Metal-tolerant endophytic bacteria associated with Silene vulgaris support the Cd and Zn phytoextraction in non-host plants.


:The aim of this study was to isolate and characterise metal-resistant endophytic bacteria from the tissues of Silene vulgaris collected within the vicinity of non-ferrous steelworks in Katowice, Upper Silesia, Southern Poland. Twenty-four strains of metal-resistant endophytic bacteria that belong to 15 genera were isolated from the stems and leaves of Silene vulgaris. Most of these strains showed multiple plant growth-promoting capabilities. The most promising strains, Proteus vulgaris H7, Pseudomonas sp. H15, and Pseudomonas helmanticensis H16, were used in a pot experiment, and their impact on the biomass of white mustard and Zn and Cd accumulation was examined. Soil inoculation with the tested strains resulted in a higher fresh biomass of shoots, which increased by 74.5% (Proteus vulgaris H7), 121.7% (Pseudomonas sp. H15), and 142.2% (P. helmanticensis H16) compared to the control plants. The highest phytoextraction enhancement was caused by P. helmanticensis H16, which increased Zn and Cd accumulation in the shoot tissues by 43.8% and 112.6%, respectively. All of the tested strains were detected in the soil at the last sampling points, but only Proteus vulgaris H7 and Pseudomonas sp. H15 were capable of temporary colonisation of the roots of white mustard. None of the inoculants were found in the stems and leaves of the plants during the experimental period. The plant growth-promoting features of the isolates combined with their resistance to heavy metals and high survival in soil after inoculation make these strains good candidates for the promotion of plant growth and increased phytoremediation efficiency.






Płociniczak T,Chodór M,Pacwa-Płociniczak M,Piotrowska-Seget Z




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2019-03-01 00:00:00












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