Long-term prognosis after surgery for infective endocarditis: Distinction between predictors of early and late survival.


OBJECTIVES:Cardiac surgery is a life-saving procedure in patients diagnosed with infective endocarditis (IE). There are several validated risk scores developed to predict early-mortality; nevertheless, long-term survival has been less investigated. The aim of the present study is to analyze the impact of IE-specific risk factors for early and long-term mortality. METHODS:An observational retrospective study was conducted that included all patients who underwent surgery for IE from 2002 to 2016. Median follow-up time after surgery was 53.2 months (IQI 26.2-106.8 months). In-hospital mortality was analyzed using multiple logistic regression. Long-term survival was analyzed after one, two and five years. Cox proportional hazards regression was employed to identify risk factors related to long-term mortality. RESULTS:Of the 180 patients underwent cardiac surgery, 133 were discharged alive (in-hospital mortality was 26.11%). 6 variables were identified as independent factors associated with in-hospital mortality, most of them closely related to the severity of IE: age, multivalvular involvement, critical preoperative status, preoperative mechanical ventilation, abscess and thrombocytopenia. Long-term survival in patients discharged alive was 89.1%, 87.4% and 77.6% after one, two and five years. Long-term mortality was independent of specific IE factors and 86.51% of deaths were not related to cardiovascular or infectious diseases. CONCLUSION:Despite the high perioperative mortality rate after surgical treatment for active IE, long-term survival after hospital discharge was acceptable, regardless of the severity of the endocarditis episode. Although in-hospital survival depended mainly on several IE factors, long-term survival was not related to the severity of endocarditis baseline affection.


Varela Barca L,López-Menéndez J,Navas Elorza E,Moya Mur JL,Centella Hernéndez T,Redondo Palacios A,Fajardo ER,Miguelena Hycka J,Martín García M,Muñoz Pérez R,Rodríguez-Roda Stuart J




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    abstract::Dalbavancin is a semisynthetic lipoglycopeptide with two properties that distinguish it from other members of the antibiotic family from which it is derived: a greater intrinsic activity and a very prolonged mean half-life that allows weekly or twice-weekly dosing with a single 1000mg or 1500mg dose, respectively. Bec...

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    abstract::To date, more than 170 species of mycobacteria have been described, of which more than one third may be pathogenic to humans, representing a significant workload for microbiology laboratories. These species must be identified in clinical practice, which has long been a major problem due to the shortcomings of conventi...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Epidemiological and microbiological study of a salmonellosis outbreak, affecting 22 children in a nursery school in Oviedo (Spain). METHODS:Attack rates and epidemic curves were determined, and bacterial typing methods were applied. RESULTS:The outbreak was attributed to a Salmonella enterica serovar Typhim...

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