Compliance redefined and implications for home care.


:In home care, clients' behaviors are of primary concern. Behavioral change toward health maintenance and health promotion is influenced by the role of the nurse and the client in the process of change. The proposed definition of compliance is consistent with the philosophy of nursing and, in particular, with that of home care. The theoretical definitions reviewed were inconsistent in defining the health care provider's and the client's roles in compliance. The proposed definition of compliance clarified these roles. The operational definitions, although suggesting client behavior, do not explicate client participation in the therapeutic regimen. The definitions imply that clients could be labeled noncompliant if they did not follow exact protocols or were uncooperative with treatment. The validity of operational definitions and measurement techniques has been questioned. Perhaps if the instruments measured factors affecting health-related behavior from the client's perspective, nurses could target interventions more effectively. Several implications of the proposed definition for home care nursing were described to clarify the need for comprehensive assessment and intervention targeted at the cause of client compliance issues. Analysis of the definitions of compliance assists home care nurses to clarify the meaning of compliance in their practice. The time has come to end the ongoing debate about the words used, recognize the richness of the compliance literature, and come to a consensus on the meaning of this concept.


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  • Do patients receive care if they are perceived as patients able to cope?

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  • A pilot study to assess the effects of a guided imagery audiotape intervention on psychological outcomes in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery.

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  • Nursing Support of the Spiritual Needs of Older Adults Living With Dementia: A Narrative Literature Review.

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  • Creating family: a holistic milieu at a geriatric adult day center.

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  • Screening patient spirituality and spiritual needs in oncology nursing.

    abstract:AIM:To select 2 appropriate spiritual assessment tools and evaluate these by involving oncology nurses. BACKGROUND:Spirituality is recognized as an important domain of cancer care. At admission, integration of spiritual assessment seems necessary. It is unclear what kind of spiritual assessment method would be most pr...

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  • Managing stress response to control hypertension in type 2 diabetes.

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  • Dream telling: a means of spiritual awareness.

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  • Wholly life: a new perspective on death.

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  • Successful Integrative Medicine Assessment and Treatment of Chronic Pain Associated With Breast Surgery: A Report of 3 Cases.

    abstract::Presented is the first reported case series of chronic neck and back pain associated with breast scars from breast surgery and successfully treated with an integrative medicine assessment and treatment approach, which included the assessment technique of autonomic response testing and the scar therapy technique of neu...

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  • Promoting caring-healing relationships: bringing healing touch to the bedside in a multihospital health system.

    abstract::New legislative mandates, evaluation metrics, and patient demand have led acute care organizations to expand their patient-centered care model to include the use of complementary therapies. One multihospital health system is offering Healing Touch training to nurses who will provide Healing Touch to self, colleagues, ...

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  • Rethinking Recovery: Incorporating Holistic Nursing Perspectives in Poststroke Care.

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  • Working and caregiving: a comparison of employed and unemployed caregivers of older heart failure patients.

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  • Health promotion for cancer survivors: adaptation and implementation of an intervention.

    abstract::Randomized control trial of a health promotion intervention was implemented for low-income cancer survivors. The majority of participants were female, older, divorced, educated, and unemployed or on disability leave. Findings indicate the health promotion intervention improved cancer survivors' self-efficacy and incre...

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  • Culture of nursing, preoccupation with prediction, and nursing intention.

    abstract::Culture is a series of rules and methods that a society has evolved to deal with the recurring problems it faces. These have become so basic that, like breathing, we no longer think about how we approach or resolve them. ...

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  • Abuse of older persons: an overview.

    abstract::As demographics in the United States indicate that by 2050 older persons will constitute one-fourth of the population, statistics indicating abuse of older persons will also increase. As a serious social problem, nurses will need to assess and intervene with families where this type of family violence occurs. The type...

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  • A wellness framework for pediatric nursing clinical practice.

    abstract::This article presents a proposed holistic Framework for Exploring Adolescent Wellness specific to the discipline of nursing. Conceptualized as a practical adolescent wellness assessment tool, the framework attends to the physical, spiritual, psychological and social dimensions of adolescent health. Through the discuss...

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  • Improving healthcare delivery with the transformational whole person care model.

    abstract::A Whole Person Care model was developed by The New England School of Whole Health Education following a 2-year pilot study that demonstrated the transformational effects of whole health education. This holistic model of health education and behavioral interaction provides a tool for nurses, physicians, and staff to re...

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  • Jayne's story: healing touch as a complementary treatment for trauma recovery.

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  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine Methods Used by Turkish Infertile Women and Their Effect on Quality of Life.

    abstract::The purpose of this study is to assess the rate of women receiving treatment of infertility who use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), CAM methods, and the effect of these methods on their quality of life. This cross-sectional and descriptive study was conducted with 797 women applying to the in vitro ferti...

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  • Interventions used by staff nurses to manage "difficult" patients.

    abstract::Interventions utilized by nurses to manage "difficult" patients and outcomes indicating successful interventions were investigated. Themes included getting the difficult patient label, difficult patient behaviors, reflecting on the label and passing it on, coping with a difficult patient, interventions that worked, an...

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  • Perceptions of spirituality and spiritual care among older nursing home residents at the end of life.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Spirituality is of particular importance in the lives of many older adults at the end of life. While the role of spirituality may differ among older adults, spirituality may offer a purpose and meaning toward the end of life and provides a framework for managing concerns and decisions at this time. Despite t...

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