Transient puffs of trace organic emissions from a batch-fed waste propellant incinerator.


:Emissions data have been obtained from a waste propellant incinerator. The incinerator is a dual fixed hearth, controlled air incinerator equipped with acid gas and particulate scrubbing. "Puffing" has been evident in this waste propellant incinerator by spikes in the CO concentration. Transient puffs of organics may travel down the combustion chambers and lead to stack emissions. The major conclusions from this study are that (1) transient puffs are formed due to the semi-batch feed nature of the combustion process (causing a local oxygen deficiency) and high water content of the desensitized propellant; (2) in batch-fed combustors, puffs can contribute to most of the organic emissions (which are relatively low) measured with US EPA sampling and analytical methods; (3) it is estimated that batch-fed combustion contributes up to 7-18 times more emissions than steady-state combustion will generate; (4) by applying dispersion analyses to determine the amount of oxygen deficiency in the flame zone, the combustion zone concentration of CO during batch-fed operation could be as high as 160,000 ppm, compared to a measured peak stack concentration of 1200 ppm CO; and (5) an organic sample is collected and averaged over at least a 2-h period that smooths out the transient peaks of organics emissions during batch-fed operation. For emissions that are associated with long-term potential health impacts, this is an appropriate sampling method. However, if a compound has a short-term potential health impact, it may be important to measure the time-resolved emissions of the compound.






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    abstract::Intensive development of nanotechnology will result in releasing nanoparticles (NPs) to the environment including soil. The objective of the study was the evaluation of phytotoxicity of inorganic nanoparticles and their bulk counterparts (ZnO, TiO(2) and Ni) in various soils using Phytotoxkit F™ method. The estimation...


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  • Heavy metals in atmospheric surrogate dry deposition

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  • Thermal formation of PBDD/F from tetrabromobisphenol A--a comparison of polymer linked TBBP A with its additive incorporation in thermoplastics.

    abstract::For a long period, polybrominated flame retardants are under discussion because of the formation of polybrominated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PBDD)/dibenzofurans (PBDF) (PBDD/F) in case of thermal stress. Concerning polymer linked tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBP A), formation of PBDD/F was commonly presumed to be sterically hinde...


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  • Effect of fomesafen on the embryonic development of zebrafish.

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  • How physical alteration of technic materials affects mobility and phytoavailabilty of metals in urban soils?

    abstract::One fundamental characteristic distinguishing urban soils from natural soils is the presence of technic materials or artefacts underlining the influence of human activity. These technic materials have different nature (organic or inorganic) and origins. They contribute to the enrichment of the soil solution by metalli...


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