The Associations Among Individual Factors, Media Literacy, and Dietary Supplement Use Among College Students: Cross-Sectional Study.


BACKGROUND:The mass media have been condemned for encouraging young people to take dietary supplements (DS). Media literacy, which includes authors and audiences (AA), messages and meanings (MM), and representation and reality (RR) domains, is a new approach to teaching young adults to make better informed health decisions. However, it is not clear which domains are the most important for media literacy education. OBJECTIVE:The purpose of this study is to investigate the associations among individual factors, media literacy, and DS use. METHODS:The survey instrument included demographic items, the DS Media Literacy Scale (DSMLS), and DS use items (users or nonusers, types of DS, current use of DS, and intention to use DS in the future). The DSMLS is an 11-item instrument designed to assess college students' AA, MM, and RR media literacy in relation to DS. A total of 467 Taiwanese college students participated in the study. Descriptive statistical analysis, logistic regression analysis, and multiple regression analysis were conducted. RESULTS:A total of 338/467 (72.4%) participants reported using DS, and 176/467 (37.7%) consumed 3 or more supplements. Moreover, the MM media literacy domain was associated with having been a DS user (odds ratio 0.63, P=.002), current DS use (β=-.10, P=.02), and intention to use DS in the future (β=-.12, P=.011). Finally, perceived importance of health was positively related to current DS use (β=.18, P=.001) and intention to use DS in the future (β=.18, P=.001). CONCLUSIONS:This study showed that the majority of Taiwanese college students were DS users and used multiple types of supplements. Moreover, students with lower MM media literacy were more likely to be DS users, to take DS more frequently, and to have higher intentions for future frequent DS use. Finally, those who placed extreme importance on health were more likely to take DS frequently and have higher intentions for future frequent DS use.


J Med Internet Res


Yang SC,Hsu WC,Chiang CH




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2020-08-31 00:00:00














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