Exploring the mechanism of general anesthesia: kinetic analysis of GABAA receptor electrophysiology.


:A kinetic model of the effect of agonist and anesthetics on ligand-gated ion channels, developed in earlier work, is further refined and used to predict traces observed in fast-perfusion electrophysiological studies on recombinant GABAA receptors under a wide range of agonist and/or anesthetic concentrations. The model incorporates only three conformational states (resting, open, and desensitized) but allows for the modulation of the conformational free energy landscape connecting these states resulting from adsorption of agonist and/or anesthetic to the bilayer in which the protein is embedded. The model is shown to reproduce the diverse and complex features of experimental traces remarkably well, including both anesthetic-induced and agonist-induced traces, as well as the modulation of agonist-induced traces by anesthetic, either coapplied or continuously present. The solutions to the kinetic equations, which give the time-dependence of each of the nine protein states (three ligation states for each of the three conformations), describe the flow of probability among these states and thus reveal the kinetic underpinnings of the traces. Many of the parameters in the model, such as the desorption rate constants of anesthetic and agonist, are directly related to model-independent experimental measurements and thus can serve as a definitive test of its validity.


Biophys J


Biophysical journal


Lee DK,Albershardt DJ,Cantor RS




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  • UVA generates pyrimidine dimers in DNA directly.

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  • Diffusion of the second messengers in the cytoplasm acts as a variability suppressor of the single photon response in vertebrate phototransduction.

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  • Molecular basis for Kir6.2 channel inhibition by adenine nucleotides.

    abstract::K(ATP) channels are comprised of a pore-forming protein, Kir6.x, and the sulfonylurea receptor, SURx. Interaction of adenine nucleotides with Kir6.2 positively charged amino acids such as K185 and R201 on the C-terminus causes channel closure. Substitution of these amino acids with other positively charged residues ha...

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  • Water Distribution within Wild-Type NRas Protein and Q61 Mutants during Unrestrained QM/MM Dynamics.

    abstract::Point mutations in p21ras are associated with ∼30% of human tumors by disrupting its GTP hydrolysis cycle, which is critical to its molecular switch function in cellular signaling pathways. In this work, we investigate the impact of Gln 61 substitutions in the structure of the p21N-ras active site and particularly foc...

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  • Repulsive interactions between uncharged bilayers. Hydration and fluctuation pressures for monoglycerides.

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  • New ordered metastable phases between the gel and subgel phases in hydrated phospholipids.

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    abstract::Hydrophobic interactions between a bilayer and its embedded membrane proteins couple protein conformational changes to changes in the packing of the surrounding lipids. The energetic cost of a protein conformational change therefore includes a contribution from the associated bilayer deformation energy (DeltaGdef0), w...

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    abstract::This paper describes the relation between the quantum yield of photosynthesis in the red alga Porphyridium cruentum, and the spectral composition of light, changed by filtering white light through aqueous phycobilin solutions of increasing optical density. At sufficiently high densities of the filter solution, no meas...

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  • Light adaptation in turtle cones. Testing and analysis of a model for phototransduction.

    abstract::Light adaptation in cones was characterized by measuring the changes in temporal frequency responses to sinusoidal modulation of light around various mean levels spanning a range of four log units. We have shown previously that some aspects of cone adaptation behavior can be accounted for by a biochemical kinetic mode...

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  • Monolayers of a model anesthetic-binding membrane protein: formation, characterization, and halothane-binding affinity.

    abstract::hbAP0 is a model membrane protein designed to possess an anesthetic-binding cavity in its hydrophilic domain and a cation channel in its hydrophobic domain. Grazing incidence x-ray diffraction shows that hbAP0 forms four-helix bundles that are vectorially oriented within Langmuir monolayers at the air-water interface....

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  • Gating of cyclic nucleotide-gated (CNGA1) channels by cGMP jumps and depolarizing voltage steps.

    abstract::We expressed rod-type homotetrameric cyclic nucleotide-gated (CNGA1) channels in Xenopus oocytes and studied activation by photolysis-induced jumps of the 3',5'-cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) concentration and by voltage steps. cGMP jumps to increasing concentrations up to the EC50 value of 46.5 microM decelera...

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  • The effects of non-identifiability on testing for detailed balance in aggregated Markov models for ion-channel gating.

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  • On the long-wavelength component of the light-harvesting complex of some photosynthetic bacteria.

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  • Formation of "solvent-free" black lipid bilayer membranes from glyceryl monooleate dispersed in squalene.

    abstract::A simple technique for forming "black" lipid bilayer membranes containing negligible amounts of alkyl solvent is described. The membranes are formed by the method of Mueller et al (Circulation. 1962. 26:1167.) from glyceryl monooleate (GMO) dispersed in squalene. The squalene forms an annulus to satisfy the boundary c...

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  • A computational framework for the topological analysis and targeted disruption of signal transduction networks.

    abstract::In this article, optimization-based frameworks are introduced for elucidating the input-output structure of signaling networks and for pinpointing targeted disruptions leading to the silencing of undesirable outputs in therapeutic interventions. The frameworks are demonstrated on a large-scale reconstruction of a sign...

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  • Near-infrared spectra of Scapharca homodimeric hemoglobin: characterization of the deoxy and photodissociated derivatives.

    abstract::The near-infrared charge transfer band at 760 nm (band III) has been investigated in deoxy and photodissociated dimeric Scapharca hemoglobin. At 300 K, the 10-ns spectrum of the carbonmonoxy derivative photoproduct is shifted by about 6 nm toward longer wavelengths with respect to the deoxy spectrum, both in buffer an...

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  • Accurate prediction of gene expression by integration of DNA sequence statistics with detailed modeling of transcription regulation.

    abstract::Gene regulation involves a hierarchy of events that extend from specific protein-DNA interactions to the combinatorial assembly of nucleoprotein complexes. The effects of DNA sequence on these processes have typically been studied based either on its quantitative connection with single-domain binding free energies or ...

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