Gastrointestinal intramural hematoma, a complication of endoscopic injection methods for bleeding peptic ulcers: a case series.


:In a prospective study, all patients with peptic ulcer bleeding were documented between February 1984 and April 1992. A total of 227 patients were treated by local injection of epinephrine followed by laser application and injection of polidocanol or fibrin tissue adhesive. In five of these patients, intramural hematomas developing at the former bleeding site one to three days after endoscopic treatment were observed. The presenting symptoms were abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. The diagnosis was established by endoscopy, abdominal ultrasound, computed tomography, or laparotomy. In four of our five patients, the bleeding site and hematoma were located in the duodenum. All patients suffered from severe underlying diseases, and showed a clear disturbance of coagulation parameters. In three patients, acute pancreatitis occurred concurrently with the hematoma, probably due to obstruction of the papilla of Vater or compression of the pancreas caused by the hematoma.






Rohrer B,Schreiner J,Lehnert P,Waldner H,Heldwein W




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    abstract::A 77-year-old patient with unresectable pancreatic adenocarcinoma sustained a life-threatening, upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage 1 month after placement of a biliary Wallstent. Radiographic and endoscopic studies revealed a choledocho-arterio-enteric fistula caused by erosion of the stent through the posterior duoden...


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  • Endoscopic sclerosis versus cyanoacrylate endoscopic injection for the first episode of variceal bleeding: a prospective, controlled, and randomized study in Child-Pugh class C patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS:Despite the recognized efficacy of sclerotherapy and elastic band ligation in controlling variceal hemorrhage, the results of endoscopic treatment in Child-Pugh class C patients remain poor. The aim of this prospective, controlled, and randomized study was to compare conventional sclerotherapy...


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  • Premedication for upper gastrointestinal endoscopy: a comparative study of flunitrazepam, diazepam and neuroleptanalgesia.

    abstract::Flunitrazepam or diazepam with atropine and a combination of phenoperidine, droperidol and cyclizine (neuroleptanalgesia) were compared as premedication in three groups of 25 patients undergoing routine upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. Drug doses were titrated carefully against response and all three regimes were fou...


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  • Small-bowel capsule endoscopy diagnoses early and advanced neoplasms in asymptomatic patients with Lynch syndrome.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS:Patients with Lynch syndrome are at increased risk of developing small-bowel adenocarcinoma, which usually has a bad prognosis and needs to be diagnosed early. Our aim was to evaluate the yield of capsule endoscopy and CT enteroclysis in this situation. PATIENTS AND METHODS:We performed a pro...


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    authors: Saurin JC,Pilleul F,Soussan EB,Manière T,D'Halluin PN,Gaudric M,Cellier C,Heresbach D,Gaudin JL,Capsule Commission of the French Society of Digestive Endoscopy (SFED).

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