Graphene oxide-polyethylene glycol incorporated PVDF nanocomposite ultrafiltration membrane with enhanced hydrophilicity, permeability, and antifouling performance.


:The novel highly hydrophilic composite additive, graphene oxide-polyethylene glycol (GO-PEG, further abbreviated as P-GO), was synthesized from GO and PEG by the esterification reaction. Then, P-GO was blended into a polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) casting solution as an additive, and the effects of P-GO on the performance of the PVDF ultrafiltration (UF) membrane were researched. When amount of added P-GO was 0.5 wt%, the flux of the resultant modified membrane (denoted as P/0.5P-GO) reached as high as 93 L m-2·h-1, that is twice than that of the pure PVDF membrane (45 L m-2·h-1). Furthermore, water contact angle results confirmed significantly improved hydrophilicity of the P/0.5P-GO membrane. Results of antifouling tests revealed that the P/0.5P-GO membrane showed the lowest total resistance and irreversible resistance among all the membranes prepared in this study, and after physical cleaning, its flux recovery ratio was the highest-78%. These results demonstrated improved antifouling performance of the P/0.5P-GO membrane. Therefore, it can be concluded that P-GO as an additive material for the PVDF membrane has satisfactory performance in improving the membrane hydrophilicity, permeability, and antifouling performance in practical applications.






Ma C,Hu J,Sun W,Ma Z,Yang W,Wang L,Ran Z,Zhao B,Zhang Z,Zhang H




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    abstract::Granular activated carbon (GAC) exhaustion rates on pulp and paper effluent from South East Australia were found to be a factor of three higher (3.62cf. 1.47kgm(-3)) on Kraft mills compared to mills using Thermomechanical pulping supplemented by Recycled Fibre (TMP/RCF). Biological waste treatment at both mills result...


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  • Occurrence and fate of the human pharmaceutical metabolite ritalinic acid in the aquatic system.

    abstract::To investigate the occurrence and fate of ritalinic acid - the main human metabolite of the psychostimulant drug methylphenidate - in the aquatic environment, a HPLC-electrospray-MS/MS method for the quantification of ritalinic acid in wastewater, surface water and bank filtrate was developed. Carbamazepine known as v...


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  • Assessment of biodegradable chelating agents in the phytoextraction of heavy metals from multi-metal contaminated soil.

    abstract::A pot incubation experiment under natural conditions was designed to investigate the effects of three biodegradable chelating agents, namely; the [S,S]-isomer of ethylenediamine disuccinate (EDDS), citric acid (CA), and tetrasodium N,N-Bis(carboxymethyl)-L-glutamate acid (GLDA), on two plant species (Brassica juncea a...


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