High definition colonoscopy vs. standard video endoscopy for the detection of colonic polyps: a meta-analysis.


BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS:High definition colonoscopy may improve adenoma detection rates but studies report conflicting results. The aim of this meta-analysis was to compare the diagnostic yield of colonic polyps between high definition colonoscopy and standard video endoscopy (SVE). METHODS:Various electronic databases were searched for articles reporting on high definition colonoscopy. The pooled incremental yield and pooled weighted mean difference of high definition colonoscopy over SVE for polyp detection was determined. RESULTS:Five studies involving 4422 patients provided data on the total number of polyps detected. The incremental yield of high definition colonoscopy for the detection of any polyp was 3.8 % (95 % confidence interval [CI] 1 % - 6.7 %) with a number needed to treat (NNT) of 26. For the detection of adenomatous polyps the incremental yield was 3.5 % (95 %CI 0.9 % - 6.1 %) with an NNT of 28. There were no differences between high definition and SVE in the detection of high risk adenomas, with an incremental yield of -0.1 % (95 %CI -1.7 % to 1.6 %). When grouped according to the overall adenoma detection rate of the studies (> 50 % or < 50 %) the pooled weighted mean difference in small adenoma detection was better with high definition colonoscopy ( P = 0.035). CONCLUSIONS:There were marginal differences between high definition colonoscopy and SVE for the detection of colonic polyps/adenomas. High definition colonoscopy did not improve the detection of high risk adenomas. Due to differences in the adenoma detection rate between the studies and the nonrandomized study design of three of the five studies, these results need to be interpreted with caution. Prospective randomized trials looking at long term outcomes such as rates of interval or missed cancers are needed to clarify the clinical implications.






Subramanian V,Mannath J,Hawkey CJ,Ragunath K




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    abstract::An overview of the scientific literature on small-bowel enteroscopy demonstrates that sonde enteroscopy is becoming more and more limited in its indications. Push enteroscopy is now a well-accepted modality for evaluation of the patient with small-bowel disease, including those with undiagnosed causes for gastrointest...


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  • Impact of double-balloon endoscopy on the diagnosis of jejunoileal involvement in primary intestinal follicular lymphomas: a case series.

    abstract::In recent years, primary gastrointestinal follicular lymphoma has been increasingly detected in the duodenum on esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD). Primary gastrointestinal follicular lymphomas are frequently distributed to multiple sites in the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, investigation into the spread of follicu...


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  • Beyond white light: optical enhancement in conjunction with magnification colonoscopy for the assessment of mucosal healing in ulcerative colitis.

    abstract::Background and study aim The I-SCAN optical enhancement (OE) system with magnification is a recently introduced combination of optical and digital electronic virtual chromoendoscopy, which enhances mucosal and vascular details. The aim of this pilot study was to investigate the use of I-SCAN OE in the assessment of in...


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  • Endoscopic hemostasis in sphincterotomy-induced hemorrhage: its efficacy and safety.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS:Hemorrhage is induced in approximately 0.5-12% of endoscopic biliary sphincterotomy (ES) procedures. We prospectively investigated the risk factors for ES-induced hemorrhage and evaluated the safety as well as the effectiveness of endoscopic hemostasis. PATIENTS AND METHODS:The study included...


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