The treatment of periorbital infantile hemangioma with intralesional corticosteroid.


:A series of 25 patients with periorbital hemangiomas was treated with intralesional corticosteroid injection. This resulted in a marked involution of the tumor in 16 patients, a moderate involution in 5 patients, and a minimal response in 4. No local or systemic complications were noted. The overall incidence of ocular complications in the form of amblyopia or strabismus secondary to the hemangiomas was 16 percent.


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  • Predictors of readmission after outpatient plastic surgery.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Hospital readmissions have become a topic of focus for quality care measures and cost-reduction efforts. However, no comparative multi-institutional data on plastic surgery outpatient readmission rates currently exist. The authors endeavored to investigate hospital readmission rates and predictors of readmis...

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  • The incidence of tuberous breast deformity in asymmetric and symmetric mammaplasty patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Breast asymmetry is commonly accompanied by tuberous deformity. To date, no study has reported the incidence of this breast deformity in the presence of asymmetry. A retrospective analysis of standard preoperative photographs was performed on 375 consecutive female patients presenting for mammaplasty over a ...

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  • Decreased thrombogenicity of vascular prostheses following gas denucleation by hydrostatic pressure.

    abstract::The high rate of thrombosis of 1.0-mm polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) grafts has limited their use in microvascular surgery. One possible reason for this is the blood-gas interface due to entrapped air in the interstices. The present study examines the effect on patency rates of elimination of this blood-gas interface ...

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  • The venous territories (venosomes) of the human body: experimental study and clinical implications.

    abstract::The venous architecture of the integument and the underlying deep tissues was studied in six total-body human fresh cadavers and a series of isolated regional studies of the limbs and torso. A radiopaque lead oxide mixture was injected, and the integument and deep tissues were dissected and radiographed. The sites of ...

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  • The looped square knot: a useful suture method.

    abstract::We present a suture method that allows removal of the stitches postoperatively without using scissors. This technique should have wide use in plastic surgery, especially for infants. ...

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  • The cosmetic split-thickness skin graft donor site.

    abstract::Any split-thickness skin graft donor site is obvious to some degree because of pigment alterations and, at the worst, it can develop hypertrophic scarring. A predictably superior aesthetic result is possible if this site is converted to a full-thickness defect followed by primary closure, because a linear scar is the ...

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    authors: Hallock GG

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  • The effect of pharyngeal flap surgery on the movements of the lateral pharyngeal walls.

    abstract::Observations of prepharyngeal and postpharyngeal flap degrees of lateral pharyngeal wall movement seem to indicate that some individuals have the ability to alter patterns of lateral pharyngeal wall motion. However, most of the subjects did not show changes in lateral pharyngeal wall motion, and in those who did show ...

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  • The use of a free medialis pedis flap for resurfacing skin defects of the hand and digits: results in five cases.

    abstract::A free medialis pedis flap was used to repair skin defects of the fingers and hand in five patients, the flap sizes ranging from 2 x 3 cm to 5 x 10 cm. Four flaps survived completely, but the largest flap turned necrotic along the dorsal margin, which is thought to have resulted from an incorrect flap alignment. A fre...

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    authors: Ishikura N,Heshiki T,Tsukada S

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  • Easy orientation of the cut ends for nerve suture.

    abstract::A technique for orienting cut nerve ends for suturing is presented. A mirror is used to reflect one end, making its image identical to that of the other end--so that proper orientation is greatly facilitated. ...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Vickers DW

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  • Bilateral neuromata of the great auricular nerves 8 years following face lift.

    abstract::A patient is presented with bilateral neuromata incontinuity of the great auricular nerves 8 years following face lift. The neuromata were excised and repaired utilizing the operating microscope. ...

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    authors: Manstein CH,Manstein G

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  • Lymphaticovenular bypass for lymphedema management in breast cancer patients: a prospective study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Lymphedema is a common and debilitating condition. Management options for lymphedema are limited and controversial. The purpose of this prospective study was to provide a preliminary analysis of lymphaticovenular bypass for the treatment of upper limb lymphedema in breast cancer patients. METHODS:Twenty pat...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Chang DW

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  • Effect of allopurinol on the survival of experimental pig flaps.

    abstract::Allopurinol has been reported to improve cell survival in a variety of conditions, including the ischemia-reperfusion injury occurring in skin flaps. It has been suggested that the beneficial effect of allopurinol on rat skin flaps is through blockage of xanthine oxidase-generated oxygen-derived free radicals. We have...

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    authors: Picard-Ami LA Jr,MacKay A,Kerrigan CL

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  • Objective monitoring for safe tissue expansion.

    abstract::The high incidence of complications during tissue expansion may be related to overexpansion with subsequent tissue necrosis and implant extrusion. Subjective parameters such as pain or capillary fill may be poor guidelines for determining the end point of a given session of expansion. In an attempt to rectify this pro...

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    authors: Hallock GG,Rice DC

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  • Evaluating rejuvenation of the forehead and brow: an algorithm for selecting the appropriate technique.

    abstract::The traditional reason for performing aesthetic surgery in the forehead and brow area has been to correct brow ptosis. However, there are several other conditions that may be improved by surgery in this area, including frown muscle imbalance, transverse forehead rhytids, and lateral brow laxity. Recently, a better und...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Matarasso A,Hutchinson OH

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  • Posterior tibial artery flap for reconstruction of the esophagus.

    abstract::Three patients presented who needed reconstruction of the entire esophagus. Because the stomach and colon were not available in these patients, a posterior tibial artery flap was employed for reconstruction. In the first stage, the long and wide skin flap was elaborated into a skin tube to create the major portion of ...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Chen HC,Tang YB,Noordhoff MS

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  • Shared medical appointments for preoperative evaluation of symptomatic macromastia.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Shared medical appointments combine individual patient-physician encounters with a group educational segment. This allows for patients' needs to be addressed individually and for patients to benefit from shared learning. Shared medical appointments enhance knowledge, understanding, and management of disease ...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Giladi AM,Brown DL,Alderman AK

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  • Correction of enophthalmos and superior sulcus depression in the anophthalmic orbit: a long-term follow-up.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to review the long-term results in anophthalmic patients treated for enophthalmos. The patients in our series had augmentation of the volume of their orbital contents by subperiosteal placement of room-temperature vulcanized silicone. From 1972 to 1985, sixty-three patients received subpe...

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    authors: Sergott TJ,Vistnes LM

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  • Primary closure of trochanteric decubitus ulcers: the bipedicle tensor fascia lata musculocutaneous flap.

    abstract::A surgical procedure is described for the definitive treatment of trochanteric decubitus ulcers. It combines the advantages of the bipedicle skin flap and the musculocutaneous flap; that is, a large area of skin is provided with a thick protective padding consisting of fat, fascia, and muscle richly vascularized by th...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Schulman NH

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  • Holoprosencephaly and midline facial anomalies: redefining classification and management.

    abstract::Holoprosencephaly encompasses a series of midline defects of the brain and face. Most cases are associated with severe malformations of the brain which are incompatible with life. At the other end of the spectrum, however, are patients with midline facial defects and normal or near-normal brain development. Although s...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Elias DL,Kawamoto HK Jr,Wilson LF

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  • Textured surface, nonsilicone gel breast implants: four years' clinical outcome.

    abstract::Since the development of smooth silicone breast implants in 1962, more than 1 million women throughout the world have opted for breast augmentation surgery. Although initially successful, smooth implants are prone to develop surrounding scar capsules that may harden and contract, resulting in discomfort, weakening of ...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Ersek RA,Salisbury AV

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  • The breast reconstruction evaluation of acellular dermal matrix as a sling trial (BREASTrial): design and methods of a prospective randomized trial.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Recent literature has focused on the advantages and disadvantages of using acellular dermal matrix in breast reconstruction. Many of the reported data are from low level-of-evidence studies, leaving many questions incompletely answered. The present randomized trial provides high-level data on the incidence a...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Agarwal JP,Mendenhall SD,Anderson LA,Ying J,Boucher KM,Liu T,Neumayer LA

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  • Complex Open Abdominal Wall Reconstruction: Management of the Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue.

    abstract::Optimal skin and soft tissue management in complex open abdominal wall reconstruction is an integral element of the operation to achieve optimal outcomes. Failure to provide stable, well-vascularized soft tissue coverage over the hernia repair can jeopardize the reconstruction through association with nonhealing wound...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Khansa I,Janis JE

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  • Survival and Disease Recurrence Rates among Breast Cancer Patients following Mastectomy with or without Breast Reconstruction.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Concerns have been expressed about the oncologic safety of breast reconstruction following mastectomy for breast cancer. This study aimed to evaluate the association of breast reconstruction with breast cancer recurrence, and 5-year survival among breast cancer patients. METHODS:The authors analyzed data fr...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Siotos C,Naska A,Bello RJ,Uzosike A,Orfanos P,Euhus DM,Manahan MA,Cooney CM,Lagiou P,Rosson GD

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  • Risk of readmission following immediate breast reconstruction: results from the 2011 American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program data sets.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:With health reform increasingly focused on readmission rates as an indicator of quality of care, providers have a duty to identify patients at risk of readmission. The authors assessed the incidence and risk factors for readmission following immediate breast reconstruction. METHODS:Patients who underwent im...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Nelson JA,Fischer JP,Chung C,Wu LC,Serletti JM,Kovach SJ

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  • Protocol management of late-stage pressure ulcers: a 5-year retrospective study of 101 consecutive patients with 179 ulcers.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Despite a 12 to 82 percent pressure ulcer recurrence rate, no standard protocol exists for postoperative management. The authors reviewed a single surgeon's experience using a standard protocol: surgery and immediate reconstruction regardless of nutrition, intraoperative bone culture guiding postoperative an...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Larson DL,Hudak KA,Waring WP,Orr MR,Simonelic K

    更新日期:2012-04-01 00:00:00

  • Perforator-supercharged occipitocervicopectoral flaps for lower face and neck reconstruction.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The occipitocervicopectoral flap has a local skin pedicle in the occipital region, with the distal portion of the flap in the pectoral region. One disadvantage of the occipitocervicopectoral flap is its limited flap length. To overcome this disadvantage, a perforator supercharging technique was applied to en...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Ono S,Chung KC,Takami Y,Chin T,Ogawa R,Gao JH,Hyakusoku H

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  • Spherical contracture of fibrous capsules around breast implants. Prevention and treatment.

    abstract::A follow-up of 82 patients who had had augumentation mammaplasties is reported. Though the number of patients having had each form of ancillary treatment is small, we believe that intraoperative instillation of triamcinolone and postoperative "expansion exercises" are of value in decreasing the incidence of capsular c...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Vinnik CA

    更新日期:1976-11-01 00:00:00

  • Double-paddle peroneal tissue transfer for oromandibular reconstruction.

    abstract::The double-paddle peroneal tissue transfer is a useful technique for reconstructing the extensive and complex defect that results after ablative surgery for oral cancer. It can facilitate the design and inset of the skin paddle and avoid the need for a second free flap. The two skin paddles can be based on either two ...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Yang KC,Leung JK,Chen JS

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  • Decision-Making in Middle Vault Reconstruction following Dorsal Hump Reduction in Primary Rhinoplasty.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Dorsal hump reduction during open rhinoplasty disrupts the continuity between the upper lateral cartilages and the dorsal septum. Options to reconstitute the midvault include primary closure of the upper lateral cartilages to the dorsal aspect of the septum, placement of spreader grafts, and creation of spre...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Avashia YJ,Marshall AP,Allori AC,Rohrich RJ,Marcus JR

    更新日期:2020-06-01 00:00:00

  • A method of reconstructing a pendulous breast utilizing the tissue expander.

    abstract::It is possible to reconstruct a breast mound of almost any size by utilizing tissue expansion. In order to produce a pendulous breast which is also ptotic, the tissue-expansion technique has been combined with two other procedures. A new technique is being introduced. It is that of elevating the lower third of the mat...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Versaci AD

    更新日期:1987-09-01 00:00:00