Recombinant human thrombin: safety and immunogenicity in pediatric burn wound excision.


BACKGROUND:Previous studies of recombinant human thrombin (rThrombin) enrolled adult and adolescent patients. This phase 4, open-label, single-group study was conducted in pediatric patients undergoing synchronous burn wound excision and skin grafting to provide information regarding the safety and immunogenicity of rThrombin (primary and secondary endpoints) in this population. METHODS:Topical rThrombin was applied as a hemostatic aid during a surgical procedure (day 1). Adverse events and clinical laboratory abnormalities were recorded during the study. Immunogenicity samples were collected on days 1 and 29 (study end). Study results were summarized with descriptive statistics. RESULTS:Thirty patients enrolled and 28 completed the study. Mean age was 6.9 years (range, 0.9-17.8 years); 40.0% of patients were girls. Flame and scald were the most common burn types (33.3% each, n = 10/30). Mean graft size was 3.6% total body surface area. Procedural pain (50.0% patients), pruritus (43.3%), and anemia (30.0%) were the most commonly reported adverse events. All adverse events and clinical laboratory abnormalities were considered unrelated to treatment. No patients developed anti-rThrombin product antibodies at day 29. CONCLUSIONS:In pediatric patients undergoing burn wound excision and skin grafting, rThrombin was well tolerated and did not lead to the formation of anti-rThrombin product antibodies.


J Pediatr Surg


Foster KN,Mullins RF,Greenhalgh DG,Gamelli RL,Glat P,Lentz CW,Kahn SA,Brandigi C,Fredlund P,Alexander WA




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    abstract:PURPOSE:Donor cell engraftment patterns following transamniotic stem cell therapy (TRASCET) with amniotic fluid mesenchymal stem cells (afMSCs) are incompatible with solely direct amniotic seeding. We sought to determine whether fetal bone marrow is a component of such engraftment and to examine the chronology of afMSC...

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    abstract::Internal sphincteric function was studied manometrically in 19 children with translevator anal anomalies. The normal internal sphincter inhibitory response to rectal distension was present in ten pateints, attenuated in six, and absent in three. Our findings suggest that a functional internal sphincter is usually pres...

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  • Surgeon volume trumps specialty: outcomes from 3596 pediatric cholecystectomies.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is the standard surgical management of biliary disease in children, but there has been a paucity of studies addressing outcomes after pediatric cholecystectomies, particularly on a national level. We conducted the first study to address the effect of surgeon specialty and volume ...

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  • The impact of the 80-hour workweek on pediatric surgical training: an Association of Pediatric Surgery Program Directors-sponsored study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND/PURPOSE:The aim of this study was to determine the preliminary impact of work hour regulations on pediatric surgical training. METHODS:An anonymous survey was sent to all program directors (PDs) and fellows to identify changes in pediatric surgery fellowship programs. RESULTS:Ninety-three percent of progra...

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