Quantifying Glioblastoma Drug Response Dynamics Incorporating Treatment Sensitivity and Blood Brain Barrier Penetrance From Experimental Data.


:Many drugs investigated for the treatment of glioblastoma (GBM) have had disappointing clinical trial results. Efficacy of these agents is dependent on adequate delivery to sensitive tumor cell populations, which is limited by the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Additionally, tumor heterogeneity can lead to subpopulations of cells with different sensitivities to anti-cancer drugs, further impacting therapeutic efficacy. Thus, it may be important to evaluate the extent to which BBB limitations and heterogeneous sensitivity each contribute to a drug's failure. To address this challenge, we developed a minimal mathematical model to characterize these elements of overall drug response, informed by time-series bioluminescence imaging data from a treated patient-derived xenograft (PDX) experimental model. By fitting this mathematical model to a preliminary dataset in a series of nonlinear regression steps, we estimated parameter values for individual PDX subjects that correspond to the dynamics seen in experimental data. Using these estimates as a guide for parameter ranges, we ran model simulations and performed a parameter sensitivity analysis using Latin hypercube sampling and partial rank correlation coefficients. Results from this analysis combined with simulations suggest that BBB permeability may play a slightly greater role in therapeutic efficacy than relative drug sensitivity. Additionally, we discuss recommendations for future experiments based on insights gained from this model. Further research in this area will be vital for improving the development of effective new therapies for glioblastoma patients.


Front Physiol


Frontiers in physiology


Massey SC,Urcuyo JC,Marin BM,Sarkaria JN,Swanson KR




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2020-08-21 00:00:00








  • Integrated Analysis of Long Non-coding RNAs (LncRNAs) and mRNA Expression Profiles Reveals the Potential Role of LncRNAs in Skeletal Muscle Development of the Chicken.

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  • Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Suffer from Worse Periodontal Health-Evidence from a Meta-Analysis.

    abstract::Background and Objective: It is widely accepted that there is an association between chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and periodontitis. However, whether the periodontal status of the COPD patients is worse than that of the non-COPD subjects is seldom assessed. The findings currently available are inconsis...

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    abstract::Yellow genes are thought to be involved in the melanin biosynthetic pathway and play a crucial role in pigmentation reactions in insects. However, little research has been done on yellow genes in lepidopteran pests. To clarify the function of one of the yellow genes (yellow-y) in Spodoptera litura, we cloned the full-...

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  • Mapping the Neural Substrates of Recent and Remote Visual Imprinting Memory in the Chick Brain.

    abstract::Social attachment formed by filial imprinting in newborn chicks undergoes a process of memory consolidation that involves rearrangement of its neural storage substrates. In the first 3 h after imprinting it depends on the integrity of the intermediate medial mesopallium (IMM) and beyond that time on unidentified memor...

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  • Reduced Membrane Insertion of CLC-K by V33L Barttin Results in Loss of Hearing, but Leaves Kidney Function Intact.

    abstract::In the mammalian ear, transduction of sound stimuli is initiated by K+ entry through mechano-sensitive channels into inner hair cells. K+ entry is driven by a positive endocochlear potential that is maintained by the marginal cell layer of the stria vascularis. This process requires basolateral K+ import by NKCC1 Na+-...

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  • Coronary Smooth Muscle Cell Calcium Dynamics: Effects of Bifurcation Angle on Atheroprone Conditions.

    abstract::This work investigates the effect of arterial bifurcation angulation on atherosclerosis development through in-silico simulations of coupled cell dynamics. The computational model presented here combines cellular pathways, fluid dynamics, and physiologically-realistic vessel geometries as observed in the human vascula...

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  • Resting state MEG oscillations show long-range temporal correlations of phase synchrony that break down during finger movement.

    abstract::The capacity of the human brain to interpret and respond to multiple temporal scales in its surroundings suggests that its internal interactions must also be able to operate over a broad temporal range. In this paper, we utilize a recently introduced method for characterizing the rate of change of the phase difference...

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