Bone formation by revascularized periosteal and bone grafts, compared with traditional bone grafts.


:Three groups of dogs were studied to compare the bone formation obtained with traditional bone grafting techniques, and that obtained with revascularized periosteum or revascularized bone grafts--all in unstressed bone. Revascularized periosteum did not produce a significant amount of bone in this unstressed model. At 4 months the revascularized rib grafts had a slightly greater tolerance to stress at the callus site than traditional bone grafts, but the incidence of non-union was the same. We conclude that the use of revascularized bone grafts should be reserved for situations in which traditional bone grafting techniques are unlikely to be successful.


Plast Reconstr Surg


Puckett CL,Hurvitz JS,Metzler MH,Silver D




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  • Autologous fat graft in nipple reconstruction.

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  • The cosmetic split-thickness skin graft donor site.

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  • Mammaplasty combining vertical and transverse approaches through a vertical incision.

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  • The posterior thigh fasciocutaneous flap: vascular anatomy and clinical application.

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  • The split calvarial graft donor site in the elderly: a study in cadavers.

    abstract::In 37 cadavers of average age 75.5 years, the calvarium was studied. In all, the diploe and outer and inner tables were found to be definite layers. Although the parietal bone thickness did decrease with age in this study, there was no correlation between age and the outer table or diploe thickness. No significant cha...

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  • Effect of a transpositional muscle flap on VEGF mRNA expression in a canine fracture model.

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  • Evaluation of the scratch collapse test in peroneal nerve compression.

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  • Reaction to injectable collagen: results in animal models and clinical use.

    abstract::Since its commercial release, Zyderm collagen implant has been used to treat more than 200,000 subjects in the United States for soft-tissue contour defects and more than 250,000 patients internationally (including the United States). Approximately 3 percent of subjects' skin tested with Zyderm collagen experience loc...

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  • Auricular displacement with rhytidectomy.

    abstract::The auricle is more mobile than generally recognized and is subject to displacement during rhytidectomy. When the auricle is displaced by a rhytidectomy, movement generally occurs in an anteroinferior direction with forward rotation of the inferior pole. This displacement/rotation is often obscured by concurrent eleva...

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  • The pythagorean theorem as a tool for preoperative planning of a concealed scar in augmentation mammaplasty with round implants.

    abstract:SUMMARY:The inframammary incision is the most versatile and popular approach in breast augmentation. For an optimal aesthetic result, the incision site should be chosen in such a way that the scar is carefully hidden in the (new) inframammary fold. Based on an assumption of the senior author (B.v.d.L.) that the Pythago...

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  • Gastrostomy Placement Rates in Infants with Pierre Robin Sequence: A Comparison of Tongue-Lip Adhesion and Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:This study was conducted to compare the gastrostomy rates in infants with Pierre Robin sequence treated with tongue-lip adhesion or mandibular distraction osteogenesis. METHODS:This was a retrospective study of symptomatic plastic and reconstructive surgery patients treated over an 8-year period. The primar...

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  • The history of injectable silicone fluids for soft-tissue augmentation.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The debate over the legitimacy of silicone as a safe tool for soft-tissue augmentation has spanned well over half a century. Proponents concede that injections of questionable purity and/or of massive quantities have produced unfavorable outcomes. They assert that in experienced hands with "injectable-grade"...

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  • The national utilization of immediate and early delayed breast reconstruction and the effect of sociodemographic factors.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to identify important sociodemographic factors affecting the utilization of immediate and early delayed postmastectomy breast reconstruction in the United States. Using the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) program, all cases of mastectomy-treated breast cancer that were ...

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  • Various methods of breast reconstruction after mastectomy: an economic comparison.

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  • Guarded burr for deepening of nasofrontal junction.

    abstract::Appropriate deepening of the nasofrontal junction remains one of the most difficult parts of rhinoplasty. A guarded burr is introduced that provides a safe and effective means of deepening or creating a shallow nasofrontal groove. The burr has a special guard that prevents the cutting of soft tissue. The guarded burr ...

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  • Propranolol-epinephrine interaction: a potential disaster.

    abstract::Presented here are six examples of potentially life-threatening propranolol-epinephrine interactions. The only report found that warns of a deleterious clinical interaction between propranolol and epinephrine appeared in 1980. With widespread use of propranolol for approved and unapproved conditions, the population at...

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  • Distal arteriovenous fistula to maintain patency of the venous drainage of a latissimus dorsi flap following subclavian vein repair.

    abstract::Successful reconstructive surgery with muscle flaps depends on adequate arterial supply and undisturbed venous drainage. Combining such surgery with reconstructive vascular surgery of a large-caliber vein that is responsible for the venous drainage of the flap poses an additional challenge--the repaired vein's suscept...

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  • Improving long-term breast shape with the medial pedicle wise pattern breast reduction.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Reduction mammaplasty has both a reconstructive and an aesthetic component. Relief of neck, back, and shoulder pain, as well as psychosocial improvement, is the main indication for intervention. Patient satisfaction is high, with early improvement in most cases. Preoperative planning confirms the anatomical ...

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  • One versus Two Venous Anastomoses in Anterolateral Thigh Flap Reconstruction after Oral Cancer Ablation.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Whether one-vein or two-vein drainage yields better outcomes in anterolateral thigh flap reconstruction after oral cancer ablation is still being debated. Thus, the authors investigated this question. METHODS:In this retrospective cohort study, the authors reviewed the charts of 321 patients with oral cance...

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  • Efficacy of venous supercharging of the deep inferior epigastric perforator flap in a rat model.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:An insidious risk with the use of muscle perforator flaps is the possibility of venous outflow compromise. Congestion in deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) flaps in particular is not infrequent. On an empiric basis, their salvage has been accomplished by augmenting venous drainage through alternative...

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  • Facial Contour Symmetry Outcomes after Site-Specific Facial Fat Compartment Augmentation with Fat Grafting in Facial Deformities.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The purposes of this study were to evaluate facial symmetry after the first fat grafting session in patients with unilateral facial contour deformities and to identify independent predictors of 12-month postoperative facial symmetry. METHODS:A prospective analysis was conducted of consecutive patients (n = ...

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