The nutritional intake of Bolivian boys. The relation between altitude and socioeconomic status.


:The nutrition of 57 native Bolivian boys living at high altitude (HA) in La Paz (+/- 4000 m) and of 63 boys living at low altitude (LA) in St. Cruz (+/- 400 m) is described. The dietary information was obtained with a 24-h recall method, by interviewing the child and mother. The food items are listed in household measures and weight if possible. All food items were converted into grams, and nutrients were calculated by using food composition tables of Latin America. The results show that the energy and nutrient intake of the HSES boys was significantly higher (p < 0.05) than the intake of the LSES boys, at both altitudes. At HA the mean energy intake of the HSES boys was about 9.8 MJ per day (+/- 0.7); for the LSES boys an intake was found of 8.4 MJ per day (+/- 0.4). At LA the HSES boys had an energy intake of 10.7 MJ per day (+/- 0.6) and the LSES boys 7.7 MJ per day (+/- 0.3). The daily protein intake was in HAHSES boys 85 g (+/- 8), LAHSES 100 g (+/- 8), HALSES 60 g (+/- 4), and LALSES 52 g (+/- 3). In comparison with the recommended daily requirements the dietary intakes of the HSES boys seem too "rich," and of the LSES boys to some extent too "poor." These results are reflected in smaller body height and body weight of LSES boys and a higher fat mass in HSES boys irrespective of altitude.


Int J Sports Med


Post GB,Lujan C,San Miquel JL,Kemper HC




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1994-04-01 00:00:00








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