Neighbourhood level social deprivation and the risk of psychotic disorders: a systematic review.


PURPOSE:The incidence of psychotic disorders varies according to the geographical area, and it has been investigated whether neighbourhood level factors may be associated with this variation. The aim of this systematic review is to collate and appraise the literature on the association between social deprivation and the incidence or risk for psychotic disorders. METHOD:A systematic review was conducted, and studies were included if they were in English, provided a measure of social deprivation for more than one geographically defined area and examined either the correlation, rate ratio or risk of psychotic disorder. A defined search strategy was undertaken with Medline, CINAHL Plus and PsychInfo databases. RESULTS:A total of 409 studies were identified in the search, of which 28 fulfilled the inclusion criteria. Of these, four examined the association between social deprivation at the time of birth, three examined the putative prodrome of psychosis or those at ultra-high risk (UHR) for psychosis, and 23 examined the time at presentation with a first episode of psychosis (FEP) (one study examined two time points and one study included both UHR and FEP). Three of the studies that examined the level of social deprivation at birth found an association with a higher risk for psychotic disorders and increased social deprivation. Seventeen of the 23 studies found that there was a higher risk or rate of psychotic disorders in more deprived neighbourhoods at the time of presentation; however, adjusting for individual factors tended to weaken this association. Limited research has been conducted in the putative prodromal stage and has resulted in conflicting findings. CONCLUSIONS:Research conducted to date has not definitively identified whether the association is a result of social causation or social drift; however, the findings do have significant implications for service provision, such as the location and access of services.


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  • Links between social class and common mental disorders in Northeast Brazil.

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  • Caregiver burden and psychotic patients' perception of social support in a Nigerian setting.

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  • Expressed emotion in the families of patients with schizophrenia and its influence on the course of illness.

    abstract::This paper presents the results of a study carried on an urban population in Belgrade investigating the connections between relapse in schizophrenia and the expressed emotion (EE) status of families where at least one of the patient's parents was a member of the household. The overall rate of high EE was just under 50...

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    abstract::The gender related suicide and unemployment rates for 1964-1986 from twenty-three Western countries were reviewed. A statistically significant correlation was found for both genders for the 1974-1986 period, which saw major rises in both suicide and unemployment in many Western nations. This was in contrast to a non-s...

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  • Chronic psychiatric patients without psychiatric care: a pilot study.

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  • Risk factors for poor work functioning of persons with schizophrenia in rural China.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The long-term work performance of persons with schizophrenia in the community is unclear. This study examined the status of long-term work functioning and the predictors of poor work status among patients with schizophrenia in a Chinese rural area. METHODS:A 10-year follow-up investigation (1994-2004) of a ...

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  • Marriage outcome and relationship with urban versus rural context for individuals with psychosis in a population-based study in China.

    abstract:PURPOSE:While social integration among individuals with psychosis differs by social context, this has rarely been investigated across urban vs. rural settings. For individuals with psychosis, marriage may be a key component of social integration. This study aims to compare marriage outcomes for individuals with psychos...

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  • Incidence of schizophrenia among migrants in the Netherlands: a direct comparison of first contact and longitudinal register approaches.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To estimate the effect of selective sampling on first contact (FC) studies of the relation between migration and schizophrenia. METHODS:We compared the FC method directly with a more inclusive longitudinal psychiatric register (LPR) method, by letting both methods estimate age and sex adjusted incidence rate r...

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