Can syringe exchange serve as a conduit to substance abuse treatment?


:To determine how the city-run New Haven syringe exchange program (SEP) expedited requests, for entry into treatment, records of the SEP's drug treatment coordinator were analyzed. During the study period, a majority of those requesting treatment did not use the SEP to obtain sterile syringes. Comparisons between the people requesting treatment and those exchanging syringes revealed that those requesting treatment were more likely female and less like White. Factors associated with failure to enter treatment included long lag times, worse insurance, cocaine use, and requesting primary detoxification only. Majorities of the requests, appointments, and entries came from individuals whose treatment was to be paid through city welfare. A managed care initiative from the city welfare department, which excluded the SEP, halved requests or entries. Subsequent addition of the SEP to the initiative did not significantly increase requests or entries. Although the SEP initially acted as a conduit to treatment its effectiveness was curtailed by the imposition of bureaucratic restrictions.


J Subst Abuse Treat


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  • The relevance to clinical care of recent research in neurobiology.

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  • The role of perceived treatment need in explaining racial/ethnic disparities in the use of substance abuse treatment services.

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  • Longitudinal migration patterns from an open illicit drug scene among people who use illicit drugs in Vancouver, Canada.

    abstract::The objective of this study was to identify migration patterns from an open illicit drug scene (the Downtown Eastside [DTES] neighborhood) and describe factors associated with these migration patterns. Data were derived from three cohorts of people who use illicit drugs in Vancouver, Canada. Defined using latent class...

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  • Predictors of drug treatment re-entry following relapse to cocaine use in DATOS.

    abstract::Many drug abusers have repeated exposure to treatment, yet little is known about the reasons some individuals re-enter treatment following relapse to drug use. This paper examines the predictors of treatment re-entry among cocaine abusers who relapsed to cocaine use (N = 347) within 5 years following their index treat...

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  • Increased flexibility in methadone take-home scheduling during the COVID-19 pandemic: Should this practice be incorporated into routine clinical care?

    abstract::In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the state of emergency that the government of Spain declared, the rapid adaptation of health services is of paramount importance to preserve access to and continuity of service delivery. This research note underscores the importance of ensuring a sufficient quantity of metha...

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  • Gender differences in income after substance abuse treatment.

    abstract::This study asked whether men and women who enrolled in substance use treatment reported similar changes in income from work, public assistance, and crime over time. Income data were analyzed for 261 substance users (77 women, 184 men) who entered day or residential treatment, and completed Addiction Severity Index mea...

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  • Raja yoga meditation and medication-assisted treatment for relapse prevention: A pilot study.

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  • Bleak and hopeless no more. Engagement Of reluctant substance-abusing runaway youth and their families.

    abstract::Runaway/homeless shelters document high levels of substance abuse among runaway youth, at least double that of school youth. These youth present a constellation of problems and research suggests that this population may be unique in the range and intensity of associated problems. Most studies to date have collected se...

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  • Screening services for alcohol misuse and abuse at four-year colleges in the U.S.

    abstract::We examine the prevalence of screening for student alcohol misuse/abuse among 333 U.S. colleges via a survey of campus leaders. We also use latent class modeling to identify classes of colleges based on screening practices. We found that most colleges conduct screening after a student is involved in an alcohol-related...

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  • Impulsivity is associated with treatment non-completion in cocaine- and methamphetamine-dependent patients but differs in nature as a function of stimulant-dependence diagnosis.

    abstract::Greater impulsivity, assessed by the Barratt Impulsiveness Scale-11 (BIS-11) and Stroop interference scores, has been associated with treatment completion in cocaine-dependent patients. This study evaluated the relationships among impulsivity, stimulant-dependence diagnosis, and treatment completion. Six sites evaluat...

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  • Narcotics Anonymous participation and changes in substance use and social support.

    abstract::In Victoria (a southern Australian state) in 1995, Narcotics Anonymous had a small but growing membership providing an opportunity to study the early experience of new self-help members. Ninety-one new members were interviewed and 62 (68%) were reinterviewed after 12 months. Three measures of self-help participation w...

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