Can syringe exchange serve as a conduit to substance abuse treatment?


:To determine how the city-run New Haven syringe exchange program (SEP) expedited requests, for entry into treatment, records of the SEP's drug treatment coordinator were analyzed. During the study period, a majority of those requesting treatment did not use the SEP to obtain sterile syringes. Comparisons between the people requesting treatment and those exchanging syringes revealed that those requesting treatment were more likely female and less like White. Factors associated with failure to enter treatment included long lag times, worse insurance, cocaine use, and requesting primary detoxification only. Majorities of the requests, appointments, and entries came from individuals whose treatment was to be paid through city welfare. A managed care initiative from the city welfare department, which excluded the SEP, halved requests or entries. Subsequent addition of the SEP to the initiative did not significantly increase requests or entries. Although the SEP initially acted as a conduit to treatment its effectiveness was curtailed by the imposition of bureaucratic restrictions.


J Subst Abuse Treat


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  • Variation among state-level approaches to addressing alcohol abuse in opioid treatment programs.

    abstract::In view of their role in licensing opioid treatment programs (OTPs), state opioid treatment authorities (SOTAs) are in a unique position to influence how OTPs address their patients' alcohol abuse. Using data from a telephone survey of SOTAs from the District of Columbia and states that have at least one OTP (n = 46),...

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  • Young adults with co-occurring disorders: substance use disorder treatment response and outcomes.

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  • "I's" on the prize: A systematic review of individual differences in Contingency Management treatment response.

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  • Sustained attention but not effort-based decision-making predicts treatment motivation change in people with methamphetamine dependence.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Early treatment motivation is a meaningful predictor of clinical outcomes in the context of methamphetamine dependence (MD). Cognitive deficits associated with MD can have a significant impact on motivational fluctuations during early treatment. We specifically examined if sustained attention and effort-base...

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  • Nicotine and drug interaction expectancies among methadone maintained cigarette smokers.

    abstract::Smoking rates among persons being treated with methadone for opiate dependence are exceptionally high. Nevertheless, there is debate about whether smoking cessation has a negative effect on substance abuse treatment outcomes. To understand patient perceptions of the interaction between smoking and illicit drug use, we...

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  • Substance use disorder treatment services for pregnant and postpartum women in residential and outpatient settings.

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  • Acupuncture as a detoxification treatment: an analysis of controlled research.

    abstract::The research literature on the use of acupuncture as a substance abuse treatment is reviewed. In recent years numerous descriptive reports have been published concerning the efficacy of acupuncture in alleviating withdrawal symptoms with substance abusers attempting abstinence. While a limited number of experimental d...

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  • Follow-up care for alcohol misuse among OEF/OIF veterans with and without alcohol use disorders and posttraumatic stress disorder.

    abstract::Little is known about follow-up care for alcohol misuse in the Veterans Affairs (VA) health care system among Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF) veterans with and without alcohol use disorders (AUD) and/or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Using data from 4725 OEF/OIF VA outpatients with alcohol scree...

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  • A visual representation system for drug abuse counselors.

    abstract::Node-link mapping is a technique that consists of drawing spatial-verbal displays to visually represent interrelationships between ideas, feelings, facts, and experiences. These multirelational maps are drawn during ongoing counseling sessions to represent a variety of personal and nonpersonal topics. This article pro...

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  • Program monitoring for clinical practice. Specimen positivity across urine collection methods.

    abstract::Urinalysis is a primary component of methadone programming. A clinic-based study was conducted to determine whether unsupervised urine collection is as reliable as other methods for detecting unauthorized drug use among methadone treatment clients. Drug positivity rates compared over a 30-week period revealed no signi...

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  • Significant others of i.v. drug abusers with AIDS: new challenges for drug treatment programs.

    abstract::When an I.V. drug abuser has AIDS, the impact on significant others (parents, lovers, siblings, and friends) can be devastating. Yet little is known about this portion of the population that often provides the bulk of the physical and emotional caregiving to the person with AIDS. This article provides a case example o...

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  • Integrated treatment programs for individuals with concurrent substance use disorders and trauma experiences: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to examine the evidence of psychotherapeutic integrated treatment (IT) programs for individuals with concurrent substance use disorders and trauma histories. Electronic searches of Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, MEDLINE, Web of knowledge, PubMed, PsycINFO, CINAHL, PILOTS,...

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  • Persistence/recurrence of and remission from DSM-5 substance use disorders in the United States: Substance-specific and substance-aggregated correlates.

    abstract::This study examined demographic and psychosocial correlates associated with persistence/recurrence of and remission from at least one of ten DSM-5 substance use disorders (SUDs) and three substance-specific SUDs (i.e., alcohol, cannabis, and prescription opioids). Data were collected from structured diagnostic intervi...

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  • Meeting health and psychological needs of women in drug treatment court.

    abstract::We explored healthcare-related experiences of women drug court participants through combining context from the socio-ecological model with motivation needs for health behavior as indicated by self-determination theory. Five focus groups with 8 women drug court participants, 8 court staff, and 9 community service provi...

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  • Measurement and data analysis in research addressing health disparities in substance abuse.

    abstract::This article describes concrete strategies for conducting substance abuse research with ethnic minorities. Two issues associated with valid analysis, measurement and data analysis, are included. Both empirical (e.g., confirmatory factor analysis, item response theory, and regression) and nonempirical (e.g., focus grou...

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  • Effect of waiting time on substance abuse treatment completion in pregnant women.

    abstract::Although substance abuse treatment is associated with improved maternal and neonatal outcomes, pregnant women may be at increased risk of attrition. To explore the hypothesis that shorter waiting time for treatment is associated with increased completion, we analyzed all pregnant treatment admissions and discharges in...

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  • Characteristics and 9-month outcomes of discharged methadone maintenance clients.

    abstract::This study is a secondary data analysis of a clinical trial assessing the effectiveness of outreach case management (OCM) in linking discharged methadone patients back into treatment. The original trial assessed the effectiveness of the OCM intervention compared to a passive referral among methadone clients who needed...

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  • Pathways in the relapse--treatment--recovery cycle over 3 years.

    abstract::For many individuals, substance use leads to a chronic cycle of relapse, treatment reentry, and recovery, often lasting for decades. This study replicates earlier work, documents the transition patterns within the cycle during a 3-year period, and identifies variables that predict these transitions. Data are from 1,32...

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  • Matching alcoholics to treatment. Failure to replicate finding of an earlier study.

    abstract::The purpose of the present study was to investigate whether sociopathic alcoholics respond differentially to different types of treatment. An earlier study found that alcoholics with antisocial personality disorder had somewhat better outcomes if treated in individually focused versus relationship-focused cognitive-be...

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  • Brief interventions for young adults who use drugs: The moderating effects of resilience and trauma.

    abstract::Among participants in an intervention clinical trial (N = 602), we examined resilience as a moderator of substance use outcomes by intervention condition and between participants with and without severe traumatic stress (STS). Eligibility included men and women ages 18-39 with recent multidrug use; drug treatment enro...

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  • Utilization of Alcohol Treatment Among HIV-Positive Women with Hazardous Drinking.

    abstract::Hazardous alcohol consumption has been frequently reported among women with HIV infection and is associated with a variety of negative health consequences. Treatments to reduce alcohol use may bring in health benefits. However, little is known regarding the utilization of alcohol treatment services among HIV+ women wi...

    journal_title:Journal of substance abuse treatment

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    authors: Hu X,Harman J,Winterstein AG,Zhong Y,Wheeler AL,Taylor TN,Plankey M,Rubtsova A,Cropsey K,Cohen MH,Adimora AA,Milam J,Adedimeji A,Cook RL

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  • Self-preservation: confronting the issue of nurse impairment.

    abstract::Recognition of valuable natural resources suggests a need to accept a degree of responsibility to preserve and nurture the commodity, and to prevent its destruction. Health care professionals generally embrace such an ethic with reference to the environment, the quality of living for clients, and the need to assume pr...

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  • Measures of cognitive functioning as predictors of treatment outcome for cocaine dependence.

    abstract::Amlodipine is a calcium-channel antagonist with neuropharmacological properties believed to be protective against cerebral hypoperfusion, microinfarcts, and excitoxic cell death. Based on its pharmacological properties, we hypothesized that amlodipine would be associated with improved attention, processing speed, memo...

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  • If substance use disorder treatment more than offsets its costs, why don't more medical centers want to provide it? A budget impact analysis in the Veterans Health Administration.

    abstract::Given that many studies have reported that the costs of substance use disorder (SUD) treatment are more than offset by other savings (e.g., in health care, in criminal justice, in foster care), why haven't health care system managers rushed to expand treatment? This article attempts to explain this puzzling discrepanc...

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    authors: Humphreys K,Wagner TH,Gage M

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  • Attitudes, knowledge, and perceptions of Chinese doctors toward drug abuse.

    abstract::We assessed the attitudes, knowledge, and perceptions of Chinese doctors who worked with drug abusers to provide direction for planned drug and alcohol education and training. A 34-item questionnaire was developed; 523 copies were distributed and 446 (84.5%) validated copies were collected. Half of the respondents (50...

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  • Cannabis use, other substance use, and co-occurring mental health concerns among youth presenting for substance use treatment services: Sex and age differences.

    abstract::Cannabis use among youth is of significant concern given the potential negative health impacts on young people. This study describes the mental health characteristics, cannabis use, and substance use profiles of youth aged 14 to 24 years seen at the Youth Addiction and Concurrent Disorders Service at the Centre for Ad...

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  • Effectiveness of Methadone Maintenance Therapy and Improvement in Quality of Life Following a Decade of Implementation.

    abstract::Methadone maintenance therapy has been found to be an effective harm reduction treatment for opioid use disorder. However evidence of its benefits over a longer duration of treatment is limited as most studies focus on its short term benefits. As methadone maintenance therapy reaches a decade since its implementation ...

    journal_title:Journal of substance abuse treatment

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    authors: Teoh Bing Fei J,Yee A,Habil MH,Danaee M

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  • Relapse in outpatient treatment for marijuana dependence.

    abstract::The current study provides an initial examination of lapse and relapse to marijuana use among 82 individuals who achieved at least 2 weeks of abstinence during outpatient treatment for marijuana dependence. Seventy-one percent used marijuana at least once (i.e., lapsed) within 6 months of initial abstinence, averaging...

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  • Adapting the helpful responses questionnaire to assess communication skills involved in delivering contingency management: preliminary psychometrics.

    abstract::A paper/pencil instrument, adapted from Miller and colleagues' (1991) Helpful Responses Questionnaire (HRQ), was developed to assess clinician skill with core communicative aspects involved in delivering contingency management (CM). The instrument presents a single vignette consisting of six points of client dialogue ...

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    authors: Hartzler B

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  • Controversies regarding urine testing.

    abstract::Urine drug testing has become an increasingly controversial issue in today's society. In this paper, several issues involved in urine drug testing are discussed. These include the limitations of the accuracy of urine testing, testing in schools, athletics, the military and industry, and the legalities of drug testing....

    journal_title:Journal of substance abuse treatment

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    authors: Dougherty RJ

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