Patterns of plant species diversity during succession under different disturbance regimes.


:I suggest that between-community variations in diversity patterns during succession in plant communities are due to the effects of selection on life history strategies under different disturbance regimes. Natural disturbances to plant communities are simultaneously a source of mortality for some individuals and a source of establishment sites for others. The plant community consists of a mosaic of disturbance patches (gaps) of different environmental conditions. The composition of the mosaic is described by the size-frequency distribution of the gaps and is dependent on the rates and scales of disturbance. The life-history strategies of plant species dependent on some form of disturbance for establishment of propagules should reflect this size-frequency distribution of disturbance patches. An extension of island biogeographic theory to encompass relative habitat area predicts that a community should be most rich in species adapted to growth and establishment in the spatially most common patch types. Changes in species diversity during succession following large scale disturbance reflect the prevalent life history patterns under historically common disturbance regimes. Communities in which the greatest patch area is in large-scale clearings (e.g. following fire) are most diverse in species establishing seedlings in xeric, high light conditions. Species diversity decreases during succession. Communities in which such large patches are rare are characterized by a large number of species that reach the canopy through small gaps and realtively few which regenerate in the large clearings. Diversity increases during succession following a large scale disturbance.Evidence from communities characterized by different disturbance regimes is summarized from the literature. This hypothesis provides an evolutionary mechanism with which to examine the changes in plant community structure during succession. Diversity peaks occurring at "intermediate levels" of disturbance as discussed by Connell and Huston are interpreted in this context.






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  • Evaluating thermal resource partitioning : By sympatric lizards Anolis cooki and A. cristatellus: a field test using null hypotheses.

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  • Influence of soil fauna and habitat patchiness on plant (Betula pendula) growth and carbon dynamics in a microcosm experiment.

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  • Nutritional status of Abies pinsapo forests along a nitrogen deposition gradient: do C/N/P stoichiometric shifts modify photosynthetic nutrient use efficiency?

    abstract::Chronic atmospheric N deposition has modified relative N availability, altering the biogeochemical cycles of forests and the stoichiometry of nutrients in trees, inducing P limitation, and modifying the N:P ratios of plant biomass. This study examines how the variation in the foliar stoichiometry of Abies pinsapo acro...


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  • Mating success of alternative maturation phenotypes in male Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar.

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  • Performance of reciprocally sown populations of Senecio vulgaris from ruderal and agricultural habitats.

    abstract::Senecio vulgaris from ruderal habitats may colonise crop fields and persist in the new environment. Persistence may occur through phenotypic plasticity or genetic differentiation. In the presence of genetic variation, differential responses of life history traits to selection may lead to local adaptation. A reciprocal...


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  • Sex differences in optimal incubation temperatures in a scincid lizard species.

    abstract::Most theoretical models for the evolution of temperature-dependent sex determination (TSD) rely upon differential fitness of male and female offspring incubated under different thermal regimes. However, there are few convincing data on this topic. We studied incubation effects in a lizard species (Bassiana duperreyi, ...


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  • Testing the low latitude/high defense hypothesis for broad-leaved tree species.

    abstract::We tested the hypothesis that leaves of broad-leaved tree species are more highly defended at low latitudes than at high latitudes. We used canonical discriminant analysis to compare tree species from Panama (9°N, 39 species), Missouri, USA (38°N, 37 species), and southern Ontario, Canada (44°N, 34 species) with respe...


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  • The role of chemotactile stimuli in the oviposition preferences of Colias butterflies.

    abstract::The legume foodplants of Colias butterflies possess specific chemical components which stimulate oviposition in females of the genus. Different legumes provide different degrees of stimulation, as demonstrated by close correlation between field observations and laboratory experiments with a new behavioral assay. Sever...


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  • Optimal foraging: The responses of Peromyscus leucopus to experimental changes in processing time and hunger.

    abstract::Food density, degree of hunger prior to foraging, and food processing difficulty were varied in order to determine their effects on the diet diversity of captive Peromyscus leucopus foraging for buried seeds. No relationship was found between diet diversity and food density. However, diet diversity exhibited a signifi...


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  • Host monitoring by aphid migrants: do gynoparae maximise offspring fitness?

    abstract::Gynoparae (autumn migrants) of the bird cherry-oat aphid,Rhopalosiphum padi (L.), were not found to land randomly on their primary host,Prunus padus L. Some trees, although within a few metres of heavily infested trees, were not colonized at all. This phenomenon occurs regularly from year to year.The reasons for this ...


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  • Body size and ecological traits in fleas parasitic on small mammals in the Palearctic: larger species attain higher abundance.

    abstract::We studied the relationships between body size and (a) abundance and (b) host specificity in fleas parasitic on small mammals (rodents and shrews) in the Palearctic taking into account the confounding effect of phylogeny. We tested these relationships both across 127 flea species and within separate phylogenetic clade...


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  • Decomposition of standing dead trees in the southern Appalachian Mountains.

    abstract::Decomposition of standing dead trees that were killed by fire was examined for 10 species in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The decrease in wood density as fire age increased was used to estimate decomposition rates. Quercus prinus had the fastest decay rate (11% yr-1) while Pinus virginiana had the slowest ...


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  • Proximate biochemical composition and caloric content calculated from elemental CHN analysis: a stoichiometric concept.

    abstract::Carbohydrate, lipid, and protein compositions are stoichiometrically related to organic CHN (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen) contents. Elemental CHN analyses of total biomass and ash, therefore, provide a basis for the calculation of proximate biochemical composition and bomb caloric value. The classical nitrogen to prote...


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  • Larval settlement of the common Australian sea urchin Heliocidaris erythrogramma in response to bacteria from the surface of coralline algae.

    abstract::Bacterial biofilms are increasingly seen as important for the successful settlement of marine invertebrate larvae. Here we tested the effects of biofilms on settlement of the sea urchin Heliocidaris erythrogramma. Larvae settled on many surfaces including various algal species, rocks, sand and shells. Settlement was r...


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  • Linking summer foraging to winter survival in yellow pine chipmunks (Tamias amoenus).

    abstract::This study links summer foraging and scatter-hoarding to winter larder-hoarding and winter survival in yellow pine chipmunks (Tamias amoenus) by comparing patterns of time allocation and winter larder contents in 2 years with very different levels of resource availability. In 2003, seed production and the number of tr...


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  • Nitrate assimilation in coexisting vascular plants in mire and swamp forest habitats in Central Sweden.

    abstract::In order to monitor the nitrate assimilation capability of mire plants, in vivo current and maximally induced nitrate reductase activity (NRA) were investigated in 14 species of vascular plants from four different sites in a central Swedish mire. One of the sites was a swamp forest. The plants studied included species...


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  • Variation in hydraulic architecture and gas-exchange in two desert sub-shrubs, Hymenoclea salsola (T. & G.) and Ambrosia dumosa (Payne).

    abstract::Adjustment of hydraulic architecture in response to environmental conditions was studied in two warm-desert sub-shrubs, Hymenoclea salsola and Ambrosia dumosa, both at the level of genetic adaptation along a climatic gradient and plastic response to immediate growth conditions. Individuals of both species originating ...


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  • Effects of competition on induction of crassulacean acid metabolism in a facultative CAM plant.

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  • Disproportionate allocation of mineral nutrients and carbon between vegetative and reproductive structures in Banksia hookeriana.

    abstract::We compared above-ground allocation patterns in mature shrubs of Banksia hookeriana from three 13-year-old populations, growing on nutrient-impoverished sands to determine whether C (dry mass) could be a substitute for mineral nutrients (N, P, K, Ca, Mg and NA). The percentage of reproductive structures to total above...


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  • Geographical variation and population structure in the White-rumped Sandpiper Calidris fuscicollis as shown by morphology, mitochondrial DNA and carbon isotope ratios.

    abstract::We studied the population structure of a high arctic breeding wader bird species, the White-rumped Sandpiper Calidris fuscicollis. Breeding adults, chicks and juveniles were sampled at seven localities throughout the species' breeding range in arctic Canada in 1999. The mitochondrial control region was analysed by DNA...


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    authors: Wennerberg L,Klaassen M,Lindström Å

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  • Parental effects influence life history traits and covary with an environmental cline in common frog populations.

    abstract::Across latitudinal clines, the juvenile developmental rates of ectotherms often covary with the length of the growing season, due to life-history trade-offs imposed by the time-constrained environments. However, as the start of the growing season often varies substantially across years, adaptive parental effects on ju...


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    authors: Rowiński PK,Laurila A,Gotthard K,Sowersby W,Lind MI,Richter-Boix A,Eckerström-Liedholm S,Rogell B

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  • Testing competing measures of profitability for mobile resources.

    abstract::Optimal diet theory often fails to predict a forager's diet choice when prey are mobile. Because they escape or defend themselves, mobile prey are likely to increase the forager's handling time, thereby decreasing its fitness gain rate. Many animals have been shown to select their prey so as to maximize either their f...


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  • Spatial dynamics of benthic competition on coral reefs.

    abstract::The community structure of sedentary organisms is largely controlled by the outcome of direct competition for space. Understanding factors defining competitive outcomes among neighbors is thus critical for predicting large-scale changes, such as transitions to alternate states within coral reefs. Using a spatially exp...


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  • On spatiotemporal patchiness and the coexistence of five species of Chronogaster (Nematoda: Chronogasteridae) in a riparian wetland.

    abstract::Spatiotemporal patchiness in the soil environment is thought to be crucial for the maintenance of soil biodiversity. It provides diverse microhabitats (allowing resource partitioning), and presents these in a complex mosaic, such that competitors may be spatially and temporally separated (promoting patch dynamics). Th...


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  • Resource limitation and fish predation: their importance to mobile epifauna associated with JapaneseSargassum.

    abstract::The possibility that resource limits constrain the growth of mobile epifaunal populations associated withSargassum patens plants was investigated by placing plants and associated animals into field microcosms which excluded fish predators, and then comparing faunal abundance and size-structure changes in different mic...


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  • Ecological studies on carabid beetles : III. Winter mortality in adult Calathus melanocephalus (Linn.), egg production and locomotory activity of the population which has hibernated.

    abstract::1. The mortality of part of the Calathus melanocephalus (Linn.) population, which showed locomotory activity during autumn 1966 was studied in the following year. 2. Mortality occurs mainly during the winter; during the winter of 1966-1967 it was about 36-41% for normal males and females at Schiermonnikoog (Table 1). ...


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  • Does adaptation to historical climate shape plant responses to future rainfall patterns? A rainfall manipulation experiment with common ragweed.

    abstract::Climate change is affecting both the volume and distribution of precipitation, which in turn is expected to affect the growth and reproduction of plant populations. The near ubiquity of local adaptation suggests that adaptive differentiation may have important consequences for how populations are affected by and respo...


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  • Nitrogen sources for neotropical nasute termites: Fixation and selective foraging.

    abstract::Studies with Nasutitermes and Rhynchotermes (Isoptera, Nasutitermitinae) in a Costa Rican rainforest suggest that nitrogen fixation by gut symbionts may play a significant role in termite nutrition. Leaf-litter feeders ingest more and fix less nitrogen than do wood-litter feeders; both species feed preferentially on N...


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  • Zum Energieumsatz phytophager Insekten im Buchenwald. II : Die produktionsbiologische Stellung der Rüsselkäfer (Curculionidae) mit rhizophagen Larvenstadien.

    abstract::The energy turnover of weevil populations ofPhyllobius argentatus L.,Polydrosus undatus F., andStrophosomus sp. was investigated in a 123 years old (1970) beech forest in special consideration of their soil-living rhizophagous larvae (results of the energy turnover ofStrophosomus sp. imagines, see Grimm, 1973). I. Lif...


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