Surgical-site infection surveillance in cranial neurosurgery.


INTRODUCTION:Surgical-site infection (SSI) is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Public Health England or PHE has published guidance on its surveillance, which is now mandatory in some specialities. We review how appropriate their programme is for monitoring SSI in cranial neurosurgery [CN]. METHOD:SSI data on all patients [N = 2375] undergoing CN, over two years, at Salford Royal Foundation NHS Trust or SRFT were prospectively recorded. SSI was defined as arising within 30 days of operation or 1 year where an implant(s) remains. Follow-up, by a dedicated SSI nurse, was at 30 days using inpatient, outpatient clinic or telephone consultation, or post-discharge postal questionnaires [PDpQ] and by monitoring for readmissions. A descriptive analysis was performed looking at the follow-up process and SSI rate. RESULTS:Thirty-day follow-up data was obtained in 1776 patients (74.8%). Overall, 82 (3.5%) patients had a confirmed SSI. 22/82 (27%) were identified as inpatients [median time from operation: 14.5 days, inter-quartile range (IQR): 16] and 60/82 (73%) as readmissions [median time from operation: 31.5 days, IQR: 186.5]. No SSIs were identified via PDpQ. CONCLUSIONS:These data suggest that active outpatient follow-up is not necessary and that monitoring of inpatients and readmissions is enough for a cranial neurosurgical SSI programme.


Br J Neurosurg


Davies BM,Jones A,Patel HC




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  • Systemic inflammatory response syndrome and acute neurological disease.

    abstract::Systemic inflammatory response syndrome is a common clinical entity often presenting as a complication of neurological disease or trauma. Clear diagnostic criteria exist. Induced pathological mechanisms include both immunological and endothelial dysfunction, and coagulopathy, which may lead to multiple organ failure a...

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  • ATRX immunohistochemistry can help refine 'not elsewhere classified' categorisation for grade II/III gliomas.

    abstract::Purpose: The 2016 WHO tumour classification highlights the role of IDH1/2 gene mutation and 1p/19q co-deletion in classifying grade II/III gliomas. A recent cIMPACT-NOW update proposes the use of the term 'Not Elsewhere Classified' (NEC) for IDH-mutant, non co-deleted tumours. Here we show how the incorporation of ATR...

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