Dryland soil microbial communities display spatial biogeographic patterns associated with soil depth and soil parent material.


:Biological soil crusts (biocrusts) are common to drylands worldwide. We employed replicated, spatially nested sampling and 16S rRNA gene sequencing to describe the soil microbial communities in three soils derived from different parent material (sandstone, shale, and gypsum). For each soil type, two depths (biocrusts, 0-1 cm; below-crust soils, 2-5 cm) and two horizontal spatial scales (15 cm and 5 m) were sampled. In all three soils, Cyanobacteria and Proteobacteria demonstrated significantly higher relative abundance in the biocrusts, while Chloroflexi and Archaea were significantly enriched in the below-crust soils. Biomass and diversity of the communities in biocrusts or below-crust soils did not differ with soil type. However, biocrusts on gypsum soil harbored significantly larger populations of Actinobacteria and Proteobacteria and lower populations of Cyanobacteria. Numerically dominant operational taxonomic units (OTU; 97% sequence identity) in the biocrusts were conserved across the soil types, whereas two dominant OTUs in the below-crust sand and shale soils were not identified in the gypsum soil. The uniformity with which small-scale vertical community differences are maintained across larger horizontal spatial scales and soil types is a feature of dryland ecosystems that should be considered when designing management plans and determining the response of biocrusts to environmental disturbances.


FEMS Microbiol Ecol


Steven B,Gallegos-Graves LV,Belnap J,Kuske CR




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  • Response of total and nitrate-dissimilating bacteria to reduced N deposition in a spruce forest soil profile.

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  • Altering the mineral composition of soil causes a shift in microbial community structure.

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  • Deposition and postdeposition mechanisms as possible drivers of microbial population variability in glacier ice.

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  • The effect of ingestion of milk supplemented with salivaricin A-producing Streptococcus salivarius on the bacteriocin-like inhibitory activity of streptococcal populations on the tongue.

    abstract::The colonization efficacies of salivaricin A (SalA)-producing Streptococcus salivarius strains 20P3 and 5 were compared when given in milk to 219 children, using either 2-day or 9-day dosing regimens. Colonization levels overall were superior for strain 5, and the 9-day dosing schedule resulted in higher levels of bot...

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  • Elsinochrome A production by the bindweed biocontrol fungus Stagonospora convolvuli LA39 does not pose a risk to the environment or the consumer of treated crops.

    abstract::Biological control as an alternative to chemical pesticides is of increasing public interest. However, to ensure safe use of biocontrol methods, strategies to assess the possible risks need to be developed. The production of toxic metabolites is an aspect which has so far largely been neglected in the risk assessment ...

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