Hair transplantation in alopecia due to radiation.


:Two cases of alopecia due to radiation of the scalp are presented in which it has been possible to achieve a technically and cosmetically satisfactory reconstruction by punch hair grafting. This does not mean that every case is suitable, but it does mean that those without contraindications should at least be given a try.


Plast Reconstr Surg


Nordström RE,Holsti LR




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1983-10-01 00:00:00












  • Arterial ischemia in skin flaps: microcirculatory intravascular thrombosis.

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Posttraumatic facial paralysis is a disabling condition. Current surgical management by faciofacial nerve suture provides limited recovery. To improve the outcome, the authors evaluated an add-on strategy based on a syngeneic transplantation of nasal olfactory stem cells in a rat model of facial nerve injury...

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  • Functional assessment of neurologic impairment: track analysis in diabetic and compression neuropathies.

    abstract::A laboratory approach to measuring neurologic impairment has been developed that is applicable to systemic disease as well as localized nerve injury. This approach compares individual parameters of the experimental rat hind footprint (walking track) with weight- and sex-matched control track parameters; classic mathem...

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  • Septum-Based Nasal Tip Plasty: A Comparative Study between Septal Extension Graft and Double-Layered Conchal Cartilage Extension Graft.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The septal extension graft is currently the most commonly used primary and secondary rhinoplasty technique in Asia because it provides maximal tip projection and rotational controllability. The authors compared the tip projection amount and rotational controllability of the tip support between the septal ext...

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