Correction of lower eyelid ptosis in the anophthalmic orbit: a long-term follow-up.


:We describe a 10-year review of 53 patients having had correction of lower eyelid ptosis using fascia lata sling suspension by the operation first described in 1973. The overall conclusion is that this continues to be a reliable procedure with a low complication rate. Four major changes relating to operative technique that create a better result are as follows: (1) the surgical correction must begin with a prosthesis that is ideal for the socket; (2) the fascial strip is narrower at 2 mm; (3) the lateral orbital rim burr hole is placed higher; and (4) the passage of the fascial strip is facilitated by the use of Wright's needle. The optimal sequence of operative procedures in the anophthalmic orbit syndrome is (1) correction of enophthalmos and superior sulcus depression, (2) correction of lower eyelid ptosis, and (3) correction of upper eyelid ptosis.


Plast Reconstr Surg


Nolan WB 3rd,Vistnes LM




Has Abstract


1983-09-01 00:00:00












  • In vitro measurement of silicone bleed from breast implants.

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  • A modification of the great-toe transfer for thumb reconstruction.

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  • Venous ulcers: improved healing by iontophoretic administration of calcitonin gene-related peptide and vasoactive intestinal polypeptide.

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  • A primer of schematics to facilitate the design of the preferred muscle perforator flaps.

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  • Neoumbilicus after Selective Excision in Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator Flap Breast Reconstruction.

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  • Components of the Hanging Columella: Strategies for Refinement.

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  • Infracture technique for reduction malarplasty with a short preauricular incision.

    abstract::The infracture technique for reduction malarplasty has been widely used as an aesthetic surgical procedure in northeast Asia. Since 1988, the authors' original method of infracture technique was performed through the combined approach of intraoral and temporopreauricular incision, which may leave a rather long scar on...

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  • Microvascular Reconstruction of the Nose with the Radial Forearm Flap: A 17-Year Experience in 47 Patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Microvascular reconstruction of the nose was pioneered in China in the early 1970s using the radial forearm flap. Since then, different flaps, methods, and flap designs have been used to improve outcomes. Microvascular tissue transfer has become the first step of multistage reconstruction, which includes reb...

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  • Telescoping and glue technique in vein grafts for arterial defects.

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  • Nonsurgical treatment of cicatricial ectropion with hyaluronic acid filler.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Cicatricial lower eyelid ectropion is caused by a shortening of the anterior lamella, with resultant eversion of the eyelid away from the globe. Treatment is typically surgical; however, the author hypothesized that a nonsurgical injection of hyaluronic acid filler could stretch the tethered skin and act as ...

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  • The Modified Sliding Alar Cartilage Flap: A Novel Way to Preserve the Internal Nasal Valve as Illustrated by Three-Dimensional Modeling.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Preservation of the scroll area is essential when performing rhinoplasty to achieve a good functional outcome. This is of particular concern with tip-plasty procedures. The objectives of this study were (1) to describe a novel tip-plasty procedure consisting of sliding the cephalic portion of the alar cartil...

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  • Patient-guided peripheral nerve exploration for the management of chronic localized pain.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:This technique represents a surgical adjunct for the management of chronic, localized pain in patients who continue to have pain despite exhaustive prior evaluation and treatment. The patient-guided approach was used in 10 patients referred with "intractable pain" and yielded good to excellent results in all...

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  • The enigma of Serre's "Z-plasty" technique.

    abstract::In 1835, Serre performed an operation to correct a cicatricial displacement of the right mouth commissure, which he described in his 1842 book. The drawings shown in a plate in the book (Fig. 2) and the description of the technique in the legend depicted the technique he had planned to perform (excision of tissue with...

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  • Transconjunctival blepharoplasty for upper and lower eyelids.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Transconjunctival blepharoplasty remains a popular and safe technique to treat periorbital aging. In the lower lid, it can be used successfully for orbital fat excision, redistribution, or septal tightening. In the upper lid, transconjunctival blepharoplasty has a role in removal of the nasal fat pad via an ...

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  • An analysis of Le Fort I maxillary advancement in cleft lip and palate patients.

    abstract::We present a series of 24 consecutive cleft lip and palate patients aged 16 to 46 years (mean age 27 years) who underwent Le Fort I maxillary advancement by the senior author over the past 8 years. Two groups, one of 12 patients with wire fixation and one of 12 patients with miniplate fixation, were evaluated. Each gr...

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  • The Effect of Radiation on Quality of Life throughout the Breast Reconstruction Process: A Prospective, Longitudinal Pilot Study of 200 Patients with Long-Term Follow-Up.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Despite well-established correlation of postmastectomy radiotherapy and surgical complications in breast reconstruction, its impact on patient reported outcomes is less clear. We sought to determine the effect of postmastectomy radiotherapy on patient reported outcomes throughout the breast reconstruction pr...

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  • Diagnostic pediatric computed tomographic scans of the head: actual dosage versus estimated risk.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Recent publications have implicated computed tomographic scans in the genesis of cancer and developmental delay. To determine whether the imaging protocols used in the authors' craniofacial practice could be harmful, they reviewed patient radiation exposure data for 77 patients. They then reviewed the litera...

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  • Surgical correction of cryptotia with V-Y advancement of a temporal triangular flap.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:A new approach is introduced for the correction of cryptotia using a large triangular flap designed on the temporal scalp and skin over the auricle. METHODS:The posterior limb of the triangular flap was continued to the mastoid area at the midportion of the auricle. The abnormal insertion of the auricular i...

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  • The angiogenic and adipogenic modes of adipose tissue after free fat grafting.

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  • Pyriform augmentation as an ancillary procedure in facial rejuvenation surgery.

    abstract::A patient is presented in whom augmentation of the pyriform aperture of the maxilla was performed with porous hydroxyapatite in concert with a face and brow lift. Basic research has recently shown that remodeling of the facial skeleton continues throughout life and that this remodeling process leads to changes in the ...

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  • Gender Disparities in Preoperative Resource Use for Wrist Arthroscopy.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Although national efforts to minimize gender biases exist, gender differences in surgery persist. This study aims to investigate gender differences in preoperative resource use of patients undergoing wrist arthroscopy for nontraumatic wrist pain. METHODS:Patients who underwent a wrist arthroscopy for nontra...

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  • Modified mattress suture technique to correct anterior septal deviation.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of a modified mattress suture technique in septal anterior deviation correction and to compare it with the Hinderer technique. This was a randomized, controlled, single-blind clinical trial. Fifty patients with anterior septal deviation were assigned to one of two...

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  • A prospective psychological study of 50 female face-lift patients.

    abstract::Fifty female face-lift patients were evaluated preoperatively with psychological tests and psychiatric interviews. Their postoperative psychological courses were studied for up to 6 months. Approximately 30% had postoperative depressive reactions. These reactions were primarily correlated with a preexisting, clinicall...

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  • Rupture of inflated breast implants in closed compression capsulotomy: case report.

    abstract::A case is reported of bilateral rupture of inflatable implants from a closed capsulotomy, with ingrowth of fibrous tissue through the inflation valves. ...

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    authors: Feliberti MC,Arrillaga A,Colon GA

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  • A rapid in vitro assay of cellular chemomigration in an epithelial carcinoma cell line.

    abstract::We have studied the chemomigration activity of an epithelial carcinoma cell line using a modified 96-well Boyden chamber apparatus consisting of upper and lower wells separated by an 8-microns pore polycarbonate filter. Cells from the malignant squamous carcinoma cell line A-431 were plated in the upper wells over a c...

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