Mechanisms of metabolic coronary flow regulation.


:Coronary blood flow is tightly adjusted to the oxygen requirements of the myocardium. The underlying control mechanisms keep coronary venous pO(2) at a rather constant level around 20mm Hg under a variety of physiological conditions. Because coronary flow may increase more than 5-fold during exercise without any signs of under- or overperfusion, coronary flow must be controlled, at least in part, in a feed forward manner. Likely metabolic factors contributing to feed forward control are carbon dioxide and reactive oxygen species. Adaptation of coronary flow to exercise under physiological conditions involves in addition to metabolic control feed forward neuronal and endothelium-dependent control. Under pathological conditions, e.g. vessel stenosis or anemia, or specific environmental conditions, e.g. high altitude exposure, cardiac oxygenation may become critical, especially if oxygen demand is increased during physical exercise. Under such conditions the fall of coronary pO(2) may directly result in opening of oxygen sensitive potassium or closure of calcium channels. Furthermore the fall of pO(2) results in the production of vasoactive metabolites, e.g. adenosine, nitric oxide or prostaglandins, and in proton accumulation. All of these adaptations support a reduction of coronary vessel resistance. This article is part of a Special Issue entitled "Coronoray Blood Flow".


J Mol Cell Cardiol


Deussen A,Ohanyan V,Jannasch A,Yin L,Chilian W




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  • PICOT is a critical regulator of cardiac hypertrophy and cardiomyocyte contractility.

    abstract::PICOT (PKC-interacting cousin of thioredoxin) was previously shown to inhibit the development of cardiac hypertrophy, concomitant with an increase in cardiomyocyte contractility. To explore the physiological function of PICOT in the hearts, we generated a PICOT-deficient mouse line by using a gene trap approach. PICOT...

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  • Longitudinal correlation of biomarkers of cardiac injury, inflammation, and coagulation to outcome in hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Cardiac injury, as measured by troponin elevation, has been reported among hospitalized coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients and portends a poor prognosis. However, how the dynamics of troponin elevation interplay with inflammation and coagulation biomarkers over time is unknown. We assessed longitud...

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