[Health and environment: an analysis of intra-urban differences focusing on the city of São Paulo, Brazil].


:A project concerned with the study of intra-urban health differentials in S. Paulo city, Brazil, is described. A brief outline of urban problems in the city is presented, followed by a review of the locally published literature on the subject of geographical differentials (stratification by socioeconomic status and environment). Two topics are introduced: geographical subdivision of the area studied and the methods used to choose the socio-environmental indicators for the construction of a deprivation index with to stratify the city. Suggestions are made as to possible applications of results achieved by the project.


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Akerman M,Stephens C,Campanario P,Maia PB




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  • Geographical stratification by socio-economic status: methodology from a household survey with elderly people in S. Paulo, Brazil.

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  • Association between social capital and self-perception of health in Brazilian adults.

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  • [The international language of science].

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  • Ordinance 3992/2017: challenges and advances for resource management in the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS).

    abstract::To advance in order to overcome the challenge of enabling greater autonomy in the use of financial resources in the Unified Health System (SUS), system managers agreed that transfers from the Union to other federated entities will be carried out through a financial investment account and a costing account. Over the pa...

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  • [The concepts of health education and promotion: individual and organizational changes].

    abstract::The distinguishing characteristics of the definitions of health promotion and health education are here examined. Two different planning frameworks, the PRECEDE-PROCEDE and the HELPSAM models are introduced. Solutions can be directed in two major directions are discussed: individual changes and organizational changes....

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  • [Socioeconomic differentials in performing urinalysis during prenatal care].

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  • Impact of socioeconomic status on Brazilian elderly health.

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  • [Communication related to pesticides use in a rural area of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To assess communications aspects related to pesticide use in a rural area of the Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. METHODS:The study was carried out in the area of São Lourenço stream. It was based on methodological triangulation comprising: semi-structured interviews and observation of a local population sample...

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  • [Phlebotomine sandflies and domestic animals interaction and Lutzomyia (Nyssomyia) intermedia (Lutz & Neiva, 1912) predominance in an area with a high level of anthropy, in southern Brazil].

    abstract::Information on phlebotomine collections in an area with a high level of human interference, in S. Jorge do Ivaí county, Paraná State, Southern Brazil, is reported. Lutzomyia (Nyssomyia) intermedia (Lutz & Neiva, 1912) was the dominant species. The number of sandflies in domiciles decreased sharply in the second period...

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