[Negative and positive eugenics: meanings and contradictions].


:Eugenics constitutes an important subject of debate, associated with current biogenetics improvements. Considering that the central point in eugenics has always been the preoccupation with future generations' health and constitution, and that the use of scientific means and knowledge for the birth of a physically and mentally healthy child can be considered a eugenic action, this paper tries to analyze the meanings and contradictions of negative and positive eugenics actions, constructed concomitantly with 20th-century technical-scientific improvements. The meanings range, respectively, between limiting or stimulating human reproduction, at the beginning of this century, and preventing diseases or improving physical and mental characteristics, nowadays. In the implantation of actions, contradictions were produced, such as the discrimination and elimination of many people in view of one ideal man, the biologization of eminently social factors, the defense of a supposed scientific neutrality and the indiscriminate use of the reproductive choice right.


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  • [Nursing care at the intensive care unit (ICU): going beyond objectivity].

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  • Family health team knowledge concerning the health needs of people with tuberculosis.

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  • Interdisciplinary simulation scenario in nursing education: Humanized childbirth and birth.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to develop and validate with a panel of experts a scenario of maternal-child clinical simulation, related to humanized childbirth and birth. METHOD:methodological study based on the Jeffries framework and standardized guides of the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation in Learning, which ...

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  • [Critical perspective of the family and acquaintances on family and community risk factors in illicit drug use in São Jose, Costa Rica].

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  • [Adoption of standard precautions: a report].

    abstract::During 1993 and 1994, a recycling program on Standard Precautions was conducted for the nursing personnel at the Women's Health Centre (CAISM). In 1995, an evaluation was obtained through direct observation of these sectors regarding the adoption of these measures, the adequate use, access and availability of gloves a...

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  • [Elderly persons with chronic kidney failure: health status alterations].

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    abstract::This article describes the tool used to collect data for nursing evaluation of patients with chronic pain patient in the League Against Pain of the University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto Faculty of Medicine, Brazil. The aim is to identify the patients' nursing care needs. The nursing diagnoses proposed by the North...

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  • [Perception of children by undergraduate nursing students].

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  • Nursing care systematization as a multidimensional and interactive phenomenon.

    abstract::This study aimed to understand the meaning of Nursing Care Systematization (NCS) for multiprofessional health team professionals based on the relationships, interactions and associations of Complex thought. This qualitative study uses Grounded Theory as a methodological reference framework. Data were obtained through ...

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  • [Revisiting early weaning through history].

    abstract::The basic action of health requests addressed strategy as taking consciousness to the importance of the breastfeeding. The breastfeeding history shows a hiatus as the people worked with precocious wean. The aim of this study was revisit precocious wean through historical breastfeeding clipping. Bibliographical revisio...

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  • Learning musculoskeletal anatomy through new technologies: a randomized clinical trial.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to investigate the influence of the application of new methodologies on learning and the motivation of students of the Anatomy discipline. METHOD:randomized, longitudinal, prospective, intervention study. Sixty-two students were recruited to assess the impact of different methodologies. The sample was random...

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  • Humanizing care through the valuation of the human being: resignification of values and principles by health professionals.

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  • Translation and validation of the parent-adolescent communication scale: technology for DST/HIV prevention.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:accomplishment of the transcultural adaptation of the Parent-adolescent Communication Scale, which evaluates the frequency of communication between parents and children concerning the subjects related to sex, condom, DST, HIV and pregnancy. METHOD:Methodological research of quantitative approach, accomplish...

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  • Drug use, mental health and problems related to crime and violence: cross-sectional study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To investigate the correlation between disorders related to the use of alcohol and other drugs and symptoms of mental disorders, problems related to crime and violence and to age and gender. METHODS:Cross-sectional descriptive study carried out with 128 users of a Psychosocial Care Center for Alcohol and oth...

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  • Primary health care in municipalities at high risk for malaria.

    abstract::This study aims to characterize aspects of Primary Health Care in the Amazon Region of Brazil, considered as the main endemic area for malaria in the country. The Ministry of Health recommends the expansion of Primary Health Care in endemic areas for malaria. A survey focusing on patients infected with malaria was con...

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  • The dialogic life-death in care delivery to adolescents with cancer.

    abstract::This study aims to understand the experience of adolescents with cancer, family and the health team regarding death in the healthcare context, in the light of Edgar Morin's proposed theoretical framework of complexity. Participants were 12 adolescents, 14 relatives and 25 health professionals. The interview was used f...

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