Cationic amino acid based lipids as effective nonviral gene delivery vectors for primary cultured neurons.


:The delivery of specific genes into neurons offers a potent approach for treatment of diseases as well as for the study of neuronal cell biology. Here we investigated the capabilities of cationic amino acid based lipid assemblies to act as nonviral gene delivery vectors in primary cultured neurons. An arginine-based lipid, Arg-C3-Glu2C14, and a lysine-based lipid, Lys-C3-Glu2C14, with two different types of counterion, chloride ion (Cl-) and trifluoroacetic acid (TFA-), were shown to successfully mediate transfection of primary cultured neurons with plasmid DNA encoding green fluorescent protein. Among four types of lipids, we optimized their conditions such as the lipid-to-DNA ratio and the amount of pDNA and conducted a cytotoxicity assay at the same time. Overall, Arg-C3-Glu2C14 with TFA- induced a rate of transfection in primary cultured neurons higher than that of Lys-C3-Glu2C14 using an optimal weight ratio of lipid-to-plasmid DNA of 1. Moreover, it was suggested that Arg-C3-Glu2C14 with TFA- showed the optimized value higher than that of Lipofectamine2000 in experimental conditions. Thus, Arg-C3-Glu2C14 with TFA- is a promising candidate as a reliable transfection reagent for primary cultured neurons with a relatively low cytotoxicity.


ACS Chem Neurosci


Aoshima Y,Hokama R,Sou K,Sarker SR,Iida K,Nakamura H,Inoue T,Takeoka S




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  • Olive Oil Lignan (+)-Acetoxypinoresinol Peripheral Motor and Neuronal Protection against the Tremorgenic Mycotoxin Penitrem A Toxicity via STAT1 Pathway.

    abstract::Penitrem A, PA, is an indole diterpene alkaloid produced by several fungal species. PA acts as a selective Ca2+-dependent K-channels (Maxi-K, BK) antagonist in brain, causing motor system dysfunctions including tremors and seizures. However, its molecular mechanism at the peripheral nervous system (PNS) is still ambig...

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    abstract::Natural environments contain numerous volatile compounds emanating from a large number of sources, and the survival of many animals depends on their ability to segregate odors of interest within complex odorous scenes. In a recent paper, we described how the ability of mice to detect odors within mixtures depends on t...

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  • Behavioral and Biochemical Implications of Dendrimeric Rivastigmine in Memory-Deficit and Alzheimer's Induced Rodents.

    abstract::Exploration of dendrimers for effective drug delivery is giving promising results. The present study was designed and performed to explore the dendrimeric (polyamidoamine-lactoferrin; PAMAM-Lf) formulations for the effective rivastigmine (RIV) delivery against the Alzheimer's induced animal model using lactoferrin as ...

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  • Newly Identified Aplysia SPTR-Gene Family-Derived Peptides: Localization and Function.

    abstract::When individual neurons in a circuit contain multiple neuropeptides, these peptides can target different sets of follower neurons. This endows the circuit with a certain degree of flexibility. Here we identified a novel family of peptides, the Aplysia SPTR-Gene Family-Derived peptides (apSPTR-GF-DPs). We demonstrated ...

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