Metabolic remodeling in the aging heart.


:The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of aging on the profile of myocardial substrate utilization and cardiac function using a physiological profile of substrates. Hearts from 6-, 15- and 24-month male Wistar rats were perfused in the isovolumic Langendorff mode, with physiological concentrations of 13C labeled palmitate, and either 13C labeled lactate or 13C glucose. 13C-NMR glutamate isotopomer analysis was performed to determine the contribution of the different substrates to oxidative metabolism. Palmitate oxidation was significantly increased and lactate oxidation depressed in the 24-month old, senescent hearts compared to the mature 6-month hearts. This metabolic remodeling was paralleled with a marked decline in cardiac function and efficiency. These results highlight that adaptations in substrate utilization occur during senescence and may contribute to the age-related increase in the incidence of heart failure.


J Mol Cell Cardiol


Sample J,Cleland JG,Seymour AM





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  • Cardioprotection by orotic acid: metabolism and mechanism of action.

    abstract::The pyrimidine base, orotic acid (OA), improves the function of recently infarcted hearts subjected to global ischemia but its mechanism of action is unclear. Our aims were to examine (i) in normal rats, the effect of OA on pyrimidine levels in plasma, liver and heart; (ii) in rats with normal or infarcted hearts, the...

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  • Cardiac inflammation contributes to right ventricular dysfunction following experimental pulmonary embolism in rats.

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  • Glibenclamide does not prevent action potential shortening induced by ischemia in anesthetized rabbits but reduces ischemia-induced arrhythmias.

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