Monometal and competitive adsorption of heavy metals by sewage sludge-amended soil.


:Sewage sludge-amended soils may alter their ability to adsorb heavy metals over time, due to the decomposition of sludge-borne organic matter. Thus, we studied Cd, Ni, and Zn adsorption by a sewage sludge-amended soil (Typic Xerofluvent) before and after one-year incubation in both monometal and competitive systems. In the monometal system, the order of decreasing sorption was Zn>Cd>Ni. Competition significantly reduced metal K(d), especially that of Cd which decreased by nearly 50%. Over the course of the incubation there was a 31% reduction of soil organic matter content. At the same time, in competitive systems Cd K(d) significantly decreased, while Zn K(d) significantly increased, and Ni K(d) remained unaffected. This study shows that sewage sludge-amended soils may change in their ability to sorb heavy metals over time at high metal concentrations. The data suggest that Cd is likely to be of most environmental significance in such soils, since it exhibited decreased sorption under competitive conditions and as the organic matter content of the soil was reduced. The potential for long-term release of metals should be considered in the risk assessment associated with sewage sludge addition to soils, particularly in climates where degradation of organic matter is likely to be enhanced.






Antoniadis V,Tsadilas CD,Ashworth DJ




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2007-06-01 00:00:00














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