Improvement of a Rapid and Highly Sensitive Method for the Diagnosis of the Mitochondrial m.1555A>G Mutation Based on a Single-Stranded Tag Hybridization Chromatographic Printed-Array Strip.


: Aims: Pathogenic variants in mitochondrial DNA are known to be associated with sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) and aminoglycoside-induced HL. Among them, the m.1555A>G mutation is the most common. Thus, a rapid and easy companion diagnostic method for this mutation would be desirable to prevent HL caused by aminoglycoside therapy. In this study, we report an improved protocol for the single-stranded tag hybridization chromatographic printed-array strip (STH-PAS) method for identifying the m.1555A>G mutation. Methods: To evaluate the accuracy of a novel diagnostic for the m.1555A>G mutation we analyzed 378 DNA samples with or without the m.1555A>G mutation, as determined by Invader assay, and calculated the sensitivity, specificity, and false negative and false positive ratios of this new method. Results: The newly developed protocol was robust; we, obtained the same results using multiple DNA concentrations, differing annealing temperatures, and different polymerase chain reaction thermal cyclers. The diagnostic sensitivity based on the STH-PAS method was 0.99, and the specificity was 1.00. The false negative and false positive ratios were 0 and 0.01, respectively. Conclusion: We improved the genotyping method for m.1555A>G mutations. This assays will be useful as a rapid companion diagnostic before aminoglycoside use.


Isaka Y,Nishio SY,Hishinuma E,Hiratsuka M,Usami SI




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    abstract:: Aims: The aim of this study was to summarize the currently available evidence on the associations between the IL-10-1082G/A, IL-10-592A/C, and IL-10-819G/A polymorphisms and susceptibility to atopic dermatitis (AD). Materials and Methods: ...

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