers of ...

    journal_title:Health physics

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    authors: Ademola JA

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  • An investigation of voxel geometries for MCNP-based radiation dose calculations.

    abstract::Voxelized geometry such as those obtained from medical images is increasingly used in Monte Carlo calculations of absorbed doses. One useful application of calculated absorbed dose is the determination of fluence-to-dose conversion factors for different organs. However, confusion still exists about how such a geometry...

    journal_title:Health physics

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    authors: Zhang J,Bednarz B,Xu XG

    更新日期:2006-11-01 00:00:00

  • Reevaluation of (241)Am content in the USTUR case 0102 leg phantom.

    abstract::The (241)Am contents in the United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries' (USTUR) case 0102 leg phantom were previously estimated to be 1,243 ± 11 Bq. Recent analysis of the computed tomography images of the phantom revealed multiple bone structures missing from various regions of the phantom skeleton including: ...

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    authors: Tabatadze G,Brey RR,Kramer GH,Capello K,Meldrum DJ

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  • Volume traps--a new retrospective radon monitor.

    abstract::A new method to trace back average radon concentrations in dwellings over several decades in time has been developed. This retrospective radon monitor is based on the measurement of the alpha activity of 210Po deposited in volume traps, e.g., spongy materials used for mattresses and cushions. Polyester samples with di...

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    authors: Oberstedt S,Vanmarcke H

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  • A multidetector alpha spectroscopy analysis system.

    abstract::This document describes the attributes of an alpha spectroscopy counting and analysis system called Low Level Pulse Height Analysis (LLPHA). It was developed for multi-sample alpha spectroscopy analysis. The LLPHA system is controlled by a MIK-11/2 microcomputer with 28K of memory and uses a double-density, dual flopp...

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    authors: Guilmette RA,Archibeque FA

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  • Estimating past exposure to indoor radon from household glass.

    abstract::CR-39 plastic was attached to household glass objects to learn whether residual radioactivity from radon decay products could be measured and correlated with cumulative radon exposures over defined time periods. Such an approach could be used to increase the completeness of exposure data collected in epidemiologic stu...

    journal_title:Health physics

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    authors: Mahaffey JA,Parkhurst MA,James AC,Cross FT,Alavanja MC,Boice JD,Ezrine S,Henderson P,Brownson RC

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  • Internal dose following a major nuclear war.

    abstract::The PATHWAY model results were used, in conjunction with a hypothetical major nuclear attack on the U.S., to arrive at the ratio of internal to external dose for humans from early (48 h) fallout. Considered were the four nuclides (137Cs, 89Sr, 90Sr, 131I) that account for most of the reconstructed whole-body committed...

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    authors: Peterson KR,Shapiro CS

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  • The 15th Annual Warren K. Sinclair Keynote Address-Jus•ti•fied and Com•men•su•rate.

    abstract::When patients are exposed to ionizing radiation for medical diagnosis or treatment, the procedure being performed should be justified, and the amount of ionizing radiation used should be commensurate with the medical purpose. A legal limit on the amount of ionizing radiation used for medical exposure of a patient does...

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    authors: Rosenstein M

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  • Estimating thyroid masses for children, infants, and fetuses in Ukraine exposed to (131)I from the Chernobyl accident.

    abstract::For the purpose of improving retrospective internal thyroid dose estimations for children and adolescents following the Chernobyl accident, age- and gender-dependent thyroid masses have been estimated for the children of Kiev and Zhytomyr oblasts, which are two of the most contaminated regions of Northern Ukraine. For...

    journal_title:Health physics

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    authors: Likhtarov I,Kovgan L,Masiuk S,Chepurny M,Ivanova O,Gerasymenko V,Boyko Z,Voillequé P,Antipkin Y,Lutsenko S,Oleynik V,Kravchenko V,Tronko M

    更新日期:2013-01-01 00:00:00

  • Principles of gross alpha and beta radioactivity detection in water.

    abstract::A simultaneous detection of gross alpha and beta radioactivity was studied using gas proportional counting. This measurement is a part of a method mandated by US Environmental Protection Agency to screen for alpha and beta radioactivity in drinking water. Responses of a gas proportional detector to alpha and beta part...

    journal_title:Health physics

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    authors: Semkow TM,Parekh PP

    更新日期:2001-11-01 00:00:00

  • Radon calibration chamber assembly, detector accuracy, and pertinent operational findings.

    abstract::Reliable radon laboratory operations motivated the construction of three radon gas calibration chambers. One chamber is used for background calibrations while the other two cover a radon gas concentration range of 110 to >5,550 Bq m(-3) (3-150 pCi L(-1)). The chambers entered commercial service, for tertiary radon cal...

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    authors: Distenfeld CH

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