Does levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system increase breast cancer risk in peri-menopausal women? An HMO perspective.


PURPOSE:To evaluate the association between levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system (LNG-IUS) use and breast cancer (BC) risk. METHODS:A cohort of all Maccabi Healthcare Services (MHS) female members aged 40-50 years between 1/2003 and 12/2013 was used to identify LNG-IUS users as "cases," and 2 age-matched non-users as "controls." Exclusion criteria included: prior BC diagnosis, prior (5 years pre-study) and subsequent treatment with other female hormones or prophylactic tamoxifen. Invasive tumors were characterized by treatments received (chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, trastuzumab, or combination thereof). RESULTS:The analysis included 13,354 LNG-IUS users and 27,324 controls (mean age: 44.1 ± 2.6 vs. 44.9 ± 2.8 years; p < 0.0001). No significant differences in 5-year Kaplan-Meier (KM) estimates for overall BC risk or ductal carcinoma in situ occurrence were observed between groups. There was a trend towards higher risk for invasive BC in LNG-IUS users (5-year KM-estimate: 1.06% vs. 0.93%; p = 0.051). This difference stemmed primarily from the younger women (40-45 years; 0.88% vs. 0.69%, p = 0.014), whereas in older women (46-50 years), it was non-significant (1.44% vs. 1.21%; p = 0.26). Characterization of invasive BC by treatment demonstrated that LNG-IUS users had similar proportions of tumors treated with hormonal therapy, less tumors treated with trastuzumab, (7.5% vs. 14.5%) and more tumors treated with chemotherapy alone (25.8% vs. 14.9%; p = 0.041). CONCLUSIONS:In peri-menopausal women, LNG-IUS was not associated with an increased total risk of BC, although in the subgroup of women in their early 40's, it was associated with a slightly increased risk for invasive tumors.


Siegelmann-Danieli N,Katzir I,Landes JV,Segal Y,Bachar R,Rabinovich HR,Bialik M,Azuri J,Porath A,Lomnicky Y




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  • PAM50 assay and the three-gene model for identifying the major and clinically relevant molecular subtypes of breast cancer.

    abstract::It has recently been proposed that a three-gene model (SCMGENE) that measures ESR1, ERBB2, and AURKA identifies the major breast cancer intrinsic subtypes and provides robust discrimination for clinical use in a manner very similar to a 50-gene subtype predictor (PAM50). However, the clinical relevance of both predict...

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  • Obesity and subcutaneous fat patterning in relation to survival of postmenopausal breast cancer patients participating in the DOM-project.

    abstract::The effect of obesity and fat distribution on survival of breast cancer patients was studied prospectively in 241 women with a natural menopause who participated in a breast cancer screening project, the DOM-project in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Mean follow-up time was 9.1 years and endpoint of interest was death from ...

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  • Phase I/II study of gemcitabine in association with vinorelbine for metastatic breast cancer.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Gemcitabine (G) and vinorelbine (V) have favorable safety profile and antitumor activity in metastatic breast cancer. To exploit their different mechanism of action and lack of overlapping toxicity, we performed a phase I and II study of G and V in combination. PATIENTS AND METHODS:Fifty-three patients with...

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  • Hormones and hormone receptors in the etiology of breast cancer.

    abstract::Many epidemiologic features of breast cancer suggest that endogenous hormones are of importance in the genesis of this disease. Endocrinologic studies based on total levels of various hormones in serum and urine have provided etiologic clues, but have failed to yield a clear understanding of the hormonal aberrations t...

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