Current understanding of decision-making in adolescents with cancer: A narrative systematic review.


BACKGROUND:Policy guidance and bioethical literature urge the involvement of adolescents in decisions about their healthcare. It is uncertain how roles and expectations of adolescents, parents and healthcare professionals influence decision-making and to what extent this is considered in guidance. AIMS:To identify recent empirical research on decision-making regarding care and treatment in adolescent cancer: (1) to synthesise evidence to define the role of adolescents, parents and healthcare professionals in the decision-making process and (2) to identify gaps in research. DESIGN:A narrative systematic review of qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods research. We adopted a textual approach to synthesis, using a theoretical framework of interactionism to interpret findings. DATA SOURCES:The databases MEDLINE, PsycINFO, SCOPUS, EMBASE and CINHAL were searched from 2001 through May 2015 for publications on decision-making for adolescents (13-19 years) with cancer. RESULTS:Twenty-eight articles were identified. Adolescents and parents initially find it difficult to participate in decision-making due to a lack of options in the face of protocol-driven care. Parent and adolescent preferences for information and response to loss of control vary between individuals and over time. No studies indicate parental or adolescent preference for a high degree of independence in decision-making. CONCLUSION:Striving to make parents and adolescents fully informed or urge them towards more independence than they prefer may add to distress and confusion. This may interfere with their ability to participate in their preferred way in decisions about care and treatment. Future research should include analysis of on-ground interactions among parents, adolescents and clinicians across the trajectory.


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  • Erratum.

    abstract::Philip J Larkin, Fliss Murtagh, Heather Richardson, Myra Bluebond Langner and Sheila Payne (2016) Collaboration: Securing a future for palliative care research. Palliative Medicine, September 2016 30:8 709-710, doi: 10.1177/0269216316661970. ...

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  • Presenting symptoms and signs in children referred for palliative care in Malawi.

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  • Home or hospital as the place of end-of-life care and death: A grounded theory study of parents' decision-making.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:While several studies have examined 'what' families want with regard to the place of a child's end-of-life care and death, few have explored 'how' parents reach a decision. AIMS:(1) to develop a model explaining how parents of a child with a life-threatening illness in Greece decide about the place of end-o...

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  • Preparing palliative home care nurses to act as facilitators for physicians' learning: Evaluation of a training programme.

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  • Terminal care in the community--an evaluation of residential workshops for general practitioner/district nurse teams.

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  • The trajectory of functional decline over the last 4 months of life in a palliative care population: A prospective, consecutive cohort study.

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  • Existential issues do not necessarily result in existential suffering: lessons from cancer patients in Israel.

    abstract::Existential distress has been recognized as a source of suffering for oncology patients. This study focusses on existential issues and coping mechanisms of a unique culturally diverse Jewish/Middle Eastern oncology population. A qualitative assessment of 40 patients with advanced cancer was undertaken through an inter...

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Patients with advanced cancer often have to make difficult decisions, such as how much to spend on moderately life-extending treatments. This and other end-of-life decisions are also influenced by their informal caregivers. Understanding the relative value that patients and their caregivers place on various ...

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  • Inviting the absent members: examining how caregivers' participation affects hospice team communication.

    abstract::This paper is a secondary observation of a larger pilot study. The Assessing Caregivers for Team Intervention via Video Encounters intervention project enabled caregiver participation in hospice interdisciplinary team meetings. This paper used the team observation scale to assess the impact of caregiver involvement on...

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  • A brief guided self-help intervention for psychological distress in palliative care patients: a randomised controlled trial.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Previous findings implicated rumination (recurrent dwelling on abstract concerns) in elevated psychological distress in palliative patients. We hypothesised that reducing rumination may be important in addressing psychological distress in palliative care. AIM:This study tested the prediction that a brief gu...

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  • Repeated subcutaneous esketamine administration for depressive symptoms and pain relief in a terminally ill cancer patient: A case report.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Depressive disorders are common among cancer patients. Ketamine can quickly relieve depression, and its subcutaneous administration appears to be as effective as and probably safer than its standard intravenous administration. Herein, we report a case verifying the antidepressant effect of a subcutaneous esk...

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  • 'Was it worth it?' Intrathecal analgesia for cancer pain: A qualitative study exploring the views of family carers.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Intrathecal drug delivery is known to reduce pain in patients where conventional systemic analgesia has been ineffective or intolerable. However, there is little information regarding the effects of intrathecal drug delivery on quality of life and function in those with advanced, incurable cancer. AIM:Retro...

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    abstract::The Association for Palliative Medicine (APM) produced a previous undergraduate palliative medicine syllabus in 1992. This study describes the process of developing the new APM consensus syllabus against the background of changes in medical education and palliative medicine since 1992. The syllabus was derived by mean...

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    abstract::This paper reviews the experience of managing 31 patients with severe dysphagia in motor neurone disease. Thirteen patients were fed nasogastrically and the remaining 18 were managed conservatively without a nasogastric tube. The introduction of nasogastric feeding led to the development of new problems in some patien...

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  • Psychological support in end-of-life decision-making in neonatal intensive care units: Full population survey among neonatologists and neonatal nurses.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Moral distress and burnout related to end-of-life decisions in neonates is common in neonatologists and nurses working in neonatal intensive care units. Attention to their emotional burden and psychological support in research is lacking. AIM:To evaluate perceived psychological support in relation to end-of...

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  • Prevalence and characteristics of patients with advanced chronic conditions in need of palliative care in the general population: a cross-sectional study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Of deaths in high-income countries, 75% are caused by progressive advanced chronic conditions. Palliative care needs to be extended from terminal cancer to these patients. However, direct measurement of the prevalence of people in need of palliative care in the population has not been attempted. AIM:Determi...

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