Application of neural networks to automated assignment of NMR spectra of proteins.


:Simulated neural networks are described which aid the assignment of protein NMR spectra. A network trained to recognize amino acid type from TOCSY data was trained on 148 assigned spin systems from E. coli acyl carrier proteins (ACPs) and tested on spin systems from spinach ACP, which has a 37% sequence homology with E. coli ACP and a similar secondary structure. The output unit corresponding to the correct amino acid is one of the four most activated units in 83% of the spin systems tested. The utility of this information is illustrated by a second network which uses a constraint satisfaction algorithm to find the best fit of the spin systems to the amino acid sequence. Application to a stretch of 20 amino acids in spinach ACP results in 75% correct sequential assignment. Since the output of the amino acid type identification network can be coupled with a variety of sequential assignment strategies, the approach offers substantial potential for expediting assignment of protein NMR spectra.


J Biomol NMR


Hare BJ,Prestegard JH




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1994-01-01 00:00:00












  • Determination of protein global folds using backbone residual dipolar coupling and long-range NOE restraints.

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  • NMR-based metabolomics of mammalian cell and tissue cultures.

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  • Optimisation of NMR dynamic models I. Minimisation algorithms and their performance within the model-free and Brownian rotational diffusion spaces.

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    abstract::We present heteronuclear three-dimensional gradient-NMR techniques for the resonanceassignment of exchangeable (-OH and -NH) protons in uniformly 13C isotopically enrichedoligosaccharides and for the measurement of 1H-1H nuclear Overhauser enhancementsinvolving these protons. These techniques are derived from conventi...

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  • Backbone assignments and conformational dynamics in the S. typhimurium tryptophan synthase α-subunit from solution-state NMR.

    abstract::Backbone assignments for the isolated α-subunit of Salmonella typhimurium tryptophan synthase (TS) are reported based on triple resonance solution-state NMR experiments on a uniformly 2H,13C,15N-labeled sample. From the backbone chemical shifts, secondary structure and random coil index order parameters (RCI-S2) are p...

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  • Measurement of the signs of methyl 13C chemical shift differences between interconverting ground and excited protein states by R(1ρ): an application to αB-crystallin.

    abstract::Carr-Purcell-Meiboom-Gill relaxation dispersion (CPMG RD) NMR spectroscopy has emerged as a powerful tool for quantifying the kinetics and thermodynamics of millisecond time-scale exchange processes involving the interconversion between a visible ground state and one or more minor, sparsely populated invisible 'excite...

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    abstract::HET(ex)-SOFAST NMR (Schanda et al. in J Biomol NMR 33:199-211, 2006) has been proposed some years ago as a fast and sensitive method for semi-quantitative measurement of site-specific amide-water hydrogen exchange effects along the backbone of proteins. Here we extend this concept to BEST readout sequences that provid...

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  • Comprehensive analysis of NMR data using advanced line shape fitting.

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  • Structural features of the metal binding site and dynamics of gallium putidaredoxin, a diamagnetic derivative of a Cys4Fe2S2 ferredoxin.

    abstract::The first reconstitution of an Fe2S2 ferredoxin with a diamagnetic prosthetic group was recently described [Kazanis et al. (1995) J. Am. Chem. Soc., 117, 6625-6626]. The replacement of the iron-sulfur cluster of the bacterial ferredoxin putidaredoxin (Pdx) by gallium (Ga3+) renders the protein diamagnetic and permits ...

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  • High resolution observed in 800 MHz DNP spectra of extremely rigid type III secretion needles.

    abstract::The cryogenic temperatures at which dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) solid-state NMR experiments need to be carried out cause line-broadening, an effect that is especially detrimental for crowded protein spectra. By increasing the magnetic field strength from 600 to 800 MHz, the resolution of DNP spectra of type III...

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  • Quantifying Lipari-Szabo modelfree parameters from 13CO NMR relaxation experiments.

    abstract::It is proposed to obtain effective Lipari-Szabo order parameters and local correlation times for relaxation vectors of protein (13)CO nuclei by carrying out a (13)CO-R(1) auto relaxation experiment, a transverse (13)CO CSA/13CO-13Calpha CSA/dipolar cross correlation and a transverse (13)CO CSA/(13)CO-(15)N CSA/dipolar...

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    authors: Wang T,Weaver DS,Cai S,Zuiderweg ER

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  • GFT projection NMR based resonance assignment of membrane proteins: application to subunit C of E. coli F(1)F (0) ATP synthase in LPPG micelles.

    abstract::G-matrix FT projection NMR spectroscopy was employed for resonance assignment of the 79-residue subunit c of the Escherichia coli F(1)F(0) ATP synthase embedded in micelles formed by lyso palmitoyl phosphatidyl glycerol (LPPG). Five GFT NMR experiments, that is, (3,2)D HNNCO, L-(4,3)D HNNC (alphabeta) C (alpha), L-(4,...

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