Postpartum hepatotoxicity due to herbal medicine Teucrium polium.


:The hepatotoxicity cases due to herbal medical products have been increased in recent years. Teucrium polium (TP) (mountain germander) is one of the most popular species of the Lamiaceae family and is commonly used for increasing breast milk formation and for relieving gastrointestinal complaints in the last months of pregnancy and postpartum periods. Here are presented 3 cases of serious hepatotoxicity due to TP. Three female patients aged 33, 31, and 37 years were admitted to clinic with jaundice and serious elevated liver enzymes for a period of 2 years. The patients were using TP for approximately 40 days to 3 months. Two of the 3 used TP during their previous pregnancies and were monitored for similar complaints by another center. After discontinuation of TP and supportive care, the liver function tests were decreased to normal limits within 3 months in all 3 patients. In addition to the potential hepatotoxic effect of TP, physiological changes in the postpartum period may increase the severity of hepatotoxicity. TP should be considered in differential diagnosis in patients presenting similar history and complaints, where it is used commonly.


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