Media use, cancer knowledge and lifestyle choices: a cross-sectional analysis.


BACKGROUND:Both media use and cancer knowledge have been identified as important predictors of a healthy lifestyle. However, little is known about the interplay between these two variables, and about differences between cancer diagnosed and non-diagnosed consumers of media and knowledge. This study investigated the relationship between media use (television and internet exposure) and lifestyle choices of cancer diagnosed and non-diagnosed individuals, and looked at the influence of cancer knowledge on this relationship. METHODS:A cross-sectional, quantitative survey (the Leuven Cancer Information Survey) was administered to 621 cancer diagnosed and 1387 non-diagnosed individuals, aged 16-88 years old in Flanders (Belgium). Bivariate analyses, hierarchical linear regression analyses and advanced moderation and mediation analyses were conducted. RESULTS:Internet exposure was not a predictor of lifestyle choices. Television exposure, however, was a negative predictor of healthy lifestyle choices. Moreover, television exposure was a direct negative predictor of cancer knowledge, which in turn positively predicted lifestyle choices. However, no differences were found in the investigated relationships between the two subsamples. CONCLUSION:These results indicate that higher levels of television exposure coincide with less cancer knowledge and with less healthy lifestyle choices. It offers a pathway for intervention by suggesting that improving cancer knowledge through television might positively affect lifestyle choices.


Eur J Public Health


Nelissen S,Beullens K,Lemal M,Van den Bulck J




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2015-10-01 00:00:00














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