Characterization of polyethylene wear particle: The impact of methodology.


:Due to the prevalence of problems caused by wear particles, the reduced durability of total joint replacements is well documented. The characterization of wear debris enables the size and morphology of these wear particles to be measured and provides an assessment of the biological response in vivo. However, the impact of different methodologies of particle analysis is not yet clear. Hence, the aim of this investigation was to analyze the influence of different particle characterization methods performed by three research centers within the scope of a "round robin test". To obtain knowledge about possible pitfalls, single steps of the particle characterization process (storage, pore size of the filter, coating durations by gold sputtering and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) magnification) were analyzed. The round robin test showed significant differences between the research groups, especially for the morphology of the particles. The SEM magnification was identified as having the greatest influence on the size and shape of the particles, followed by the storage conditions of the wear particle containing lubricant. Gold sputter coating and filter pore size also exhibit significant effects. However, even though they are statistically significant, it should be emphasized that the differences are small. In conclusion, particle characterization is a complex analytical method with a multiplicity of influencing factors. It becomes apparent that a comparison of wear particle results between different research groups is challenging.


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Acta biomaterialia


Schröder C,Reinders J,Zietz C,Utzschneider S,Bader R,Kretzer JP




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  • Synthesis of intracellular reduction-sensitive amphiphilic polyethyleneimine and poly(ε-caprolactone) graft copolymer for on-demand release of doxorubicin and p53 plasmid DNA.

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  • Evaluation of a conducting elastomeric composite material for intramuscular electrode application.

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  • Interfibrillar shear stress is the loading mechanism of collagen fibrils in tendon.

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  • Strut size and surface area effects on long-term in vivo degradation in computer designed poly(L-lactic acid) three-dimensional porous scaffolds.

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  • Matrix stiffening induces endothelial dysfunction via the TRPV4/microRNA-6740/endothelin-1 mechanotransduction pathway.

    abstract::Vascular stiffening is associated with the prognosis of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Endothelial dysfunction, as shown by reduced vasodilation and increased vasoconstriction, not only affects vascular tone, but also accelerates the progression of CVD. However, the precise effect of vascular stiffening on endothelial ...

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  • Effects of passage number and post-expansion aggregate culture on tissue engineered, self-assembled neocartilage.

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  • A microfabricated platform with hydrogel arrays for 3D mechanical stimulation of cells.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:Cellular microenvironments present cells with multiple stimuli, including not only soluble biochemical and insoluble matrix cues but also mechanical factors. Biomaterial array platforms have been used to combinatorially and efficiently probe and define two-dimensional (2D) and 3D microenvironmental cues to g...

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  • Fibronectin layers by matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation from saline buffer-based cryogenic targets.

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  • On the importance of aging to the crack growth resistance of human enamel.

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  • Human embryonic stem cell encapsulation in alginate microbeads in macroporous calcium phosphate cement for bone tissue engineering.

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  • Effect of self-assembled nanofibrous silk/polycaprolactone layer on the osteoconductivity and mechanical properties of biphasic calcium phosphate scaffolds.

    abstract::We here present the first successful report on combining nanostructured silk and poly(ε-caprolactone) (PCL) with a ceramic scaffold to produce a composite scaffold that is highly porous (porosity ∼85%, pore size ∼500 μm, ∼100% interconnectivity), strong and non-brittle with a surface that resembles extracellular matri...

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  • Echogenicity enhancement by end-fluorinated polylactide perfluorohexane nanocapsules: Towards ultrasound-activable nanosystems.

    abstract::Polylactide (PLA) polymers containing five distinct lengths of fluorinated (from C3F7 to C13F27) and non-fluorinated (C6H13) end-groups were successfully synthesized by ring-opening polymerization of d,l-lactide. Fluorination was expected to increase the encapsulation efficiency of perfluorohexane (PFH). 150 nm nanoca...

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  • Material properties and electrical stimulation regimens of polycaprolactone fumarate-polypyrrole scaffolds as potential conductive nerve conduits.

    abstract::The mechanical and electrical properties of polycaprolactone fumarate-polypyrrole (PCLF-PPy) scaffolds were studied under physiological conditions to evaluate their ability to maintain the material properties necessary for application as conductive nerve conduits. PC12 cells cultured on PCLF-PPy scaffolds were stimula...

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  • Influence of fluoride and chloride on corrosion behavior of NiTi orthodontic wires.

    abstract::The influence of fluoride and chloride ions on the corrosion behavior of nearly equiatomic nickel-titanium orthodontic wires was studied using conventional electrochemical measurement methods, including corrosion potential, potentiodynamic and cyclic potentiodynamic polarization measurements. In addition, scanning ele...

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    abstract::In vitro cell culture models representing the physiological and pathological features of the outer retina are urgently needed. Artificial tissue replacements for patients suffering from degenerative retinal diseases are similarly in great demand. Here, we developed a co-culture system based solely on the use of human ...

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  • Modulation of MAPK signalling by immobilized adhesive peptides: Effect on stem cell response to BMP-9-derived peptides.

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  • A straightforward approach to enhance the textural, mechanical and biological properties of injectable calcium phosphate apatitic cements (CPCs): CPC/blood composites, a comprehensive study.

    abstract::Two commercial formulations of apatitic calcium phosphate cements (CPCs), Graftys® Quickset (QS) and Graftys® HBS (HBS), similar in composition but with different initial setting time (7 and 15min, respectively), were combined to ovine whole blood. Surprisingly, although a very cohesive paste was obtained after a few ...

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  • From prevention to diagnosis and treatment: Biomedical applications of metal nanoparticle-hydrogel composites.

    abstract::Recent advances in biomaterials integrate metal nanoparticles with hydrogels to generate composite materials that exhibit new or improved properties. By precisely controlling the composition, arrangement and interactions of their constituents, these hybrid materials facilitate biomedical applications through myriad ap...

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  • An injectable hydrogel using an immunomodulating gelator for amplified tumor immunotherapy by blocking the arginase pathway.

    abstract::Arginase 1 (ARG1) inactivates T cells by degrading L-arginine, severely reducing the immunotherapeutic efficacy. Effectively blocking the ARG1 pathway remains a challenge. L-norvaline is a very cheap and negligible side effects inhibitor of ARG1. However, its blockage efficacy for ARG1 is impeded by its high half-maxi...

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  • Slipping vs sticking: water-dependent adhesive and frictional properties of Linum usitatissimum L. seed mucilaginous envelope and its biological significance.

    abstract::Flax seeds produce mucilage after wetting. The mucilage due to its ability to absorb and maintain water is responsible for specific surface properties which are essential for seed dispersal in different ways. In the present paper, we asked how the hydration level affects the adhesive and frictional properties of the m...

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  • Development of peptide-functionalized synthetic hydrogel microarrays for stem cell and tissue engineering applications.

    abstract::Synthetic polymer microarray technology holds remarkable promise to rapidly identify suitable biomaterials for stem cell and tissue engineering applications. However, most of previous microarrayed synthetic polymers do not possess biological ligands (e.g., peptides) to directly engage cell surface receptors. Here, we ...

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  • The effects of pulsed electromagnetic field on the functions of osteoblasts on implant surfaces with different topographies.

    abstract::The use of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) is a promising approach to promote osteogenesis. However, few studies have reported the effects of this technique on the osseointegration of endosseous implants, especially with regard to different implant topographies. We focused on how the initial interaction between ...

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